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The Greatest Prize

The Moon shone down upon The City of Agrabah, illuminating it in its beauty. The Great Realm that lived in The Desert that was ruled over by The Sultan. The moon shined down upon The Palace that was a symbol of his power and strength. Guards were posted everywhere doing their patrols as they watched over everything that happened. No one would step foot inside its walls. In a corner of The Palace a young female slept peacefully. The girl wore a blue outfit and had long black hair that went down past her legs. A tiara with a gemstone rested upon her forehead. Her name was Jasmine, The Princess of Agrabah and regarded as perhaps the most beaut

FanFictions and Other Stories

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Fanfic Meisters

FanFic Writers Art and Picture

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You're Too Slow!

Mario and Sonic

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Start to Finish- Super Mario RPG

Super Mario Bros.

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The Legend of Link Lonk

The Legend of Zelda

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Zero Suit Samus


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Star Fox 64 - Fox Team

Star Fox

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Sketch - Misty


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Fire Emblem

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Welcome to Smash Min Min

Super Smash Bros.

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Rainy Evening

Other Nintendo Games

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Nintendo Romances

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Happy 29th Birthday, Sonic!

Sonic the Hedgehog

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The best duo

Sonic x Amy

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Mega Man through the ages

Mega Man

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Ryu - Shadow of the Fighter

Street Fighter

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Ryu and Chun-li - Cherry Blossom Arcade Edition

Ryu x Chun-Li

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Rayman Legends


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Artcrap: Banjo-Kazooie Old And New


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Crashing the party

Crash Bandicoot

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Shantae workout

Other Video Games

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THESE GUYS #78 - Distracted

DC Comics

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Love is Sharing Candy

DC Romances

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Black Widow

Marvel Comics

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Jackpot Redraw

Marvel Romances

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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TLIID Albert Uderzo tribute: Asterix vs Dr. Sivana


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THESE GUYS #77 - Jump

Other Comics

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Looney Tunes

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Bugs and Lola

Bugs x Lola

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You came to the wrong neighborhood


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hinata - Jasmine


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Disney Couple Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin x Jasmine

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Toy Story

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:Starco Week: Day 4: Road Trip

Gravity Falls

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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[SVTFOE] The Last

Star x Marco

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Queen Elsa

Other Disney Stuff

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Couch gag

The Simpsons

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Turanga Leela


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Gonna have myself a time

South Park

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Beach Day Naruto and Hinata

Naruto x Hinata

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NHC Chapter 255

Naru-Hina Chronicles + VOA

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SS- rain

Sasuke x Sakura

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How do they do it?


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Avatar TLA and Korra

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Rocko's Modern Life Stamp

Other Nicktoons Stuff

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