Top 30 Favorite Video Games Part 2

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20. Pokémon: Yellow Version (Game Boy)
I remember when I was introduced to Pokémon. Believe it or not, I wasn’t introduced to this franchise with the games or the TV Show. No, I was introduced through it with “Super Smash Bros.”, the original on N64. At the time, I was familiar with only three Nintendo series: the Mario games (and by extension the Donkey Kong games and the Yoshi games), the Zelda games and the Star Fox games. As such, I was already familiar with half the cast from SSB. But the rest of the characters, I had no idea who they were. I may have heard of Kirby before that, but I was barely familiar with the character other than the design. I didn’t even know what his name was. So, SSB is pretty much responsible for introducing me to the characters that weren’t named Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, DK, Link or Fox. That includes Pikachu and Jigglypuff. I had no idea who they were at the time. I didn’t know they were Pokémon. I didn’t know what a Pokémon was. I didn’t know what kind of game they came from. But that didn’t stop me from having fun whenever I was playing as either of them when I played SSB.

Several months later, the TV show started airing in Québec. I was excited when I heard of that because I wanted to know more about Pikachu and Jigglypuff, so this was the perfect opportunity by watching it. And of course, like many other kids of my age at the time, I became a Pokémon fan soon after. That’s when I decided to get a Pokémon game on Game Boy. I knew the Red, the Blue, and the Yellow versions all had the same premise as the show, which was about a young boy traveling around the world catching and training Pokémon, but I didn’t know which one to choose. In the end, I choose the Yellow version because Pikachu was on the box and he was my favorite Pokémon at the time. After playing it for a while, I ended up liking it for pretty much the same reasons fans who got the other versions liked those. It’s quite a lot of fun fighting Pokémon and trying to capture them as well. Traveling around the world and meeting several people that will help you on your quest to become a Pokémon Master is really fun as well. While playing the game, I felt like I was Ash Ketchum and it gave me the feeling of what it would be like if I was in Ash’s shoes. I also like the fact they included elements from the show too that weren’t part of the Red and Blue versions. For example, you encounter Jessie, James, and Meowth a couple of times, your Pikachu refuses to evolve, etc. However, I did find it odd neither Misty nor Brock joined you on your quest once you meet them. That didn’t bother me that much, although I would have loved it if they did joined me. One thing that does bother me is the fact it gets repetitive after a while. I mean, it’s exciting to fight the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and all that, but always fighting the same Pokémon over and over while you’re making your way through an area can be REALLY annoying. Especially if it’s taking place inside some building or cave. Now I can understand all those people that have been complaining about the Zubats in the caves. Although personally, the Geodudes were just as frequent when I played it. Despite all that, it’s still a fun game I will never regret getting my hands on.

Honestly, I haven’t played any recent Pokémon games for at least a decade now. I think that may have been because I got a lack of interest towards the franchise as I grew older. There’s also the fact I’ve heard some fans who have been saying the games haven’t changed that much over a decade later. Recently, though, I’ve been on a nostalgia mood towards Pokémon after I found my Game Boy and my copy of Pokémon Yellow while I was cleaning up my room. Playing it again after all these years made me wanna watch episodes from the older seasons and it certainly brought me back to a huge part of my childhood. I might be tempted to play another Pokémon game one of these days. For example, I’m tempted to play “Pokémon Conquest”. I’m also tempted to download the few Pokémon games that have been released on the Virtual Console. I don’t know when I’ll try out a new Pokémon game, but for now, “Pokémon: Yellow Version” is my favorite Pokémon game, one I always have fun whenever I play it… Well, minus fighting the same Pokémon over and over.

19. Super Metroid (SNES)
Like with Pokemon, I was introduced to the Metroid series when I played the first “Super Smash Bros.” game. However, for many years, I was still not much familiar with the Metroid series if only because I hadn’t played any games from it. The Metroid Prime series sounded like fun, but I’m not much of a fan of FPS, with a few exceptions. There was also “Metroid Fusion” and “Metroid: Zero Mission” on the GBA, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like either one of them at the time. And then one day, I finally decided to buy one of the Metroid games on the Wii’s Virtual Console. Choosing between “Metroid” on the NES or “Super Metroid” on the SNES was a hard choice, though. But then, I came across ScrewAttack’s Top 20 SNES Games, in which case they chose “Super Metroid” as the Number 1. I thought if they chose this game over Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, the DKC trilogy, Star Fox, Turtles in Time, Super Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island and several other SNES classics, there must be a reason. So, I decided to buy “Super Metroid” and I gotta say… It’s pretty damn awesome.

For one thing, the beginning of the game gives you a sense of a darker mood: the music, plus the title screen with those people lying on the floor, in which case you’re wondering if they’re just unconscious or if they’re dead. The graphics are great, certainly among the best graphics you can find in an SNES game. All the moves Samus is able to do by collecting items make one heck of a gameplay. Although, I will have to admit I hate the wall jump in this game. Sometimes I was able to do it well, but for the most part I just wanted to throw the controller at the screen because of how hard it was. Anyway, you get to travel through one huge maze in this game. It’s a lot of fun to find rooms and paths you’ve never been before and having it then indicated on the map. But I will also admit there were a lot of times where I felt like I was lost, even with the help of the map. For that matter, there were times where I was stuck at some place and I had no idea what to do, to the point where I would just give up and go search on the Internet to find something that would help me progress. However, I will admit it is satisfying to find a way to progress after being stuck for so long and doing it without searching on the Internet. On top of that, the levels, if they can be called levels, are wonderfully designed, and so are the enemies. The boss battles are fun… it is a great game.

The only other Metroid game I’ve played so far is “Metroid: Other M”. Honestly, I actually like the game. The gameplay is fun and the graphics are well-done. However, it suffers from pretty much everything else everyone who has played it has been criticizing it for: the way Samus is portrayed, as well as the fact there’s too many cutscenes. Having several cutscenes is fine, but when you have too many cutscenes between each time you get to play, you may as well make it a movie or a TV show instead of a game. Aside from these elements, I do like Other M, but “Super Metroid” is so much better and therefore my favorite Metroid game so far.

18. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (SNES)
Being a Ninja Turtles fan, it’s not surprising that I’ve played some TMNT games in my life. However, the surprising part is that I’ve only played a few games starring them, not that many. But if there’s one game I’m glad I was able to play, it’s “Turtles in Time” on the “SNES”. It’s considered by many to be not only the best TMNT game, but also one of the best beat ‘em ups ever. And given how many times I’ve played this game, I gotta say they’re probably right.

Much like every other TMNT games ever made, you get to play as any of the four Turtles, each with their respective weapons. It’s also two-players. The best thing about it is that a friend can come and play with you even when you already started to play a game. However, they can’t choose which turtle they can play as. For example, if you’re playing as Leo and a buddy of yours is joining you after you’ve already been playing the game for a few minutes, your buddy will be forced to play as Mikey. Another thing that makes this game so great is the variety of bosses. Every boss in this game is a villain who appeared in the first cartoon. You fight Shredder of course, but you also fight Bebop & Rocksteady, Krang, the Rat King, Baxter Stockman, etc. They even included Tokka and Rahzar from the second live-action movie. The music is pretty damn awesome. All the themes are memorable and I often like to hum to them once in a while. Plus, the latter half of the game lets you fight in different time periods. Prehistoric times, pirate times, the future, etc. It’s a lot of fun all around.

The only other TMNT game I remember playing is “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up” on the Wii. It’s basically “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”, but with characters from the TMNT franchise instead of characters from Nintendo, Konami and Sega. I’ll admit it’s a fun game, allowing you to play as several TMNT characters. It’s also great to see the characters looking the same as in the 2007 movie while being voiced by the same actors who voiced them in the second cartoon. However, I do have a few problems with it. First of all, it feels too much like SSBB. Second, the roster is quite small compared to SSBB. You’d think with all the characters in the TMNT universe they’d be able to make a large roster. I wasn’t hoping to see Bebop and Rocksteady, but it would have been nice if Baxter Stockman, Leatherhead, the Rat King and several others were playable in this game. Also, it did feel weird to have the Rabbids from the Rayman games being in this game. They’re fun to play as, but they feel like weird choices for a game that was meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the TMNT franchise. Third, half the stages are quite generic. I mean, you get stuffs like New York City’s rooftops, the Turtles’ lair, the sewers and a stage where the Technodrome surprisingly makes an appearance in the background, which is fine. But then you get stuff like a Western town, a cruiser… Those stages don’t really scream TMNT to me. And fourth, the story in the Arcade mode was apparently co-written by Peter Laird, one of the Turtles’ creators. Unfortunately, the story was pretty much a letdown and it doesn’t really feel like something you’d expect from a comic book writer like Laird. There’s barely a story in it. Still a fun game, though it’s nothing extraordinary when compared to Brawl. And because of that, “Turtles in Time” is the one that I personally feel has the most Turtle Power in it.

17. Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)
I’ve mentioned before that I like “Starfox Adventures”, even though a lot of fans didn’t like it. But let’s be honest, the best Star Fox game so far is still “Star Fox 64”. More than a decade later, no other game in the series has been able to be better than this N64 installment.

The original “Star Fox” on the SNES was already impressive at the time with its graphics, even though it was all just in 2D. This one took it a step further by having all the graphics in 3D and it looked fantastic. The planets look great, the space zones look great, the various ships and enemies all look great. The gameplay is what makes the game such an awesome one, though. Flying around in your Arwing, shooting at stuff and avoiding any obstacles makes me have a good time. The music is also wonderful, fitting with the sci-fi setting of the game. My favorite track is the one called “Boss B”. It’s one of my favorite Boss Themes in any games because of how epic it sounds. “Star Fox 64” was also known at the time for being the game that was released with the brand-new Rumble Pack. It was a device used to make your controller rumble whenever you got it or something was shaking inside the game. Nowadays, every controller of every console rumbles on its own, all thanks to this device. I remember when I got the game myself. The box was bigger than usual because of the inclusion of the Rumble Pack. From my little eyes, this huge box meant only that it was gonna be an epic game. As it turns out, I was right about that.

The game is also notable for making a lot of Internet memes. By that, I mean almost every single line of dialogues in this game has become an Internet meme. This is mostly because of the actors’ delivery while saying these lines, making them sound a bit ridiculous. Though I have to admit it does have some charms. To this day, lines such as “Can’t let you do that, Star Fox.”, “Try a somersault.”, “Use the boost to get through.” and of course “Do a Barrel Roll!” all have become memorable quotes to the gamers. I will also admit it is a bit annoying to save Slippy several times. The character himself isn’t bad, but there are times you wish he just saves himself rather than relying on others to do that. Anyway, the game recently got a remake on the 3DS. I might be interested into getting it once I get a 3DS, though I’m not 100% sure about it. We’ll see. Bottom line, “Star Fox 64” is a great game. A great classic from the N64, to be exact.

16. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
Despite being a platformer protagonist, Mario has been in a LOT of spin-offs unrelated to platforming. The most successful by far has to be the Mario Kart series. Ever since the SNES, every Nintendo home console got its own Mario Kart. And ever since the GBA, every Nintendo handheld console got its own Mario Kart too. Everyone has his personal favorite Mario Kart. Some prefer “Mario Kart: Double Dash!!”, other prefer “Mario Kart DS”, etc. I’ve played all the Mario Kart games, with the exception of “Mario Kart 7”, but that’s only because I don’t have a Nintendo 3DS yet. I’ve had a hard time deciding which one I like the most since I like them all. At the end of the day, I’ve decided to go with “Mario Kart Wii”.

It has all the stuffs that make the other Mario Kart games so great: there are so many memorable characters from the Mario universe you can play as; the racetracks are well-designed and varied, taking you all around the Mushroom Kingdom; you have the best selection of power-ups here; the music is well-done too. The one thing that makes this installment stand out is the Wii Wheel. When I played the game with this thing, it was the first time I felt like I was actually driving as opposed to just pushing buttons and move the joystick around. I still had to push buttons, but the joystick wasn’t necessary and you had to turn the Wii Wheel around, like in a real vehicle. Another fun addition was the motorcycles. It was a fun alternative to the karts, making it look like what a 3D version of “ExciteBike” would look like.

I’ve previously mentioned the racetracks, but there’s one thing I forgot to mention. Just like in “Mario Kart DS”, there are 16 more racetracks, all coming from previous Mario Kart games. It was great to see 2D racetracks from “Super Mario Kart” and “Mario Kart: Super Circuit” made in 3D. I especially felt all nostalgic when I raced through the “Mario Kart 64” racetracks. MK64 was the very first Mario Kart game I’ve played, so going through some of the same tracks from this game, this time on the Wii, was absolutely amazing to me. It brought back so many memories from when I played that game on the N64 in my childhood. I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I was racing through MK64’s Mario Circuit in this game. What a great time. Like I said before, I haven’t played MK7 yet, but I will once I get a 3DS. I’m curious to see what the Wii U installment will be like. If they put the MK64 version of Rainbow Road in the Wii U installment, I’d probably buy it right away. Either way, “Mario Kart Wii” is simply a great racing game.

15. Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 (both on N64)
I’ve decided to put both of these games together because, quite frankly, they’re quite similar. When I first played “Donkey Kong 64”, I said to myself “Hey! It feels like playing Banjo-Kazooie!” Of course, they are both 3D platformers on the N64 where you have to collect lots of stuffs and that have been made by Rareware, so it is normal there are similarities between both titles.

Anyway, let’s talk about “Banjo-Kazooie” first. When I played “Diddy Kong Racing”, I was introduced to a bear named Banjo. Sometimes later, they made a game about that bear, in which case he was teaming up with a red-feathered bird that lives in his backpack. Okay, that premise alone is weird. They team up to save Banjo’s sister, Tootie, who has been kidnapped by a witch named Gruntilda because she wants to steal her beauty. What follows is one fun and colorful adventure. The Rareware crew were pretty imaginative with the stuff they put in this game. You have a level that takes place in a treasure island, another that takes place inside a swamp, etc. The gameplay is also pretty creative. As Banjo, you can do pretty much the same kind of moves Mario had in “Super Mario 64”. When Kazooie is involved, the gameplay gets better. She can lift Banjo on her own, shoot eggs out of her mouth or butt, fly in the air while carrying Banjo with her and staying in the backpack, etc. On top of that, the characters are quite memorable. Aside from Banjo, Kazooie, Gruntilda and Tootie, there are characters like Mumbo and Bottles who contribute to the game in their own way. Mumbo, in particular, is able to transform you in lots of stuff, depending on which level you are. Of all the characters, though, my favorite is Kazooie. It’s just so funny to see her insulting everyone, particularly Bottles. The music, the graphics, the cutscenes… Oh, boy. The cutscenes feature great lines which make this game one filled with humor. Overall, there’s a reason this game is among the most beloved N64 games ever. It’s simply a masterpiece of platforming. I remember renting its sequel, “Banjo-Tooie”, a few times back in the days. For some reason, though, I never bought it despite how much of a fun game it was. That’s weird. I think I didn’t have enough money to buy it back then. Oh well.

In the case of “Donkey Kong 64”, I remember I was hyped when this game was announced. I mean, “Super Mario 64” made an incredible job at making a 3D game based on the Super Mario Bros. games. Imagine the results of a 3D game based on the Donkey Kong Country games instead. I got it at Christmas and it did not disappoint. This game was huge. So huge in fact, it needed an Expansion Pack to make it work on the N64. The only other games needing that were “Majora’s Mask” and some parts of “Perfect Dark”. Anyway, much like how SM64 was able to put elements from the Mario games in a 3D environment, DK64 did the same thing with elements from the DKC games and they did it very well. I liked the fact you can change between five characters in this game. In fact, you have to change between all characters if you want to find all the bananas, defeat the bosses and finish the game. The levels in this game felt like they were huge, to the point I would feel like I was lost at times. The music was great. Not as memorable as the music from other Rareware games, but still great. I also liked all the stuffs each Kongs can do. They each have instruments that can destroy all enemies around. I honestly find it funny to see Chunky Kong, the only primate stronger than DK himself, playing with a tiny triangle, if only because of the huge contrast. They all have wood-based weapons that shoot fruits (or peanuts for Diddy and feathers for Tiny). And finally, they have abilities that are fueled with Crystal Coconuts. Pretty amazing they put something from the TV show in this game. Quite a good game in my opinion.

Overall, “Banjo-Kazooie” and “Donkey Kong 64” are great games, among the best on the N64. It’s a shame Rareware was sold to Microsoft, though. While DK is still and forever will be owned by Nintendo, all the other Rareware properties like Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct and such are forced to appear only on Xbox consoles ever since 2002. None of the games they’ve made on Xbox since then have been as well-received as the classics they made on SNES and N64. Who knows what their games would be like if they stayed with Nintendo. I certainly wish Nintendo would get that company and its video game series back. Banjo and co. all deserve a better treatment than what they have right now. They used to be really popular when they were on the N64. Imagine how popular they would be on a Nintendo console today. It’s such a shame Microsoft doesn’t seem to give a care about these IPs anymore. All they care about is having Rare working on Kinect games no gamers want to play. Oh, sure, Kinect Sports was successful enough to get a sequel titled Kinect Sports: Season Two, but honestly, what’s the point for Microsoft to keep Banjo and such to themselves and not using them properly when they could just sell them back to Nintendo? Just sayin’.

14. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)
I’m not entirely sure, but I think the second type of games Mario has been the most successful in spin-offs with after kart racing is probably RPGs. All the RPGs starring Mario have been quite successful so far, at the very least. One of the most popular RPGs starring the Italian plumber has to be his very first one: “Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars”. It was done by Square, years before they became Square-Enix. I don’t play much RPGs, but this one was the very first RPG I’ve played. SMRPG did a surprisingly well job at putting the Mario universe in an RPG. Tons of enemies from the Mario games were now fought one by one, the locations were all coming from the Mushroom Kingdom, and plenty of references were made to previous games, including some other Nintendo franchises such as Zelda and Metroid.

This was also the first time we had an actual plot in a Mario game, instead of just a basic variation of ‘save the princess’. In fact, it did a couple of things you didn’t expect to see in a Mario game at the time. For example, Bowser actually helps Mario in his adventure. That’s something you don’t see too often. For that matter, Peach also came to help Mario in his adventure after he rescues her, making her useful for the first time since Mario 2 on the NES. They’re not the only ones helping Mario in this game. The plumber also got help from two new characters named Mallow and Geno. The latter is pretty darn popular among fans and I can see why as I like him as well, just not as much as most people. The gameplay is great too, mainly because it’s a mix between an RPG and a platformer. I’m not an expert on RPG, but I think it was the first time you could jump while walking around in an RPG. Again, I’m not an expert on this genre, so I could be wrong.

I will admit though sometimes it can be frustrating, mainly whenever I get beaten by an enemy and I have to go back to the last place I saved. There’s also that optional challenge you have to do at Yo’ster Island. It’s optional, so you don’t need to do it to beat the game, but man is it difficult. Speaking of Yo’ster Island, there’s a lot of stuff in this game that’s been wrongly translated. It’s as if like whoever was in charge of translating it didn’t ask Nintendo how certain names should be translated. Anyway, since then, this game got two spiritual successor series: the Paper Mario series and the Mario & Luigi series. Both series have been really successful so far, but there are still fans who want to see a sequel to SMRPG. Will we ever see one? I don’t know at this point. I wouldn’t mind seeing it being done. It depends on whether or not Nintendo and Square-Enix would ever be interested into making it. Still, I think it’s a great game and it deserves all the praises it gets as one of the best games on the SNES.

13. Sonic Mega Collection (Gamecube)
I know it sounds weird to put a compilation game on a list like that, but the thing is… I never owned a Sega Genesis, so I never owned any of the old Sonic games in their cartridge form. So, that explains why. Anyway, when this compilation was announced, I was really excited. I never really got a chance to own a Sega Genesis because I always got Nintendo systems instead. And after playing “Sonic Adventure 2: Battle”, I had an even greater desire to play those games. I think Sega made a great decision to make this compilation. There are plenty of Nintendo fans who didn’t play on the Genesis because of the Console War from the 90’s and such. And since Sega was now making games for Nintendo and other consoles, it was a great way for those who never played on the Genesis to play these Sonic games. It’s certainly among the best compilations there are as it includes all the Sonic games that have been made for the Sega Genesis. I’ll talk about each game one by one.

“Sonic the Hedgehog” is simply a classic. Great level design, great music, great speed (duh), and great graphics made this game a big hit and turned Sonic into an instant icon who was able to give competition to Mario. The only downside to this game is the fact you can’t charge your Spin Dash like in all the following games. Still, it’s nonetheless a great game. “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” was able to improve on pretty much everything from the first one. It introduced the Spin Dash, it had more memorable levels, and of course, it also introduced Sonic’s own sidekick, Tails. I honestly wonder where they got the idea of a fox who’s able to fly with two tails. That’s just weird, but still a fun idea for a character. “Sonic the Hedgehog 3” is known for being combined with its direct sequel, “Sonic & Knuckles”, thus making it one big game called “Sonic 3 & Knuckles”. As you can imagine from the title, it introduced the red-furred echidna to the Sonic franchise, thus completing the powerful trio that is Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Not only that, but it also had slightly better graphics, even better level design, even better music, twice as much levels as the previous games, and best of all, it was the first Sonic game where you could save your game. That alone makes it better than the previous games. I was never able to get all of the Chaos Emeralds in the previous games because of a lack of save feature. With this game, however, I was able to turn into not just Super Sonic, but also Hyper Sonic. So yeah, “Sonic 3 & Knuckles” is by far the best Sonic game on the Genesis. There’s also a feature called “Knuckles in Sonic 2”, which allows you to play as the eponymous echidna in the second game. This is pretty much fun if only because you can do stuffs Sonic and Tails aren’t able to do.

There’s also the other three Sonic games on the Genesis. They’re not as good as the previously mentioned games, but they do have some memorable parts. The first is “Sonic 3D Blast”. I didn’t think it was awful like many others are saying, but at the same time, it wasn’t quite the ideal way to make a game were Sonic can walk freely in a 3D environment. “Sonic Adventure” was the first one to get it right. The second other Sonic game is “Sonic Spinball”. It’s actually a good idea to make a pinball game starring Sonic, since he can turn into a ball and all. Unfortunately, it’s too difficult. I was never able to get past the first level. Well, either it’s difficult or I just plain suck at this game. And finally, there’s “Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine”, the only Sonic game featuring Eggman, without any appearance from Sonic himself. It’s pretty much a puzzle-game where you have to beat most of the robots from the AoStH cartoon. This one is, in my opinion, the best of the Sonic spin-off games on the Genesis.

This compilation also includes two more games that you can unlock. One is “Flicky”, some arcade game starring a blue bird that would later make appearances in the Sonic games as one of the animals he has to rescue, and the other is “Ristar”, an obscure game made by Sonic Team. “Flicky” is pretty basic. It’s not bad, but in terms of arcade games, it’s not as fun as something like “Donkey Kong” or “Pac-Man”. As for “Ristar”, it’s actually pretty fun. Although, I will admit its inclusion in this compilation is a bit odd. I mean, wouldn’t it be like if in “Super Mario All-Stars” you were able to unlock an unrelated Mario game like “Ice Climber”, “Balloon Fight” or “ExciteBike”? I personally would have preferred if they included “Sonic CD” and/or “Knuckles’ Chaotix” instead, but whatever. There’s also some bonus features that almost feel like they come right from a DVD, such as videos that include both the opening and ending of “Sonic CD”, as well as all the covers from the Archie Comics series up until 2002. They’re nice bonuses, even though they weren’t needed. Either way, “Sonic Mega Collection” is a wonderful game compilation. From someone who never had a chance to play the Genesis games in the 90’s, it was a great way to play them.

12. Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (Gamecube)
I was introduced to the Rayman series when I played “Rayman 2: The Great Escape” on the N64. It was a great game, though for some reason I never bothered buying it. When “Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc” was released on the Gamecube, though, I didn’t hesitate to get it after renting it once. It was the first Rayman game that Rayman’s creator, Michel Ancel, didn’t work on. And yet, I think it’s a pretty great game. However, many fans don’t think it’s as good as the previous game. Me personally, I really love this game.

Part of the reason why I love this game is because of the humor in it. The characters are often thrown into weird situations. There’s also a LOT of fourth wall jokes. I don’t remember if there were fourth wall jokes in Rayman 2, but in Rayman 3, there are a lot of them and they always manage to make me smile. The characters themselves are memorable too. Rayman makes for a good protagonist in this game. Globox is also hilarious. In fact, a lot of the best jokes come from either him or Murphy, that weird flying frog. Unfortunately, Murphy only appears at the beginning of the game and disappears once you’ve completed the first few levels. Still, his appearance was good enough to make him memorable to me. The gameplay is great too. It doesn’t try to imitate other platformers, although it does take some elements from those other platformers. I like the way you’re able to get power-ups through those cans you can find everywhere. The worlds you explore are also really well-designed. They offer you some variety at times, like at some points you have to ride on a snowboard to win a race against Globox who is stuck inside a frozen block that keeps sliding, or another level where you have to avoid being shot by some hunter. Those parts are just fun to play.

I also like the song you hear in the intro video, called “Madder”. It’s not as good as the songs you hear in the recent Sonic games, but it’s got a good beat. Nothing much else to say about this game. It’s not as beloved as Rayman 2 as it seems, but I’ve got no regret getting Rayman 3. Far from it. It’s definitely among my most favorite Gamecube games.

11. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Gamecube)
One of the last major games on the N64 was the first spiritual successor to “Super Mario RPG”, called “Paper Mario”. It was a basically an RPG where all the Mario characters were literally as thin as paper. “Paper Mario” was a great RPG, being pretty much just a good way to end the N64 era. And then, about two or three years later, there were rumors that “Paper Mario 2” would come on the Gamecube. Those rumors became true when Nintendo announced “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door”. And much to my surprise, it wasn’t as good as the original… it was actually even better. What makes it better than the original? Well, for starters, the graphics are better-looking. Then again, it was on a graphically superior console, so it makes sense to have better graphics.

Aside from that, the characters are all more fleshed-out than the ones in the first game. I’m not saying the characters from the first game sucked. I’m only saying those from the second game are simply more memorable. In fact, I think I’ve seen more fanart based on the characters from the second game than those from the first one. That’s pretty impressive. The plot was also more original. The first one was basically your standard ‘Mario must save Peach from Bowser’ plot from the main Mario games. This game, however, decided to have someone else kidnapping Peach. In fact, Bowser is reduced to a secondary character who barely had any importance on the plot and only served as a comic relief. And the best part is? Bowser’s appearances in this game are among the best parts of this game. It’s always funny to see him one step behind from Mario every time. I especially love his reaction when he’s led to believe Luigi managed to beat him at getting a Crystal Star. It’s also fun as you get a chance to play as Bowser in levels inspired by the original “Super Mario Bros.” game.

Speaking of Luigi, you get to talk to him pretty much every time you finish a chapter, in which case he’s telling you about his own adventure. Those were always fun to read. I also like how the locations in this game aren’t your average Mushroom Kingdom locations. The main setting, Rogueport, has actually a lot of stuff you wouldn’t expect to see in the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s also good to see a place where Mario isn’t treated as a celebrity. I think my favorite location has to be Glitzville, with Twilight Town being a close second. The gameplay is great as well. I particularly like the fact you’re basically fighting on a stage at every fight, allowing you to see an audience cheering at your performance. Now, some of you might be wondering what I thought of “Super Paper Mario”. Well, I think it’s a pretty good game. The plot is great and I also like the fact it’s a platformer with RPG elements instead of the other way around. Although, in terms of gameplay, it can be a bit repetitive. There’s also the 3DS installment, titled “Paper Mario: Sticker Star”. I haven’t played it yet, due to a lack of 3DS. Anyway, Mario has been in a lot of RPGs, but my personal favorite for now is “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door”.

To Be Continued…
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hi im clay and i was thinkig of makeing video games u look like a good gamer so wanta help me please^^? ;)
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I don't think I could help you with that. Sorry.
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i just want ideas
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I don't have any.
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