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Here's the final chapter, also known as the epilogue.

Chapter 10: Cowabunga!

Police cars arrived in the street where the teenagers were still there. The Channel 6 News truck also arrived. Jack Fenton and his crew exited the truck as Jack looked at what was going on.

"Okay, everyone. This is great stuff for the news. Let's get ready for it." the fat man said to his crew.

At this moment, Danny noticed his father. The teenager ran towards him until he came across Hinata and stopped next to her.

"Hinata... take this." He said as he gave her the $20 bill he stole from her a while ago.

"Wait..." the young woman said, confused. "Why are you...?"

"Don't ask. It's all that matters." Danny said before running towards Jack.

Hinata looked at the $20 bill, puzzled that the teenager gave it to her. She shrugged as she put it in her pocket.


Jack turned around as he heard that. His eyes widened in shock at the sight of who was running towards him.

"Danny! Oh, my... Danny!" the fat man exclaimed before running towards his son and hugged him tightly. "Where have you been? I've looked all over the city hoping to find you! Are you fine? You haven't been hurt or anything?" Jack asked in concern.

"I'm fine, dad." Danny replied as he looked at his father in the eyes. "Look... I'm sorry for everything I've done. Sorry for stealing, sorry for running away..."

"Danny, I'm just glad to have you safe and sound." Jack interrupted him. "And honestly, I have to admit I'm not the best father either. I don't know exactly what I've done for you to act like that, but... I want to apologize for whatever I did."

"Well... Let's just say we both made mistakes of our own and leave it at that." The teenager said, smiling.

"Well... alright then." Jack said as he smiled and they hugged each other, relieved to be reunited.

Chief Wiggum looked around the place, followed by Lou and Eddie. The Hidden Sound Ninjas were all being arrested by the various cops.

"Get some doctors to deal with those that are unconscious. Also, make sure the teens that are there don't leave because I've got some questions for them." Wiggum ordered the various cops around him. "My God! Look at those outfits! What is this!? A Japanese cartoon convention?"

"The right term for that would be 'Anime convention', Chief." Lou pointed out.

"Ugh." The police chief sighed. "You see, that's something I don't get. Why are Japanese cartoons called 'anime', anyway? I mean, is it because they're made in this particular country? Is that why they have a particular name for them? Well, then, why something like Italian cartoons don't have their own name as well? What about Canadian cartoons? Or French cartoons?"

"It's not just the fact they're made in Japan. I think it's also because they have a particular style to them." Lou replied.

"Oh, sure. 'Cause every cartoon in America shares the same style." Wiggum sarcastically said.

"Look, Chief. I'm a bit tired to argue about this. Can we focus on the arrest and continue our discussion tomorrow?"

"Alright. Although, what do you think of that, Eddie?" the police chief asked the other cop.

"Eh, I don't watch cartoons, so I've got no opinion on it." Eddie replied, shrugging.

Meanwhile, Jack and Danny came across Hinata. The fat man explained to her why he fired her... right before kneeling down and pleading to her.

"Please, Hinata! You gotta come back!" Jack pleaded. "I need a reporter right now! I'm sorry for firing you in the first place."

"Hum..." she said, not used to have people pleading to her. "Jack..."

"I'll give you your own office! The best looking one! It's even right in the corner!"

"Listen, Jack..."

"You'll also be one of the highest-paid news reporters in the whole state!"

"Jack!" the young woman exclaimed, getting his attention. "I'd be pleased to come back to work." She said, smiling.

"Oh, thank goodness!" Jack exclaimed with joy as he stood up. "Now, get ready. I need you to make a report in the following minutes."

She nodded before the fat man walked away.

"Your father has some 'good' negotiating skills." Hinata said, with some irony in her voice.

"Yeah, I know." Danny said, chuckling. "But hey... he's my dad." He said before walking away and joining his father.

"Oh, by the way..." Jack said to his son. "What do you think about working with me on some inter-dimensional portal your mother and I have been working on for a while? Would you like to do that?"

"That sounds fun." His son replied. "Although, is it dangerous?"

"Nah! I don't think so. I mean, it's not like it's gonna do something like turning you into a creature that's half-human and half-ghost." Jack said, chuckling.

"Yeah, right." Danny said, rolling his eyes in amusement.

Hinata smiled at the sight of that. She was glad to see the father and the son getting along. At the same time, Wiggum came across the teenagers.

"Okay then. I wanna know what the hell happened tonight." The police chief said to them.

The teenagers just stood there in silence until Kevin finally spoke.

"There's an abandoned warehouse on the South side of Naka Island. You'll find all your answers there." The black-haired teenager said.

Wiggum took note of what Kevin just said before nodding to him.

"Okay, guys. Let's go check that place." He said to a few other cops as they got ready to leave.

Back with Hinata, the reporter looked at herself with the mirror of a nearby car. She put some makeup on her to look good for her report. Soon enough, Naruto quickly arrived next to her.

"There you are! I was wondering where you've been." The blond-haired ninja said, grinning.

"Oh! Hi, Naruto." The young woman said when she noticed him before looking back at the mirror.

Seeing that, the young man was confused. He then motioned her to look at him.

"Hold on a minute... 'Oh! Hi, Naruto.'... That's all you've got to say? Hum... Don't I look like someone who just called Mr. T a wimp?" he said, pointing at the various bruises he received during his fight with Hak Foo.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." She said, looking down sadly.

At the sight of that, Naruto felt bad for making her look sad. He hated to see her look like that.

"Oh... Hum... Look, don't feel so bad about it." the young man said. "I mean... I didn't mean to make you feel like that... I was just..."

All of sudden, Hinata leaned in and kissed him softly on his right cheek. Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he felt his cheek being kissed. After a moment, she stopped kissing his cheek. A few seconds later, the blond-haired ninja put his hand on his cheek before looking at the young woman. The latter was blushing.

"Does it make you feel better... Naruto-kun?" she asked, still blushing.

It was Naruto's turn to blush as he was still in shock from what just happened. He never had much luck when it came to girls. By that, I mean he never went as far as having a date with a girl. However, after having this kiss for the first time in his life, the blond-haired ninja felt like this girl truly loved him for who he was. For various reasons, it was clear to him that he was reciprocating those feelings as well. He then grinned as he looked at the reporter in her eyes.

"Yeah, I feel better. Although... I think I'm still hurt by the fight I got, so a few more kisses wouldn't hurt. But... only if those kisses come from you... Hinata-chan."

Blushing slightly more, Hinata smiled as she put her hands on his shoulders. The blond-haired ninja then put his hands on her waist. He pulled her closer to her as their lips connected, kissing each other passionately. While they kissed, Naruto lifted Hinata in the air with joy.

"Way to go, Naruto!" Knuckles cheered from the roof, as he, his brothers, and their father were watching the new couple kissing each other.

"You've got it, Hinata!" Tails cheered as well.

"Congratulations, you two! Woo-ooh!" Charmy cheered too.

"That kiss was romantic, but also way past cool!" Sonic cheered, giving a thumbs-up to them.

Naruto noticed the mutated animals and waved at them before going back to kiss Hinata. The Mobians turned away as they celebrated their victory over the bad guys.

"We were so good at this!" Tails exclaimed.

"Good? You mean we were great!" Knuckles exclaimed

"Awesome!" Sonic exclaimed.

"Outstanding!" Charmy exclaimed.

"Amazing!" the hedgehog exclaimed.

"A-hem!" Shifu coughed, getting their attention. "Personally, I've always preferred... Cowabunga."

The Mobians looked at each other before smirking.

"COWABUNGA!" they yelled in excitement as they high-fived together.

"HA! For once, I said something funny!" the red panda laughed at what he said.

Following this, the Mobians started dancing with joy. After going through a lot of troubles, they managed to get what they deserved the best...

The End.


And it's done! The more I think about it, the more I think about how much I enjoyed working on this one. I'll eventually do the sequels, but that will be for another time. Thanks to everyone who left reviews and put it in their favs. Very appreciated.

Okay, time to announce my next fanmake. It took me a while to decide, but I finally came to a decision. In honor of the recent release of "Man of Steel", as well as the 75th anniversary of a certain superhero, I'm gonna do a fanmake of "Superman: The Movie", the first one to star Christopher Reeve. Just to name a few characters, Mario will play the Kryptonian himself, Peach will be Lois Lane, while Jafar from "Aladdin" will be Lex Luthor. I've been planning to do this for a while and I think I'm ready for it. Oh, and I've seen "Man of Steel". Personally, I thought it was freakin' awesome.

I have to admit, among the stuff I did in this chapter, I like the part where Wiggum and Lou were arguing about the term 'anime', mainly because I think it would fit well in a Simpsons episode. Of course, I've got nothing against the term 'anime'. It was all just for fun.

Naka Island is a reference to Yuji Naka, better known as the creator of Sonic. Also, when the Mobians said they were good, great, awesome, outstanding, and amazing, that was a reference to "Sonic Colors".

Oh, yeah. I also enjoyed the part where Naruto and Hinata kissed each other. They're among my Top 3 Favorite Couples and it's the first time they kissed in one of my fanfics. Again, I had to change it because their interactions are different from the way April and Casey interact with each other, but I'm still proud of what I've done. Also, it's the first time I'm using Japanese honorifics. I never used them before, but for the kiss, I thought "Oh, what the hell... Let's do this."

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Are you going to do a sequel to this with the second movie? Just curious here.
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Very nice work in finishing this at last. I can now hopefully finish with my own fanmake soon. Later, pal!