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It's been two months since I posted the previous chapter. It took me a while because I was busy with other things, but now I'm back with the following chapter.

I haven't decided which fanmake I'm gonna do next yet, Terranova210486. I just started a Pokémon fanfic, but I haven't decided about my next fanmake yet.

Chapter 9: The Mobians vs. Deathstroke

As soon as Deathstroke learned that the Mobians had come back in town, he wasted no time and ordered the Hidden Sound Ninjas to take care of them. The ninjas immediately prepared themselves for an eventual fight with the Mobians. They then headed towards the nearest sewer holes, going through it to arrive in the sewers. The Hidden Sound Ninjas hurried as they headed towards the Mobians' lair. It didn't take too much time before they arrived in front of the door.

Suddenly, they burst through it, ready to attack. However, much to their confusion, none of the Mobians were there. All of sudden, smokes appeared from the pipes around them. It covered the whole area, blinding the Hidden Sound Ninjas and making it hard for them to breath. Soon enough, each of them received hits, making them fall to the floor unconscious.

Soon after, Tails appeared near a valve on one of the pipes and turned it off. The smoke disappeared, revealing all four Mobians standing near the unconscious Hidden Sound Ninjas.

"They didn't stand a chance for sure." Sonic said, smirking.

"Nice plan, Tails!" Charmy cheered.

"Thanks. I knew the smoke coming out of the pipe would be enough to prevent them from attacking." The fox said.

"Honestly, that seemed too easy." Knuckles said. "Is it too much asking to have a real challenge here?"

At this moment, more Hidden Sound Ninjas arrived in the lair. All four Mobians got themselves ready to fight their opponents.

"Now, THAT'S perfect!" the echidna exclaimed, smirking.


Back at the Hidden Sound Ninjas' lair, Naruto and Danny were running towards the place where Shifu was held prisoner. The blond-haired ninja ditched his borrowed Hidden Sound outfit and went back to his regular outfit. Naruto and Danny arrived in front of where Shifu was. The young Fenton then looked around, searching for the keys. The blond-haired ninja looked at the red panda. Naruto seemed surprised to see him. He then shrugged as he realized this wasn't too surprising after meeting a hedgehog, a bee, a fox, and an echidna.

"Okay, so give me the keys." Naruto said to Danny, just as the latter found said keys.

The black-haired teenager gave the keys to the blond-haired ninja. The latter unlocked the one of the padlocks that was tying the chains keeping Shifu to the wall. Naruto then gave the keys to Danny, who unlocked the other padlock.

"Who... are you, young man?" Shifu asked Naruto.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. At your service, sir!" the blond-haired ninja responded, grinning.

After they freed the red panda, Naruto and Danny decided to hold him with his arms on their shoulders to help him get out of there. Just as they were about to leave, they realized Hak Foo and several other teenagers were in front of them.

"Uh. I should have known it wasn't going to be this easy." Naruto said.


Meanwhile, with the Mobians, they were busy fighting the Hidden Sound Ninjas. Sonic used his Spin Dash to knock some of them down. One of them tried to attack him with a kunai, but the hedgehog kept blocking him with his katana. Sonic then gave him a kick in the stomach. Knuckles avoided one ninja's attack by jumping to a nearby wall. The echidna glided towards the ninja and hurt him in the head. Suddenly, two ninjas tried to attack him at once. Knuckles didn't waste time as he used his strength to lift them up and throw them away.

Tails spun around, using his Tail Swipe against the enemies. The fox grabbed his bo staff and used it to make a few ninjas trip on their feet. As for Charmy, he used his nunchuks against one ninja, blocking his attacks. The bee seemed to be trying to lead the ninja at some place in particular.

"You can't beat me, man!" Charmy exclaimed.

"We'll see about that!" the ninja exclaimed.

Soon enough, the bee noticed where they were and stopped blocking. The ninja was confused as to why he wasn't blocking his attacks.

"Your turn." Charmy said.

Thinking he was talking to him, the ninja tried to attack him, until...


Before the ninja could do anything, Hinata arrived behind him and hurt him at certain places in a precise manner. After a while of having the young woman hurting him like that, the ninja yelled in pain and fell unconscious.

"Thanks a lot, Hinata!" Charmy exclaimed.

"No problem. It's your fight, but it's my pleasure to help you all." The young woman said, smiling.

"Glad to hear that." The bee said before charging towards another Hidden Sound Ninja.


In the Hidden Sound Ninjas' hideout, Hak Foo stepped in front of Naruto, Shifu, and Danny. The teenage ninjas looked as Deathstroke's second-in-command was ready to fight. The blond-haired ninja let Danny support the red panda, as Naruto himself stepped in front of Hak Foo as well.

"Don't worry, kid. I'll handle this." The blond-haired ninja said as he cracked his knuckles (not the echidna, BTW) and looked at Hak Foo.

"I am the last man your eyes will ever notice before you die. I am... Hak Foo." The strong man said to the blond-haired ninja.

"I know what you're thinking." Naruto said. "You think you're tough and all that! Well, guess what! Strength isn't..."

"Angry crow takes flight!" Hak Foo yelled as he tackled Naruto to the ground.

"Hey! What the..."

"Bear punches the wolf!" the strong man yelled as he punched the blond-haired ninja away.

Naruto landed face first on the floor. He groaned as he stood up.

"Man, you gotta..."

"Hippopotamus stomps on the ant!"

Hak Foo jumped in the air and landed on Naruto's stomach. The latter yelled in pain because of that.

"Gorilla throws the lizard!"

The strong man grabbed the whiskered young man by the throat and threw him away, causing the latter to end up crashing into a few crates.

"Tiger leaps at the gazelle!"

Hak Foo jumped in the air and was about to hit Naruto with his fist. Not wasting time, the blond-haired ninja dodged the attack as he ran out of there. Hak Foo looked at him and smirked when he noticed Naruto taking a moment to catch his breath.

"Okay, man. If it's possible..."

"Horse wins the race!" the strong man exclaimed as he charged towards the young man, hitting him fast.

"Snake strangles its prey!"

Hak Foo then grabbed Naruto and held him tight with his strong arms, trying to crush him. The young man groaned in pain as it happened.

"Let... me... go!"

Using all his strength, the blond-haired ninja finally managed to free himself from the strong man's arms and ran away to dodge any upcoming attack.

"Frog leaps in the air!" Hak Foo exclaimed as he leapt in the air and landed in front of Naruto. "Hare beats the tortoise!"

"Oh, enough!" the young man snapped. "Give me a damn break, will..."

"Mammoth pushes the menace out of his way!" the strong man exclaimed as he hit the blond-haired ninja with his elbows.

Naruto landed on his back. Once again, he groaned as he tried to stand up.

"You talk too much. And coming from me, that's saying something." the young man commented.

All of sudden, Hak Foo grabbed Naruto by his collar and lifted him up in the air with his hands.

"Squirrel gets rid of the poisonous acorn!"

The strong man threw the blond-haired ninja away, who fell behind several crates. Hak Foo smirked as he walked towards the crates. Pushing those crates away, he found Naruto, lying on his stomach. The strong man then grabbed the blond-haired ninja by his throat and lifted him up.

"Elephant swats the fly!"

Using all his strength, Hak Foo punched the young man in his stomach. All of sudden, Naruto turned into a cloud of smoke, disappearing. The strong man was confused to see that.

"What the... What just happened?" Hak Foo wondered out loud, having no idea he just hit a clone.


Just as Hak Foo turned around to see where that scream came from, Naruto charged towards his opponent and hit him with a big ball of blue energy. The strong man yelled in pain while this was happening. Soon after, the attack was powerful enough to send Hak Foo flying away in the air before crashing into a bunch of crates. Before the strong man could have a chance of standing up, Naruto immediately leapt at him and punched him hard enough in the face. Hak Foo was knocked out after that. The young man then stood up, catching his break.

"Fox beats the annoying adversary." The blond-haired ninja said, grinning.


Back with the Mobians, the four heroes were still fighting against the Hidden Sound Ninjas. Charmy dodged several attacks before receiving a punch on his face.

"Ow! My nose!" the bee exclaimed.

Charmy didn't waste time as he used his nunchucks to attack the guy who just punched him. With Sonic, the hedgehog used his katana to block a few attacks. He then jumped in the air and used his Homing Attack on the ninjas before charging a Spin Dash and unleashing it against the other ninjas.

"Come on, step it up!" Sonic said, smirking.

As for Tails, he decided to fly in the air, using his tails. As he flied, the fox spun his bo staff around, knocking several ninjas in a row. Knuckles seemed annoyed as he looked at that.

"Tails, you're just a show-off!" the echidna exclaimed before punching a ninja who was about to attack him from behind.


In the Hidden Sound Ninjas' hideout, the teenagers were shocked at the sight of Hak Foo being defeated like that.

"What are you waiting, guys? Let's attack him!" Kevin exclaimed to the others while pointing at Naruto.

"Hum... Unless you wanna go to the hospital, I wouldn't do that if I were you." The blond-haired ninja said, smirking.

Hearing that, Kevin seemed just as nervous as the other teenagers.

"Well, what do you want us to do? We're loyal to Deathstroke." The black-haired teenager said.

"Deathstroke doesn't care about any of you." Shifu said, still having Danny helping him to stand up. "All he wants is to manipulate your mind so you would do everything he says. What happens to any of you isn't among his biggest concerns. Such a man doesn't deserve to have your loyalty."

"But... We are a family." Kevin said, referring to the Hidden Sound Clan as a whole.

Naruto's eyes widened as he heard that. He looked at Kevin in disbelief.

"Wait... Wait... Hold on a second." The blond-haired ninja said. "You call this a 'family'? I mean... Seriously?"

"Well... Yeah."

"Oh, hell no!" Naruto exclaimed in annoyance. "That's not a family! When you're part of a family, the people around you support you, they care about you, they help you, and you do the same in return because you share a special bond with them. But THIS..." he said, while pointing at the various teenagers and the unconscious Hak Foo. "This doesn't feel like a family. At all. And honestly, it's a bit shocking that a group of mutated animals are able to understand that better than any of you." He said, referring to the Mobians.

The teenagers just stared as the blond-haired ninja, thinking about what he just said. Soon after, Naruto went next to Shifu and helped him to stand up, along with Danny.

"Time to get you reunited with your sons." The young man said, smiling at the red panda.

"Thank you, Naruto." The latter said.

As Shifu, Naruto, and Danny were leaving, the teenagers decided to leave with them, slowly realizing being part of the Hidden Sound Ninjas wasn't the best thing to do...


While all of this was going on, the Hidden Sound Ninjas fighting the Mobians were suddenly exiting the sewers through the various sewer holes. It seemed like the ninjas were losing at this fight against the mutated animals, so their only option was to quickly leave the sewers.

"Hey! Come back here! The fight isn't over yet!" Charmy exclaimed as he exited one sewer hole and hit one ninja with his nunchuks.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles arrived from the sewer hole as well. Then, the fox and the bee ended up fighting side by side several ninjas.

"When I'm done with these guys, it won't be a 'honey' moon for them!" Charmy said, making a pun.

"That pun is too obvious, Charmy." Tails commented as he hit a ninja with his bo staff.

"Okay, let me try again. Oh! I know. They won't feel a 'sting' from me."

"Not good enough."

"Alright, listen to this one. Instead of acting like ninjas, they should just 'bee' themselves."

"Eh, close enough." The fox said, before hitting two ninjas in a row.

"Alright then!" the bee exclaimed before hitting another ninja.

At the same time, several Hidden Sound Ninjas were climbing up the ladders on the side of a building. Sonic used his speed to arrive among them and smirked as he started fighting them with his katana. Knuckles then climbed on the wall with his fists and also arrived among the ninjas. The echidna used his strength to teach a lesson to several of them. It was at this moment that Charmy noticed the two of them climbing up the building to fight the Hidden Sound Ninjas.

"Hold on, guys! I'm coming." He said.

Suddenly, one ninja arrived behind Charmy and tried to hurt him. The bee avoided the hit by quickly flying higher. He then hit the ninja hard enough with his nunchuks.

"Man! I love being a Mobian!" the bee exclaimed, grinning before flying up to join Sonic and Knuckles.

Tails also noticed what was going on and flied up the building where the other three were fighting the rest of the Hidden Sound Ninjas. As he arrived on top, the fox grabbed one ninja, flied up in the air, and dropped him on the roof, hurting him. Sonic then whistled at Tails. The latter nodded before grabbing the hedgehog and flying in the air. Tails then threw Sonic at several ninjas, the hedgehog turning into a ball as he hit them fast.

Knuckles climbed a nearby wall and glide as he hit several Hidden Sound Ninjas in a row. He then used his sai to hurt a few others. Charmy flied around the ninjas, dodging their attacks while also blowing raspberries at them. That came to a halt when one of the ninja managed to hit him, making him fall on the roof. The bee yelped in alarm as he dodged an attack, catching his breath before going back to attack the Hidden Sound Ninjas along with his brothers.

After a while of fighting, the Mobians were victorious as all the Hidden Sound Ninjas were knocked unconscious.

"And we won! Woo-ooh!" Charmy cheered.

Suddenly, a certain masked individual landed a few feet away from the mutated animals. The four of them looked at Deathstroke. They had the feeling this guy was far from being the nicest guy on Earth.

"Okay... If this was a video game, this dude would most likely be the Final Boss." Sonic said. "He seems pretty dangerous."

"I've got a bad feeling about this guy." Tails said.

"Well, considering the big, sharp sword and powerful-looking guns this guy is packing, I seriously doubt he ever needs to look for a can opener." Charmy said.

"Now isn't the time for joking around." Knuckles said, frowning at the bee.

"What? In this case, it's like a defensive mechanism. Much like with Spider-Man."

"You fight well... against more conventional enemies." Deathstroke said. "However, given the hassles you have given my minions and the damage you have done to my plans, you have made the mistake of forcing me to get personally involved. Now you face... Deathstroke the Terminator."

"Deathstroke? That's a name to run away from real quickly." The fox said, worried.

"Yeah, but "Terminator"? He's in for a serious lawsuit." Charmy said, smirking.

"Look, we'd better take this dude down fast." The hedgehog said. "BEFORE he gets a chance to use his hardware to make coleslaw out of us."

"Let me handle that." Knuckles said as he took a few steps forward.

The echidna took his sai and yelled as he charged towards Deathstroke. The villain dodged the attack and punched Knuckles, sending him away. Sonic whistled in amazement.

"Okay. You're good against Knux. Let's see if you can handle the fastest thing alive!"

The hedgehog ran fast towards the masked man. Suddenly, the latter kicked him in the stomach, sending Sonic fall on his back. Seeing that, Charmy smiled nervously.

"Hum... You wanna play "Rock-paper-scissors" to decide which one's next?" the bee asked Tails.

The latter nodded. A few seconds later, Tails chose 'rock' and Charmy chose 'scissors'. The bee snapped his fingers in frustration as he got himself ready to fight Deathstroke.


Meanwhile, Shifu, Naruto, Danny, and the rest of the teenagers arrived in the nearby streets. They noticed the amount of Hidden Sound Ninjas that were unconscious on the ground at the moment.

"Okay... Those guys are clearly losing." Naruto commented.

All of them were able to hear the fight between the Mobians and Deathstroke on the roof. At this moment, Hinata appeared from a sewer hole, looking at the numerous unconscious ninjas.

Back with the Mobians, the four of them were having a hard time defeating the villain. They came together, discussing what they should do next while Deathstroke waited for their next move.

"Okay, does anyone here have any idea how to win? I'm getting tired by all of this." Charmy said.

"You're not the only one." Knuckles said.

"I've got no idea so far." Tails said. "What about you, Sonic?"

"I have no idea either. However, there's one thing I know for certain. He's the only one who knows where Master Shifu is!" Sonic exclaimed as he pointed towards Deathstroke.

The latter turned around to face them as all four Mobians charged towards him. Back in the streets, the others continued to listen to the fight.

"I don't know if they'll be able to win this time..." Naruto said before realizing Shifu was gone. He looked around, confused. "Wait... Where is he?" the blond-haired ninja wondered out loud.

Naruto noticed a few Hidden Sound Ninjas about to climb the building, most likely to help Deathstroke fight the Mobians. The blond-haired ninja then noticed a nearby garbage truck. He smirked as he got an idea.

"Those guys are mine." He said to himself before running towards the garbage truck.

As Naruto arrived at the truck, he was lucky enough to find the keys being left there. Quickly, the young man drove the truck until it hit the ladders, causing the Hidden Sound Ninjas to lose their balance and fall on the ground. Naruto left the truck and came next to the two ninjas. The blond-haired ninja dodged their punches before summoning a clone. The young man and his clone simultaneously punched the two ninjas, knocking them out.

"It's so much fun to fight." Naruto said, smirking while his clone disappeared.

Back on the roof, the Mobians used all of their abilities while fighting Deathstroke. Tails tried hitting him with his bo staff several times. Unfortunately, the villain kept blocking it with his sword. He then kicked the fox away. Knuckles came nearby and tried to hit him with his sai. The masked man quickly grabbed his daggers and used them to block the echidna's attacks. Deathstroke then slashed at the red-furred one with his daggers, causing Knuckles to yell in pain.

Charmy flied around the villain, hitting him with his nunchuks. Seeing him as more of an annoyance than anything, the masked man grabbed the bee by his arm, threw him down, and stomped on him before kicking him away. Sonic took this moment to charge a Spin Dash at him. As the hedgehog unleashed the Spin Dash, Deathstroke tried to dodge the attack. However, he failed as Sonic managed to make him fall on his back. The hedgehog smirked at that. However, he stopped smirking when Deathstroke stood up, grabbed one of his guns and started shooting at him. The hedgehog panicked as he tried all his best to dodge the bullets.

While Deathstroke was focused on shooting at Sonic, Knuckles took this opportunity to glide towards the villain from behind and hold onto his head. The echidna was blinding the masked man, causing the latter to stop shooting and focus all his energy on removing the red-furred one from his head. Knuckles punched the villain as much as he could until the latter grabbed and threw him away. Charmy went back to fight the masked man. The bee managed to attack him a few times with his nunchuks. Having enough of this, Deathstroke punched him in the face, making the bee looked dazed at that.

Soon after, Tails flied around the masked man. The fox tried to hit anywhere possible to make him fall down. He managed to him hit on the side, causing the villain to trip. However, Deathstroke didn't waste his time as he immediately stood up and threw a few daggers at Tails. The latter yelped in alarm as he dodged the daggers. Before the fox could have the time to strike back, the villain grabbed him by his throat and threw him against a nearby wall.

Frowning at the villain, Sonic then ran towards him, holding both katana in his hand. Soon enough, Deathstroke grabbed his sword and used it to block the hedgehog's attack. The blue-furred one used all his strength as he pushed his katana against the sword. Unfortunately, the masked man pushed him back before throwing his sword at Sonic. The latter dodged the sword in the nick of time. Deathstroke then grabbed his sword back and charged at the hedgehog. The latter dodged the sword several times before the masked man had enough and grabbed his gun again. Sonic then ran around, dodging the bullets until he jumped in the air used his Homing Attack against the villain. The latter frowned before punching the hedgehog, sending him back to where the other Mobians were.

The four mutated animals were catching their breath, tired from the fight they were having at the moment. Deathstroke was also tired, although not as much as the Mobians.

"Okay, Deathstroke..." Knuckles finally said. "What have you done to Shifu?" he asked, glaring at the masked man.

The latter looked at the Mobians for a moment before speaking.

"That's the red panda's name?" he asked, getting the Mobians' attention. "Or rather... That WAS his name." he said in a cold tone, implying the red panda was no more.

Hearing that, Sonic was furious towards the villain.

"You're lying to us!" the hedgehog yelled.

"You think?" Deathstroke rhetorically asked, taunting the blue-furred one.

Feeling nothing but hatred towards the masked man, Sonic screamed from the top of his lungs as he charged towards his opponent.

"Sonic, no!" Tails yelled, fearing the worst that could happen to his brother.

As the hedgehog charged towards the villain, the latter dodged the attack and used his sword to make the blue-furred one trip and fall on his back. Deathstroke then put his foot on Sonic's stomach as he aimed his sword towards his face. Charmy, Tails, and Knuckles were more than just worried about what Deathstroke would do to their brother.

"Get rid of your weapons, or else he will die." The masked man said to them.

The three Mobians looked at their weapons, a bit reluctant to get rid of those things.

"Get rid of them RIGHT NOW." The villain ordered.

Reluctant but knowing it was the only way to save Sonic, the three Mobians threw their weapons away, all falling down the roof. Charmy's nunchuks were the only exception as they landed on a nearby ladder. Behind his mask, Deathstroke smirked evilly.

"With or without your weapons, there is no way you can defeat me. There is also no way you can save the hedgehog's life. Say farewell to him, because you'll only see him back in Hell!" the villain exclaimed as he got ready to kill Sonic.

"NO!" Charmy, Tails, and Knuckles yelled at that.

"Hold on!"

Deathstroke looked straight at the one who just said that. Much to everyone's surprise, Shifu was standing on the edge of the roof.

"Master Shifu!" Charmy exclaimed with joy.

Noticing that Deathstroke was distracted by Shifu's sudden appearance, Sonic took this opportunity to escape the villain as he quickly got reunited with his brothers. At this moment, the red panda looked sternly at the masked man.

"Your tactics haven't changed at all, Slade Wilson; cruel and underhanded." Shifu said. "Yes, I know who you are. For you see, before I mutated into my current form, we met exactly fifteen years ago almost to this day. It was in the home of my master: Kakashi Hatake!"

Deathstroke just stared at the red panda for a few seconds before slowly removing his mask. Under that mask, he looked like a man close to his forties, with white hair and a white goatee. He also had a black eyepatch on his right eye. This was the real face of Slade Wilson.

"It was him all along..." Knuckles said, as Shifu told the Mobians his past years ago.

"Yeah..." Charmy said, shocked to see that.

"Of course... you were Kakashi's pet vermin, weren't you? That's why these four have been fighting in his style." Slade said. "Who would ever imagine we would ever cross paths again?" He then glared at the red panda, showing his hatred towards him. "You took my eye... I will take away your life!"

The villain screamed as he charged towards Shifu, aiming his sword against him. Right before he could hit the red panda with his sword, Shifu entangled the sword with Charmy's nunchuks, causing Slade to fall over the roof. The villain was dangling next to the edge, holding onto his sword for his life as he hoped the red panda wouldn't let him fall.

"As clichéd as it sounds, your reign of terror is over, Slade Wilson." Shifu said, unaware that the villain was discreetly taking a dagger from his belt. "There will come a day where you will meet your maker. However, the day you die, it will..."

The red panda was interrupted as Slade threw him the dagger. Shifu grabbed the dagger in the nick of time, although it caused him to let go of the nunchuks. This, in turn, caused the sword to fall down, which also had the effect of having Slade falling down. The villain screamed as he fell to his doom. He then stopped screaming as he landed on the back of the nearby garbage truck.

"It will be with no honor." Shifu said, looking down at where Slade had fallen.

At this moment, Naruto casually came nearby the lever on the back on the garbage truck and 'accidentally' pulled it.

"Oops! I'm SO clumsy!" the young man innocently said.

Soon enough, the compactor started to crush everything that was in the truck, including Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke the Terminator. With the villain meeting his doom, Naruto then smirked as he gave a thumbs-up to the mutated animals on the roof. Immediately, Sonic, Charmy, Tails, and Knuckles came close to Shifu and hugged him, all of them relieved to be reunited with their father.

"Shifu!" the hedgehog exclaimed with joy.

"We missed you." The fox said.

"So much!" the bee exclaimed.

"We're so glad to have you back." The echidna said.

"Me too, my sons." The red panda said, smiling at the four of them.


End of chapter.

Deathstroke has been defeated and the Mobians have been reunited with Shifu. As usual, the next chapter shall be the epilogue. It will be up at some point within the next two weeks, but I don't know when exactly.

I had a lot of fun writing Hak Foo's dialogues. The hardest part, though, was coming up with animal-related attacks that would make sense.

Naruto is known for making speeches about the things he believes in, so I thought it'd fit him to make a speech about what being part of a family really means. That's why I decided to have him do that instead of what Casey did in the movie.

While Deathstroke is the villain's official name, there used to be a time when he was simply called 'Terminator'. That was until the famous James Cameron movie was released and he has been referred as Deathstroke ever since. Also, I'm proud of what I've done with both fights. I think I was able to put a lot of action in them.

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