Pokemon: Ash's Yellow Rodent 07

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Well, Bryan, the reason why Ash hasn't missed his captures so far is because I didn't felt like it was useful for the story to see him trying to capture certain Pokémon and failing at it, and I wanted to focus my attention on the Pokémon he actually catches. But looking back, I realize I need to show him fail certain captures to better contrast with the Pokémon he does get. Thanks for telling me that.

As for the starters, while the idea is good (and is certainly similar to what happened in the Advanced seasons with May), I have to admit I already have several ideas involving Charmander and Squirtle as Ash's Pokémon, so I'm afraid neither Brock nor Misty won't get them. Still, the idea is good and thanks for at least suggesting it. If you got any other ideas, feel free to suggest.

And now after several months since the previous chapter, here's a brand new one. So, I said in the previous chapter that Ash and his friends would meet Bill in this one. Yeah, hum... On second thought, I decided to make him appear in Chapter 8 instead (if all goes well in what I'm planning to do for the rest of this fanfic).

Chapter 7: The Return of Gary

The next morning, around 9 am, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock were standing in front of the Pokémon Center in Cerulean City. Misty told them she'd join them at this place at this hour. The boy from Pallet Town was tapping his foot against the ground, being impatient at the moment.

"When is she going to arrive? It's taking too long!" Ash complained.

"Calm down. I'm sure she had an emergency to take care of before meeting us here." Brock said.

"Yeah, probably. But I just want to leave this place and go to the next town right away! I still got six more badges to win, you know."

"Yeah, I can count too." His friend said in a deadpan way.

"Pika." The rodent said.

Suddenly, Pikachu's ears twitched as he heard someone coming.

"I'm here, guys!"

The three of them turned around and noticed Misty running towards them. She was wearing the same clothes she had when she was fishing and when the accident with the bike happened the previous day. She also brought her red backpack, filled with various stuff in there.

"Finally..." Ash said.

"Sorry for being late. I had an emergency to take care of." The girl said as she stopped next to them.

"See? I told you so." Brock said to the boy from Pallet Town, causing the latter to sigh in a slight annoyance.

"Okay then. Where should we go next?" Ash asked.

"Well, there's Vermillion City." Misty said. "It's pretty much the closest town I know which has a Gym Leader there."

"Alright then. Vermillion City it is!" Ash exclaimed cheerfully while raising his fist in the air.

"Pika, pika!" Pikachu said, imitating his trainer.

"Wait a second." The breeder said, causing Ash and Pikachu to instantly drop their fist.

"What is it, this time?" the boy asked.

"Well, I've heard Bill was living next to Cerulean City."

"Oh, yeah. I've once met him when he came to town. I know where he lives so I can lead you to him." Misty said.

"Wait a minute... Who is Bill?" Ash asked, confused.

"He's the guy who created the Pokémon Storage System." Misty added.

"Oh, yeah. Of course... What's a Pokémon Storage System again?"

Instantly, Brock and Misty fell on their back after they heard what Ash just said.

"You're a Pokémon Trainer and you don't even know what that is!?" Misty exclaimed in disbelief as she stood up.

"The Pokémon Storage System allows you to store your Pokémon." Brock said as he stood up as well. "A trainer can only carry six Pokémon with him. If he wants to capture other Pokémon, he has to send them inside the storage system. He can switch his Pokémon at any time, as long as he has access to this system."

"Oh! That thing!" the boy from Pallet Town said, remembering. "I get it now. Sorry, but I always call it that big computer thing instead."

Misty looked at Ash in disbelief.

"And this boy wants to be a Pokémon Master?" she whispered to Brock.

"Yeah, I know." He whispered back.



"Interesting selection of Pokémon you guys have." Misty said as she and the boys were walking on some path leading towards the house of the one named Bill.

"What about you? Aside from Staryu and Starmie, do you have any other Pokémon?" Brock asked.

"I have a Goldeen and a Horsea. My sisters all have their own Pokémon as well."

"Let me guess. They're all water-type?" Ash asked.

"Yep. Everyone loves water-type Pokémon in my family. As far as I'm concerned, water-type Pokémon are the best." She said, smiling.

"Why do you have such a fascination with water-type Pokémon?"

"Because they're just so pretty... so mysterious... so agile..." she said in wonder while clasping her hands together as she was thinking about various water-type Pokémon.

"Hey, what's going on over there?" Brock asked as he pointed in one direction in particular.

The others looked where he was pointing at and noticed several cops around a house in particular. Suddenly, Ash noticed a familiar blue-haired female cop among them.

"Hey! Officer Jenny!" the trainer exclaimed as he ran up to where Jenny was.

"Huh?" she said, arching an eyebrow at his sight. "Who are you?"

"Wait, you don't recognize me?" he asked, puzzled. "I'm Ash Ketchum. We met in Viridian City."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Jenny said, realizing what he meant. "You mistook me for my cousin."

"Your cousin?" Ash asked, arching an eyebrow in confusion before thinking about something. "Wait... Is your family filled with numerous Officer Jennys that all look the same and all share the same name for some reason?"

"You got that right."

"First, Nurse Joy. And now, Officer Jenny. Next time I'll come across a family of lookalikes, I won't be that surprised." The boy thought. "So, what is...? WOAH!"

Ash yelped in alarm when Brock pushed him out of the way and looked at Jenny while love was filling his brain.

"Officer Jenny, I knew it was our destiny to meet each other!" the breeder said.

"Pardon?" the cop asked, a bit puzzled.

"I know a smart and pretty woman when I saw one. And guess what? You are smart and pretty! The smartest and prettiest woman, in fact!"

Misty sweatdropped at the sight of that. Ash stood back up, rubbing his butt from falling on the ground. He then sighed in embarrassment at the sight of that.

"Here it goes again." The boy from Pallet Town said.

"Pika..." Pikachu said, sighing as well.

"Wait... Does Brock flirt with every pretty girl he comes across?" Misty asked.

"Oh, yeah. This is the third time it happens since we started traveling together. He even flirted with your sisters."

Suddenly, Misty's eyes were filled with rage. Enough rage that it caused Ash and Pikachu to be scared of her.

"My... sisters?" she rhetorically asked before glaring at the breeder.

"Are you free to go to a restaurant tonight?" Brock asked Jenny. "I would be honored if... OW!"

The teenager yelled in pain as Misty grabbed his right ear and dragged him away.

"Enough with that, Casanova." She said, frowning.

"So... What's going on here with those cops?" Ash asked Jenny.

"Oh, right. The owner of this house had a TM28 stolen." The cop replied.

"What's a TM? I think I've heard of it, but I'm not sure what it is."

"It's short for 'Technical Machine'. It's a device that looks like a CD and that can teach a move to certain Pokémon. In this case, TM28 allows certain Pokémon to dig."

"I see."

"So far, we haven't found any clue where it could be. However, I'm asking to any citizen if they ever find something suspect to tell the police as soon as possible." Jenny said.

"Got it. I'll make sure to tell you if we come across something suspicious." Ash said.

The boy from Pallet Town turned around and noticed Misty still pulling on Brock's ear.

"I'm sorry for flirting with your sisters! Please let my ear go!" the breeder said while feeling pain.

"There you go." She said with a grin before releasing his ear.

"Alright. Time to go see this Bill guy." Ash said to the others.

Brock and Misty nodded before leaving with him.


A few minutes later, the three of them arrived at the beginning of a bridge. All of sudden, they heard some noise. They turned around and noticed a car coming. The car arrived next to them. Ash frowned as he recognized the driver.

"Gary..." he said.

"Hello, Ash." Gary said, smirking before getting out of the car.

"No one stands a chance against Gary! He's the best as you can see!" the cheerleaders inside his car all said together.

"Woah..." Brock said at the sight of the cheerleaders inside the car. "So many pretty girls... OUCH!"

For the second time in a row, Misty was pulling his ear.

"Don't even think about it." She said, frowning.

"Wait... Aren't you Brock from Pewter City?" Gary asked, recognizing the breeder.

"Huh... Oh, that's right. You're Gary Oak. I remember our fight from the other day." The latter replied, while Misty stopped pulling his ear.

"What are you doing here? Are you traveling with that loser?" Ash's rival asked, causing the young Ketchum to glare at him.

"He's not a loser. And I'm traveling so that we learn from each other while pursuing our respective goals." Brock replied, glaring at Professor Oak's grandson for calling Ash a loser.

"Whatever... I'm quite surprised you managed to go as far as Cerulean City, Ash." Gary said. "Then again, what doesn't surprise me is the fact it took you so long just to come here." He added, smirking as well.

"Oh, shut up! I'm challenging you to a fight, Gary!" Ash exclaimed.

"Sure. Why not?" Gary shrugged before getting himself ready for the fight. "Let's see what Pokémon you got since last time. I suggest we use four Pokémon each. That is, IF you even have as much."

"Yes, I do have at least as much." The boy said, gritting his teeth at that remark.

Brock and Misty walked a few feet away to let Ash and Gary do their fight.

"Spearow, go!" Ash's rival exclaimed as he summoned his Pokémon.

"Spearow!" the flying/normal-type exclaimed.

"Pidgeotto, I choose you!" Ash exclaimed as he summoned his own flying/normal-type.


"Interesting choice." Gary said. "Use Peck!"

"Spearow!" his Pokémon exclaimed before pecking Pidgeotto, making the latter yelp in pain.

"Pidgeotto, use Gust!" Ash ordered.

"Pidgeotto!" the flying/normal-type exclaimed as he sent a tornado at his opponent.

The Spearow was hit by the tornado. Gary was calm about it.

"Spearow, use Fury Attack!"


The flying/normal-type pecked repeatedly at its adversary. After a while, Pidgeotto gave up and landed on the ground, too tired to continue.
"Pidgeotto, come back!" Ash exclaimed before making his Pokémon return inside its Poké Ball. "Thank you, Pidgeotto. You fought well. Now, it's your turn, Bulbasaur!"

The grass/poison-type appeared in front of the trainer.


"Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed on that Spearow!"


The grass/poison-type sent a seed towards the flying/normal-type. The seed landed on the Spearow and caused the latter to be trapped inside a bunch of vines. The flying/normal-type tried to get itself free, but the vines were sucking its energy. Eventually, it fell on the ground, losing against Bulbasaur.

"Spearow, come back!" Gary said as his flying/normal-type went back inside its Poké Ball.

"Woo-ooh! You did well, Bulbasaur!" Ash cheered at that.

"Bulbasaur." The grass/poison-type nodded.

"Go, Sandshrew!" Gary exclaimed as he threw another Poké Ball.

The Sandshrew appeared, ready to fight.

"Sandshrew, use Scratch!"

His Pokémon nodded before scratching Bulbasaur with its claws.

"Bulbasaur, tackle it!"


The grass/poison-type tackled his opponent, sending it a few feet away.

"Use Scratch again, Sandshrew!" Gary ordered.

Sandshrew ran as fast as it could towards the grass/poison-type before scratching him again. It scratched Bulbasaur hard enough that the latter fell on his back. The grass/poison-type was too dazed to continue.

"Bulbasaur, you can rest." Ash said before returning his Pokémon to his Poké Ball. "Metapod, go!"

"Metapod!" the bug-type exclaimed as he appeared.

"Hum... I don't think it's a good idea to use Metapod, Ash!" Brock exclaimed.

"He... has a Metapod." Misty said, suddenly looking nervous at the sight of the green-skinned Pokémon.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Metapod will do well." The boy said before turning his attention back to his Pokémon. "Metapod, use Harden!"


The bug-type glowed brightly, becoming more resistant to any attack.

"Sandshrew, use Scratch on that Pokémon!" Gary ordered.

The ground-type scratched its opponent at once. This had the effect of sending Metapod flying away and crushing himself against a nearby tree. The bug-type fell on the ground, too tired to continue as he was dazed as well.

"Oh, man!" Ash groaned before recalling the bug-type. "I'm sorry, Metapod. I swear you'll win your next battle." He then thought about which Pokémon he would choose next. Soon enough, he made his choice. "I choose you, Rattata!"

The purple rodent made his appearance, ready to fight.


"I can see you have a Rattata. This gives me an idea." Gary said, smirking. "Sandshrew, come back!"

The ground-type went back inside its Poké Ball. Ash's rival then threw another Poké Ball. As Gary's Pokémon appeared, Ash and the others were surprised to see it was ANOTHER Rattata.

"Let's see which one has the better-trained Rattata." The young Oak said.

"Alright." Ash said in determination. "Rattata, use Tackle!"

"Rattata!" his Pokémon exclaimed before tackling the other Rattata.

"Rattata, use Quick Attack!" Gary ordered his Pokémon.

Gary's Rattata ran fast enough until it hit Ash's Rattata. The latter fell on his stomach before standing up again, not ready to give up yet.

"Use Tackle again, Rattata!" Ash exclaimed.

The young Ketchum's Rattata repeated his attack on his opponent.

"Finish him with a Hyper Fang!" Gary ordered.


Gary's Rattata charged at Ash's Rattata and bit him hard with his fang. The young Ketchum's purple rodent yelled in pain before fainting.

"Rattata!" Ash exclaimed in shock. Dropping to his knee, the boy gradually raised his Poké Ball. "Come back, Rattata." He said as his purple rodent went back inside the Poké Ball.

"Good job, Rattata. You've proven you were the best." Gary said before recalling his Pokémon.

"I can't believe it..." Ash said, shocked about the fight he lost.

"Well, smell ya later, Ashy boy!" Gary exclaimed before going back in his car and driving away.

"Ash..." Brock and Misty said at once, both of them concerned for the boy.

Pikachu came near Ash, feeling bad for him.

"Pika..." the electric-type said, tapping his hand against his friend's back to reassure him.

The trainer was feeling down. It was the second time he fought his rival. Unfortunately, it was also his second loss against him. Despite using several different Pokémon as opposed to the first time, in which case he only had Pikachu back then, he still failed to win against Gary.

"This is so embarrassing... I'm no good trainer at all..." The boy from Pallet Town said.

Listening to what he was saying, the red-haired girl then frowned before grabbing Ash by his shoulders and forcing him to stand up.

"Listen to me, young man." She said, sternly. "A true Pokémon Master wouldn't let a fight he just lost making him feel miserable. He would continue to work harder no matter what, never giving up on his training. You will lose a lot of fights. Every trainer does. But don't forget that eventually you will become better at what you're doing if you keep working on it. If you truly want to become a Pokémon Master, that's what you have to do. Do you understand?"

Ash just stared at Misty, letting every word she said sink in his mind. Some seconds later, he shook his head, getting to his senses before raising a fist in the air.

"You're right! I shouldn't be so upset about it! I just need to work harder. And one day, I WILL be a Pokémon Master!"

"Pi-Pikachu!" the rodent exclaimed, raising his fist in the air too, causing Ash to chuckle.

"There you go. Feeling better, now?" Misty asked.

"Yeah... Hum... Thanks, Misty. Your speech is just what I needed." The boy said, extending his hand to her.

"You're welcome." The girl said, smiling as she shook his hand.


Ash and his friends arrived on the bridge and walked towards the opposite end of it.

"If all goes well..." Misty began to say. "...we should arrive at Bill's house in..."

"Prepare for trouble!" a familiar female voice exclaimed, causing the trainers to stop on their tracks.

"Make it double!" a familiar male voice exclaimed.

"Those voices..." Ash said, recognizing them.

All of sudden, Jessie and James appeared on the opposite end of the bridge, smirking.

"To protect the world from devastation..." Jessie said.

"To unite all people within our nation..." James said.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love..."

"To extend our reach to the stars above..."



The two of them pointed at the sky, making a pause.

"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!" the feline exclaimed as he appeared in front of Jessie and James.

"Not these guys again!" Ash exclaimed in annoyance.

"Pi-Pikachu!" Pikachu exclaimed, frowning at the criminals.

"As if like we needed that..." Brock said, annoyed as well.

"Hum..." Misty said, confused. "Is it me or did that Meowth just speak in English?"

"Yeah, we had the same reaction when we met them two days ago." The boy from Pallet Town said to her.

"Well, well. Looks like the twerp has a girlfriend now." Jessie said in amusement.

"Huh?" Ash and Misty looked confused before looking at each other.

They then burst out in laughter as they thought about what Jessie just said.

"Are you kidding? That's never gonna happen!" the boy exclaimed, still laughing.

"Not in a million years!" Misty exclaimed, calming down from the laughter.

"What do you guys want?" Brock asked.

"Oh, it's very simple. We want your Pikachu!" Meowth exclaimed, pointing at the rodent.

"Pika?" the latter said, surprised to hear that.

"Wait... You want Pikachu?" Ash asked, confused. "Why? If you want one, just go to the Viridian Forest. I've heard there's plenty you can catch there."

"Unfortunately, we won't agree to this idea." James said.

"Your Pikachu is actually quite powerful compared to other Pikachu." Jessie said.

"As such, he'll make the perfect gift to give to our Boss." Meowth added.

"I dare you to take Pikachu away from me!" the young trainer exclaimed, determined.

"Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed, also determined.

"If you don't give us your Pikachu, then you're not giving us much of a choice. Ekans! Go!" the long-haired woman exclaimed as she summoned her reptile.

"Koffing! Attack!" the blue-haired man exclaimed as he summoned his Pokémon too.

"Ekans!" the reptile exclaimed.

"Koffing!" the floating ball exclaimed.

"You're ready to take them out, Pikachu?" Ash asked his Pokémon.

"Pikachu!" the electric-type nodded.

"Hold on!" Misty exclaimed while holding a Poké Ball in her hand. "I'll handle this myself. Staryu, go!"

The water-type appeared on the bridge.

"Staryu, use Water Gun!" she exclaimed.

Staryu shot water at Ekans and Koffing.

"Koffing, time for Smog!" James exclaimed.

"Koffing!" the poison-type exclaimed as smog appeared, covering the battlefield.

Staryu was having a hard time seeing where its opponents were because of that smog.

"Ekans, use Wrap!" Jessie exclaimed.


The reptile wrapped his body around the water-type, just as the smog disappeared. The latter was having a hard time moving around. Even worse, the attack was causing it some damage.

"Staryu, come back!" Misty said, recalling her Pokémon. "Now is your turn, Starmie!"

The larger starfish appeared, ready to fight.

"Ekans, use Poison Sting!" the long-haired woman exclaimed.

"Ekans!" the reptile exclaimed, leaping at the water-type.

"Starmie, use Tackle!" the girl from Cerulean City exclaimed.

Starmie threw itself at the reptile, tackling it away.

"Now, use BubbleBeam full power!"

The starfish shot several bubbles at Ekans. It sent so many bubbles at the reptile that it also hit Koffing nearby. After a while, the two of them fainted after getting hit by too many bubbles. Jessie and James immediately recalled their respective Pokémon.

"This ain't over yet!" Jessie exclaimed.

"As you'll see in the next few seconds!" James added.

"There you go!" Meowth exclaimed before pushing a button on a remote control.

Suddenly, another mecha, similar to the one the trio of criminals used during their first against Ash and his friends, appeared from the forest. Team Rocket then entered the mecha, piloting it from the inside. Soon after, the mecha's left hand extended and grabbed Pikachu before extending back.

"Pika!" the rodent yelped in alarm.

"Pikachu!" Ash yelled in alarm. "Quick, use Thunder!"

"Pika-CHUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Pikachu exclaimed as he tried to electrocute the machine.

At the same time, all three Team Rocket members were laughing obnoxiously at that.

"Try as much as you can!" Meowth exclaimed, gloating. "We made this mecha so it would be resistant against electricity."

"Oh, geez..." the boy from Pallet Town groaned in annoyance.

Suddenly, Misty thought about something.

"I'm not sure if it's going to work... but we can always try." She thought. "Starmie, use Water Gun on that mecha!"

The starfish watered the mecha with his attack.

"What is she doing?" Jessie wondered out loud. "Is she trying to clean up our machine?"

"Well, that's nice of her, but I don't think it needed to be cleaned up." The feline said.

All of sudden, James panicked as he realized what Misty was trying to do. Jessie noticed his panicked face.

"Why are you panicking like that?" the long-haired woman asked.

"Water... can conduct... electricity!" the blue-haired man exclaimed in panic, causing Jessie and Meowth to share his expression.

"You've got to be kidding me..." the long-haired woman said.

"There, Ash! Now, tell Pikachu to repeat his attack." Misty said.

"Pikachu! Use Thunder again!" the boy exclaimed


Jessie, James, and Meowth yelled in pain as they were electrocuted.


The mecha exploded, sending the criminals towards the sky.

"We failed again!" Meowth exclaimed.

"How is that even possible!?" Jessie asked in disbelief.

"I'd say we ran out of luck." James said, sighing at their defeat.

"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" the three of them yelled at once while they disappeared into the sky.



"Pika!" Pikachu yelled as he fell on the ground.

The electric-type stood up, looking dazed from the fall he just took. He then shook his head, getting back to his senses.

"Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed as he ran towards where his Pokémon was. "You're alright, buddy?"

"Pi-Pikachu!" the rodent exclaimed, making a thumbs up.

"That's good to hear." The trainer said, relieved. He then turned around and looked at Misty. "Thanks a lot, Misty. I don't know how else we would have been able to defeat Team Rocket and save Pikachu."

"Well, Brock said he has an Onix. He could have used it to crush Team Rocket's machine." The red-haired girl said while recalling Starmie.

"Oh... Right. But still, the fight you had against their Pokémon was pretty good." He said.

"Thanks. There's no way I would let any crook getting away with stealing a Pokémon." She said, proud of what she did.


Ash, Pikachu, and Misty turned around and noticed Brock rubbing the top of his head.

"Something just fell on my head..." the breeder said before noticing something on the ground.

He picked it and noticed it looked like a CD, with 'TM28' written on it.

"What the..." Ash began to say.

"Where does that come from?" Misty wondered.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked.

"Hmm... Honestly, I think it might have fallen from one of those Team Rocket guys while they were launched into the sky. It doesn't take a genius to figure out they were the one who stole it in the first place." Brock replied.

"Great! So that means we can bring it back to Officer Jenny." Ash said.

"And that means..." the breeder then started to blush as he thought about something. "She might kiss me as a reward for bringing it back!"

Holding the TM28 tightly in his hand, Brock immediately ran back towards Cerulean City.

"Brock, wait!" the boy from Pallet Town exclaimed.

It was too late as the breeder was already far away from Ash, Pikachu, and Misty. The latter three all sighed at once before running and trying to catch up with him.


End of chapter.

After one fight against Gary and another against Team Rocket, Ash and his friends continue on their way as they're going to meet Bill (if I don't think of another idea to use for the next chapter, anyway).

I was thinking about having Ash fight all of those trainers on the bridge, but I decided it would take too long to make and it would probably be unnecessary to the overall plot, so I dropped it. I might reuse it for a future chapter, though, but we'll see.

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