Pokemon: Ash's Yellow Rodent 06

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Actually, SoulfulGinger17, the Helix Fossil is an Omanyte, which is what Ash got. The Dome Fossil is the Kabuto. Admittedly, the fact Ash managed to get several Pokémon already sorta reflects how many Pokémon I got the first time I played "Pokémon Yellow" when I was just a kid. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll try to make sure Ash won't catch too many Pokémon, but he'll still catch more Pokémon than he did in canon.

Also, to anyone who faved and/or are following my fanfic, I'm kindly asking you to leave reviews to my chapters. I wanna hear what you guys think of what I've done so far. The more reviews I get, the more motivated and inspired I am to write the following chapters, the sooner they come.

Chapter 6: The Girl from Cerulean City

The next morning, near some river, someone was fishing, waiting for a water-type Pokémon to get stuck on the hook. That someone was a 12-years old girl. She was red-haired, with a small side ponytail on her left, and had green eyes. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt, blue jean shorts with red suspenders, and red and white sneakers. At this moment, she was waiting patiently, holding her fishing rod in her hands. Suddenly, the girl felt something pulling the hook. She immediately held it tighter before using the fishing reel to bring what she got out of the water.

"Oh, yeah! I finally got one! Come here! Come here!" the girl said in excitement.

As she gave one final pull, the Pokémon she got appeared out of the water. However, much to her disappointment, it wasn't the kind of Pokémon she wanted exactly.

"Oh, geez... Just another Magikarp." She said, sighing. "As if like we don't already have a lot of these already."

The girl then grabbed the Magikarp from the hook and threw it back in the river. She then looked at her watch. The girl stood up, put the fishing rod in a red backpack and went on a nearby bike.

"Okay, Misty. Time to go, or else your sisters will kill you." She said to herself before leaving the river with the help of her bike.


Meanwhile, in some road, a certain trio of criminals was digging a hole in the ground.

"If those twerps had been traveling through the mountain, and judging by the direction they went when we tried to steal that fossil, they must be on their way to Cerulean City." Jessie said while using a shovel.

"And so, by digging a hole on this road to that city and using it as a trap, we get ourselves one free Pikachu." James said while using a shovel too.

"And we're gonna offer it to the Boss and he's gonna reward us with a promotion or something like that!" Meowth said in excitement, using a shovel as well.

A few minutes later, they dug deep enough for the hole to trap the heroes. They then covered it to make it look like a part of the road.

"There!" Jessie said, dusting herself off. "Now, all we need to do is waiting in those bushes until the twerps arrive and we'll be successful!"

Just as Jessie and Meowth were heading towards the bush, they stopped in their track when they heard a scream and the sound of someone falling. Arching an eyebrow each, they turned around and noticed that someone already fell into the trap. Confused, the two of them came near the hole and their eyes widened in surprise when they saw James at the bottom of the hole, looking dazed.

"James? What are you doing there!?" Jessie asked in disbelief.

"Well, I noticed one of my precious bottle caps fell off my pocket, so I went to grab it back. The problem is I just forgot the hole was right between me and the cap, so..." he said in a dazed tone.

The red-haired woman slapped her forehead at that.

"This is starting to sound like a scene from a cartoon." She said in annoyance.

"Could you help me climb back up?" James sheepishly asked.

Jessie sighed before kneeling down and extending her hand towards the blue-haired man. All of sudden, she tripped and fell down the hole, landing on top of James. The long-haired woman was gradually becoming angrier by the seconds.

"This is REALLY starting to sound like a scene from a cartoon and I don't like it!" she yelled in annoyance.

"Maybe we should complain to the author of this fanfic." James suggested.

Suddenly, the hole started to get deeper as Jessie and James fell down even further, landing in the water of some sewer that was underneath them as they screamed. The two of them were then dragged away by the water. The feline Pokémon held his head in annoyance.

"If I had any common sense whatsoever, I'd leave them in the sewers and avoid getting myself wet." He said to himself before sighing. "Unfortunately, they also happen to be my only friends, so..."

The normal-type Pokémon then dove into the water, screaming as he was dragged by the water too.


After they woke up, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock were ready to eat breakfast. The breeder made some waffles for the three of them to enjoy. As it turned out, he was a great cook, if Ash and Pikachu's appreciation of his waffles were any indication. Soon after they ate their breakfast, they went back on the road, going towards Cerulean City.

"This is gonna be great. I can't wait to get my second badge!" the trainer exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Pika!" the Pokémon said, just as enthusiastic.

The three of them stopped walking when they noticed a hole in front of them. They slowly came nearby, being careful not to fall down. They looked down and noticed it led to some sewer.

"Why is there this hole in the middle of the road?" Brock asked.
"Maybe there are some construction workers who are working on it." Ash suggested.

"Well, I don't see any construction worker here. They should have at least put some sign to warn people about that hole to avoid anyone falling down there."

"You're right. I'm just as confused as you are."

They both shrugged before continuing on their way. Suddenly, the boy from Pallet Town noticed a bottle cap on the ground. He grabbed it, looked at it for a moment, and put it in his pocket, thinking it was some lucky object like a four-leaf clover or a lost penny.

Several minutes later, the three of them noticed a sign in front of them. They came close to it and read what was written on it: Welcome to Cerulean City.

"Woo-ooh! We're finally here!" Ash exclaimed with joy.

At this moment, Brock arched an eyebrow and noticed something else was written on the sign.

"Hum, Ash? Have you read that part?" the breeder asked.

"Huh?" the trainer looked at what Brock was pointing at.

On the sign, there were a few more words written on it: Gary was here, Ash is a loser.

Reading those words, the trainer became more furious. He always hated his rival's attitude towards him, always thinking himself as being superior in every way, but this was just too far. At this moment, the breeder felt the anger rising in the trainer.

"Hum... Ash..." Brock said, worried.

"I HATE HIM!" the boy from Pallet Town yelled. "He ain't gonna get away with this!"

Soon after, the boy ran as fast as he could, going past the sign and heading into Cerulean City.

"Ash, wait!" the teenager exclaimed as he ran after him.

"Pika-pi!" Pikachu exclaimed as he chased after them.


Somewhere in Cerulean City, Misty was riding her bike, heading towards some place. Suddenly, she noticed a certain boy from Pallet Town running from one street corner to another.

"I'll show him HE'S the loser!" Ash exclaimed.

Soon after, a certain breeder appeared, running after the boy.

"Stop running like that! You're gonna get yourself hurt!"

Misty arched an eyebrow, wondering who those two were. Suddenly, she yelped in alarm as she noticed a certain electric-type appearing in front of her.

"Watch out!" she exclaimed.

Looking where that voice came from, Pikachu panicked when he saw the bike coming fast towards him. The girl tried all her best to brake so she could avoid crushing the Pokémon. Seeing as how he didn't have the time to run away, there's only one thing the electric-type felt he had to do to avoid being crushed.


Misty yelled in pain as her bike and herself were electrocuted. Ash and Brock stopped running when they heard Pikachu's attack and yelped in shock when they turned around and saw what was going on.

"Pikachu! STOP!" Ash yelled.

The electric-type stopped his attack, sighing in relief that he hadn't been crushed. Misty fell down her bike, groaning in pain. Her bike, on the other hand, looked like some burned toasts. Ash and Brock arrived nearby, gasping in shock.

"Pikachu, are you alright?" the trainer asked his Pokémon.

"Pika." Pikachu nodded.

Misty slowly turned around to look at her bike. Her eyes widened in shock when she noticed what her bike was like now.

"My... My... My bike..." she said, speechless.

"I'm terribly sorry." Ash said, feeling bad for her. "I'm sorry that my Pokémon fried your bike like that. I'd like to apologize for that..."

He was interrupted as the girl turned around. Her eyes were filled with fire. The boy from Pallet Town gulped at that.

"You..." she said.

"What the..."

"YOU DESTROYED MY BIKE!" Misty yelled as she stood up, grabbed her bike and held it up, as if like she was about to use it as a weapon against the boy.

Ash, Pikachu, and Brock screamed in panic as they ran away as fast as they could to escape her wrath.

"RUN FOR YOU LIFE!" the boy yelled as they ran.

"Come back here!" the girl exclaimed as she kept chasing after them.

Soon enough, Pikachu noticed a dark alleyway. He motioned Ash and Brock to follow him, which they did without complaint. Several seconds later, Misty arrived in the alleyway, looking for the one responsible for the fate of her bike. She looked around, noticing that no one was there. The girl frowned before turning around.

"I swear, I'm gonna make him pay for my bike..." she said to herself.

Misty left the alleyway, going somewhere else. A few seconds later, a nearby dumpster opened by itself. Ash, Pikachu, and Brock coughed as they couldn't stand the smell in that dumpster.

"First thing to do: go to the nearest Pokémon Center and take a shower." Ash said.

"I totally agree on that one." Brock said before coughing.

"Man, that girl was crazy!"

"Can you blame her? Pikachu fried her bike." The teenager said.

"Yeah... Come to think of it, I'd probably had the same reaction if it happened to me." The boy admitted.

"Pikachu..." the Pokémon said, looking down.

"Don't worry, Pikachu. Accidents can happen to anyone." The trainer said. "Personally, I hope we won't run into her anytime soon."

"And I hope what you just said won't turn into irony if we DO run into her anytime soon." The breeder said.

"Don't be so pessimistic, Brock."

"Just sayin'. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, though."


About two hours later, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock exited the Pokémon Center. The two humans took the time to take a shower while their Pokémon had their health fully restored.

"I feel so much better now." The breeder said, stretching his arms while they walked away.

"Me too." Ash said. "And now, all we need to do is find the gym and..."

Suddenly, the boy stopped talking when he noticed a house with the words "Pokémon House" on it. Curious to see what this place was exactly, Ash headed towards it, followed by Pikachu and Brock. Going inside of it, the heroes noticed it looked like the inside of a typical house: a table at the middle, chairs, shelves, etc. There was a teenage girl there. She had blue hair and was wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt, red overalls, and yellow shoes.

"Hi! My name is Melanie. How may I help you?" she asked them with a smile.

"Hi. My name is Ash, and those are Brock and Pikachu. I was wondering what this place was about." The trainer said.

"This is a place where I take care of Pokémon that have been abandoned all around Cerulean City. It's kinda like a Pokémon Center, the keyword being 'kinda'."

"I see..." Ash then noticed Brock was blushing at the sight of Melanie. "Hum, Brock? Are you alright?"

"So pretty..." the breeder said.

"Yeah, this place looks pretty." The boy said.

"That's not what I meant." Brock added, sweatdropping at his friend misunderstanding him.

Before he could think any further about it, Ash noticed the Pokémon inside the house. One of them was a Sandshrew. Another was a blue plant bulb with feet. It had beady red eyes and five green leaves on top of its head. The trainer took his Pokédex to scan it.

"Oddish. Grass-type and poison-type Pokémon. It wanders around at night, and it buries its face in the ground during the day."

"Oddish!" the grass/poison-type said.

"This one looks cute." Ash said, petting its head.


Suddenly, the trainer's eyes widened as he heard that voice. He turned around and noticed another Pokémon. It looked like a blue quadruped dinosaur with a green bulb on its back. It had red eyes, white claws on each paw, and several spots around its body that were of a darker shade of blue. Ash was smiling widely at the Pokémon.

"Oh, my gosh! It's a Bulbasaur!" the trainer exclaimed before using his Pokédex again.

"Bulbasaur. Grass-type and poison-type Pokémon. Since its birth, the bulb on its back stores energy every day."

"Wait, if you already knew it was a Bulbasaur, why did you use your Pokédex to identify it?" Melanie asked.

"By scanning a Pokémon with my Pokédex, it registers it. That way, I can show to anyone any Pokémon I've came across, whether I captured it or not." Ash replied.

"I taught him that a few days ago." Brock proudly said, trying to impress the teenage girl.

Ash arched an eyebrow before looking back at Bulbasaur. At this moment, he heard a stomach growling. The trainer looked down and noticed Pikachu rubbing his stomach.

"Pika..." he said, hungry.

"Hold on for a second, Pikachu." Ash said before kneeling down and searched in his backpack. A few seconds later, he grabbed a box filled with Pokémon food from there, put some of the food in his hand, and extended his hand towards the electric-type. "There. Tell me if it's enough."

Slowly, Pikachu ate the food in his trainer's hand. The electric-type looked pleased as he took bites out of the food. Melanie and Bulbasaur observed the two of them as they interacted with each other.

"Pikachu!" the Pokémon exclaimed with joy after he was done eating.

"Do you need any more food?" Ash asked.

"Pika." Pikachu shook his head.

"Alright then." The boy said before putting the box back in his backpack.

After Ash stood up, Pikachu climbed up his body and arrived on top of his head. The trainer was amused by that.

"Okay, it was nice to visit this place. But we gotta go now. I still need to fight the Gym Leader here." He said.

"Wait a minute." Melanie said before they could leave. "I was thinking... You should bring Bulbasaur with you."

"Huh?" Ash asked, surprised to hear that.

"It's been a while since Bulbasaur is here." She said. "I know his personality and I think he needs someone to train him in battle. Fight is something he has in his blood. However, he also needs someone who can take good care of him. I've seen how you interacted with your Pikachu. If that's how you take care of your Pokémon, then I think it would be great if Bulbasaur became one of them."

"Well... That seems so sudden. I don't know." The boy said, rubbing the back of his head. "I guess that depends if Bulbasaur wants to come with me or not."

"What do you think, Bulbasaur?" Melanie asked the Pokémon.

"Bulba." The grass/poison-type said as he extended a vine from his bulb until it was at the same level as Ash's face.

"Hum... What does he want?" the trainer asked.

"I think he wants to shake your hand." She replied, smiling.

"Saur." The Pokémon nodded.

Smiling as well, the boy grabbed the vine and shook it like it was a hand.

"Welcome aboard, Bulbasaur." Ash said before grabbing a Poké Ball and throwing it at the grass/poison-type.

Bulbasaur disappeared inside the Poké Ball. After a few seconds, it stopped shaking before Ash held it in the air.

"Alright! I've got a Bulbasaur!" he exclaimed with joy.

"Pi-Pikachu!" Pikachu exclaimed, making a peace sign.

"I promise I'll take good care of him, Melanie." The trainer said to her.

"I'm sure you will."

Suddenly, Brock came right next to her and held her hands together.

"I hope our path will cross back one day." He said in a charming way, making Melanie looked confused at his behavior. "Or if you want, I could always stay here by your side..."

"Come on, Brock! I've got a badge to win!" Ash exclaimed, excited to get his second badge as he grabbed Brock by his shoulder and dragged him away.

"Wait, Ash! I wasn't done yet!" the teenager complained.

"Bye, Melanie!" Ash waved at her, who then waved him back.


A few minutes later, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock were heading towards the Cerulean Gym. As they headed towards it, the trainer noticed someone walking and was surprised to recognize that someone.

"Wait... It's..." he said as it took a few seconds before he could clearly identify him. "Tracey! Hey! I'm over here!"

Tracey turned around as he heard his name. He looked at Ash and his friends. The watcher was then able to recognize him properly.

"Oh! Hey there, Ash! I wasn't expecting to see you anytime soon." Tracey said as he came next to them.

"Me neither. By the way, this is Brock. Brock, this is Tracey." Ash said, introducing them to each other.

"Wait, aren't you that guy who made some drawings while watching a few of my fights the other day?" Brock asked as he shook Tracey's hand.

"Yeah, it was me."

"Okay, now I remember who you are."

"You're traveling with Brock now?" the watcher asked the trainer.

"It's a bit of a long story." Ash replied. "So, I'm guessing you came here to watch the Gym Leader doing some battle, right?"

"Yeah, although I already managed to do that yesterday. I'm on my way towards Vermilion City now. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up meeting each other there." Tracey replied.

"Yeah, maybe. So, you've seen the Gym Leader in action. Any tip?"

"Well, for one thing, it's not ONE Gym Leader, but THREE. They're three sisters who are ruling the gym. However, you only get to fight one of them for the badge, not all three of them. Second, they use water-type Pokémon. If I were you, I'd use Pokémon that are effective against water-types." The watcher replied. "That's about all I can say to help you out."

"Thanks a lot, Tracey. It was nice seeing you again." Ash said.

"Same here." Tracey said, smiling. "Well, gotta go now. See ya!" he waved at them as he left.

Ash and Brock waved back at Tracey before continuing on their way.


Back with Misty, the girl was looking tired as she was pushing her bike until she arrived at where she was supposed to go. She was next to some dome-shaped building. It was colored in yellow and pink, along with lots of blue waves painted on it. 'Cerulean Gym' was written above the entrance. Misty went through that entrance, bringing the bike along with her. Inside the gym, she walked around until she arrived in some hallway.

"There you are!"

The girl turned around and noticed three teenage girls. At this moment, they were all walking barefoot, wearing nothing but one-piece swimsuits. The first one had long blond hair, green eyes, and a flower on her hair, while her swimsuit was red. Her name is Daisy. The second one had long blue hair, brown eyes, and a red hairband, while her swimsuit was green. Her name is Violet. The third one had long pink hair and blue eyes, while her swimsuit was yellow and had a blue bowtie on it. Her name is Lily.

"Where have you been? It took you longer than usual to come here!" Daisy exclaimed to Misty.

"Hum... What happened to your bike?" Lily asked, noticing how fried her bike looked like.

"That's why I was late. Some idiot let his Pokémon electrocute my bike!" Misty yelled in annoyance.

"Where you heading towards the Pokémon before it electrocuted you?" Violet asked.

"That Pokémon came out of nowhere! I was braking, but it panicked and electrocuted it anyway!"

All of sudden, a doorbell was heard, causing the girls to stop what they were doing.

"Great. Your first opponent has arrived." Lily said.

"Make our family proud, sis!" Daisy said.

"We're gonna go greet him or her while you prepare yourself for the fight." Violet said.

"Alright then." Misty shrugged.

Her three older sisters left as the red-haired took a look at her bag. She found a few Poké Balls inside of it.

"Okay, I got my Poké Balls. Time to get ready for the fight." She said before entering a nearby room.


Ash, Pikachu, and Brock looked in awe as they were inside the gym. At this moment, they were in a large room, with a pool at the center and tiered seats on each side. A few platforms were floating in the pool.

"It looks like a public pool." The boy said.

"Fitting since it has water-type Pokémon living in this gym." The teenager said.

"Welcome to the gym, boys!"

The three of them turned around and looked at Daisy, Violet, and Lily, who just arrived next to the pool.

"Hello, girls." Ash said. "You must be the Gym Leaders here, right?"

"You got that right." Violet said. "We are..."

"Magnificent!" Brock exclaimed as he arrived in front of them. The teenager was blushing at them. "Hello, my name is Brock and I couldn't help but notice how much you were looking like the prettiest mermaids on Earth."

"Hum..." the three girls said, sweatdropping.

"Are you here to challenge us?" Lily asked.

"Hum... No, but..." Brock began to say.

"Actually, I'm the one who's here to challenge you." Ash said. "I'm gonna get my second badge before the end of the day!" he exclaimed in determination.

"Pikachu!" the Pokémon exclaimed in determination as well.

"I see. However, we will not be able to fight you today." Daisy said.

"Huh? Why?" the boy asked, confused.

"Well, not only are we Gym Leaders, but we also perform underwater shows for a large audience." Violet said.

"And today, we must repeat for our next show." Lily said. "However, we asked our younger sister to replace us for today. If you beat her, you get the Cascade Badge."

"She'll be here at any moment." Violet added.

As if right on cue, Misty appeared from a nearby door. She was wearing a red and white two-pieces swimsuit, and red sandals. The red-haired girl also had a towel around her neck.

"Okay, sis. I'm ready to fight my oppon..."

Misty stopped talking. Her eyes widened when she recognized Ash.

"You!" she exclaimed while pointing an accusing finger at him.

The boy panicked when he recognized her as well.

"Hum... Hey, how are you?" Ash sheepishly asked.

"YOU RUINED MY BIKE!" Misty yelled as she charged towards the boy, wanting to make him pay for what happened to her bike.

Immediately, Ash ran behind Brock, scared of the red-haired girl. However, Misty's sisters restrained her from harming the boy.

"Hold on, Misty!" Daisy exclaimed.

"You're not supposed to fight your opponent like that!" Lily exclaimed.

After a few seconds, Misty calmed down, allowing her sisters to release her.

"Oh, so you want to fight for the Cascade Badge, huh? Well, that's the perfect opportunity to show you not to mess with me." She said to Ash.

"It was an accident! It wasn't done on purpose!" Ash protested.

"Whatever... Let's start this fight and be over with it."


A few minutes later, Ash and Misty were standing on each side of the pool. Pikachu was standing next to the boy from Pallet Town. Brock was sitting in the tiered seats. As for Misty's sisters, they had gone to another place where they could repeat their show.

"In this fight, each trainer will be able to use two Pokémon." Misty explained. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah!" the trainer exclaimed.

"Alright. I choose you, Staryu!" the red-haired girl exclaimed while throwing a Poké Ball.

Soon after, a Pokémon appeared on one platform. It looked like a brown-colored starfish with five appendages. The center of its body was golden, with a red jewel on it. Ash took his Pokédex to scan it.

"Staryu. Water-type Pokémon. It can grow back any lost appendage during a battle." The Pokédex said.

"Tracey told me to use Pokémon whose types are stronger than water-types." Ash thought. "If I remember correctly, grass-types are stronger, so..."

He smirked as he grabbed one Pokéball in particular.

"Bulbasaur, go!"

Bulbasaur appeared on another platform, ready to fight.


"Bulbasaur, use Tackle on that Pokémon!" Ash ordered.

The grass/poison-type jumped from one platform and landed on the one with Staryu on it. He then tackled the starfish, sending the latter into the water. Staryu came back at the surface, not looking like it had taken much damage.

"Staryu, use Water Gun!" Misty ordered.

The starfish shot water from its top appendage at the grass/poison-type. The latter groaned in pain, but not much due to the fact that water-based attacks weren't that strong against his species.

"Bulbasaur, let's try Leech Seed!" Ash exclaimed.

"Bulbasaur!" his Pokémon nodded.

A brown seed was shot from the Pokémon's bulb and was sent towards Staryu. However, it missed the starfish. Misty smirked at that.

"Now, Staryu! Show them what's a real Tackle!" she ordered.

Staryu jumped from the water and charged towards Bulbasaur, tackling him hard enough to send him into the water.

"Bulbasaur!" Ash shouted at the sight of that.

A few seconds later, the grass/poison-type floated back to the surface, too dazed to continue.

"Bulbasaur, come back." The boy said as his Pokémon went back inside his Poké Ball. "I don't get it." he said as he looked at the Poké Ball. "He's a grass-type. How could he lose to a water-type?"

"You still have a lot to learn about Pokémon in general." Misty said to him. "Having a Pokémon with a stronger type is useful, but not when the opposing Pokémon has more experience than him. Also, if you haven't noticed, Staryu's Water Gun didn't do much against your Bulbasaur. However, it was by using Tackle, a normal-type attack, that it was able to win against him. Judging by that, I'm assuming you haven't use Bulbasaur much before, or that you never used him at all."

Ash closed his eyes, thinking about which Pokémon he should use next.

"I need someone who is strong against water-types, but also had enough experience in fights." He thought. His eyes opened wide as the answer became obvious to him. Ash turned to the rodent nearby. "Pikachu, I'm counting on you."

"Pika!" the electric-type nodded before jumping on the nearest platform.

"How ironic. The one Pokémon responsible for destroying my bike. Let's see how well he goes against my Pokémon." Misty thought. "Staryu, go back on the platform!"

The starfish nodded as it went back on the platform.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Ash ordered.


The rodent managed to electrocute Staryu. The latter was shaking around in pain. As soon as Pikachu stopped his attack, the starfish fell on its back, its center constantly blinking.

"Staryu!" Misty shouted. "Come back!" she exclaimed as her Pokémon disappeared into its Poké Ball. "You did well, Staryu. You need to rest for a while."

"Yeah! One more Pokémon and we'll get the badge, Pikachu!" Ash cheered.


"You haven't won yet. Starmie, it's your turn!" the red-haired exclaimed as she threw a Poké Ball.

Another Pokémon appeared on the platform that was closest to Misty. That Pokémon was similar to Staryu. However, it was taller, larger, purple instead of brown, and had a second star attached to its back. Once again, Ash took his Pokédex to scan it.

"Starmie. Water-type and psychic-type Pokémon. Evolved form of Staryu. The core of its body glows in seven colors."

"Starmie, use Harden!" Misty ordered.

The purple starfish shone brightly for a brief moment.

"Pikachu, use Quick Attack!" Ash ordered.

The rodent ran fast enough as he jumped to land on the other platform. Pikachu then hit Starmie as hard as he could. The starfish was able to resist without much pain.

"Tackle that Pikachu, Starmie!" the red-haired girl ordered.

Her Pokémon spun around before charging at the electric-type, hitting him hard enough to send him back on the platform next to Ash. Pikachu screamed in pain at that.

"Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed. "Are you alright, buddy?"
"Pika pika." Pikachu nodded as he stood on all four, glaring at the starfish.

"Good to hear that. Use Thundershock, Pikachu!"


"Jump, Starmie!" Misty ordered.

The starfish didn't waste time as it jumped in the air, avoiding the electric-type's attack.

"Pikachu, use Quick Attack again!" the boy exclaimed.


The rodent did the same attack as earlier, running from one platform to the other and hitting Starmie. This time, he was able to send the Starfish into the water.

"Here's our chance! Thundershock now!" Ash exclaimed.


Sending his electricity into the water, Pikachu managed to electrocute Starmie. Several seconds later, the electric-type stopped using his attack. Starmie then tried to come back on the platform, struggling as he was too weakened by the attack, after several seconds of trying, the starfish gave up and floated on its back, its center blinking like Staryu did.

"Starmie!" Misty exclaimed. Reluctantly, she took her Poké Ball and aimed it at the Pokémon. "Come back. You did your best." She said while the water/psychic-type came back.

The red-haired girl then kneeled down, disappointed that she lost her fight against Ash.

"Well, Ash, you won. Congratulations."

Misty took something from her pocket and threw it to the other side of the pool. The boy from Pallet Town caught the object, almost falling into the water while doing so. He then looked at the object, which was a badge shaped like a blue raindrop. Ash smiled widely at the sight of that.

"Woo-ooh! I now have the Cascade Badge!" he exclaimed with joy as he held the badge in front of him.

"Pi-Pikachu!" the rodent exclaimed while making a peace sign.

"Congratulations, Ash!" Brock applauded as he stood up from his seat.

The rodent then climbed up on Ash's shoulder, while the latter came next to where Misty was.

"You were a great opponent. Although, I sure hope you're still not bitter over this whole bicycle thing." He said to her.

"Oh, this ain't over yet, Ash. In fact, I'm gonna make sure you're gonna refund me my bike." She said, with determination in her eyes.

"Hum... How much did it cost?" he asked, in a slightly nervous tone.

Misty leaned in and whispered something in his ear. Ash's eyes widened at what he just heard.

"THAT much!?" he asked in shock.

"Yes, THAT much!" she exclaimed as she leaned back, glaring at him. "It's either that, or finding a bike voucher that would be exchanged with a brand new bike."

"But I don't have all that money! The only way I could get such money is by becoming rich and famous as a Pokémon Master, and I don't think it's gonna happen tomorrow, so..."

"Well, then, it's settled." Misty said, smirking at him.

"What is settled?"

"I'm gonna follow you on your journey until you get me a new bike, whether you like it or not. I'm not gonna let you disappear like that until then."
"What?!" Ash exclaimed in shock. "You can't be serious!"

"Yes, I am." The red-haired girl said, with determination in her eyes.

"Wait, did I hear that right?" Brock asked as he arrived next to them. "You're gonna come with us?" he asked the girl.


"This is going to be a long journey..." Ash said, rubbing his forehead in disappointment.

"Pika, Pika-pi..." Pikachu said, trying to cheer up his trainer.


End of chapter.

It's now Misty's turn to join our main characters. Next chapter, they'll visit some guy named Bill.

Misty is 12-years old here, simply because that's how old she was in "The Electric Tale of Pikachu".

Yeah, I couldn't think of something else to replace the bike as Misty's reason to travel with Ash, so I decided to keep it. However, I've got a pretty good idea about it I'm gonna use later, but I won't tell since I would just spoil the story. I just hope you won't be too disappointed with the idea I have in mind when I'll use it.

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