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Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Leaving Pallet Town

Several minutes later, Ash was out of Pallet Town, going through the forest. At this moment, he was wearing a pair of rubber gloves. The boy was also pulling a rope, which was tied on Pikachu's waist. The Pokémon was still reluctant to follow the new trainer. After a while of pulling on the rope, Ash had enough of this. He stopped walking and turned around, kneeling down to talk to the rodent.

"Pikachu, what's wrong? Why are you so reluctant? Is it because you don't like me?" Ash asked.

"Pikachu." The Pokémon nodded.

"Well, I like you. I mean, we started this whole thing in a bad way, but I want both of us to work well together. Why don't you listen to me? I mean, for starters, why don't you want to go back into your Poké Ball? All the other Pokémon do that."


"Aw, man..." the trainer sighed. "If only I could understand you."

Suddenly, the boy heard something. He turned around and noticed a red convertible car coming. The car stopped right next to the boy, who then stood up. The driver jumped from his seat and landed right next to the trainer. Ash recognized the driver. It was a boy, also ten-years old, although he looked a bit more mature than Ash. He had brown spiky hair, green eyes, a purple long-sleeved shirt, a yellow and green medal around his neck, blue pants, and brown and black boots. His name is Gary Oak, Ash's rival.

"Well, well! Look who it is! None other than ol' Ash Ketchum. And I'm saying ol' because you'll be an old man by the time you finish the Indigo League. That is, IF you ever finish it." Gary said, smirking.

"Hi, Gary." Ash said, gritting his teeth at seeing his rival and hearing what he just said.

"So, what are you doing here? Grandpa told me all the starters were already given to others."

"Well, he decided to give me one who isn't a starter, but will no doubt make me a winner." Ash proudly said.

"Which Pokémon? That Pikachu?" Gary asked while pointing at the rodent. "Please! You wouldn't even be able to beat a Gym Leader with that Pokémon." He said, earning a glare from Pikachu. "I, on the other hand, will have an easy time beating all the Gym Leaders around." He said while standing proudly.

At this moment, Ash suddenly noticed a group of cheerleaders sitting on the backseats of the car.

"Gary! Gary! He's the best! He'll put everyone to rest!" the cheerleaders exclaimed at once, like any cheerleader would.

"Wait, you have your own cheerleaders?!" the new trainer asked in disbelief.

"Of course, I do. I'm Gary Oak after all." Gary replied, with that same smirk of his.

"Ugh..." Ash groaned at his rival's attitude.

"How about a little fight, Ketchum? My Eevee vs. your Pikachu."

The new trainer smirked as his face was suddenly filled with determination.

"Let's do this, Gary!" Ash exclaimed while raising his fist to his face.

"Alright, then. Eevee, go!" Gary exclaimed while throwing a Poké Ball.

A few seconds later, a Pokémon appeared from the Poké Ball. It was a brown-furred creature, standing on all four paws. It had long pointed ears, brown eyes, a cream-colored furry collar, and a tail with a cream-colored tip. It was Eevee.

"Eevee!" the brown-furred creature said.

Ash grabbed his Pokédex and used it to scan Eevee.

"Eevee. Normal-type Pokémon. It can evolve into one out of several types of Pokémon." The Pokédex said, in a male-sounding voice.

"Great! Pikachu, get ready to fight!" Ash ordered his Pokémon.

However, Pikachu turned his head away, as if snubbing him. The boy was shocked to see that.

"Ha! Your Pokémon doesn't even obey you. That's pathetic!" Gary exclaimed in amusement.

"Come on, Pikachu! You gotta fight!" the new trainer exclaimed.

"Pikachu." The Pokémon said, still snubbing him.

Ash was worried. His only Pokémon didn't want to fight, and the boy didn't want to miss this opportunity to fight Gary. Suddenly, he got an idea as he smirked.

"Oh, I get it, Pikachu. You don't think you'll be able to beat Eevee, so you act like a coward."

"Pi!" Pikachu gasped. The rodent then turned to face Eevee and took a fighting stance. "Pikachu!"

Ash grinned at the fact he managed to convince him to fight. The boy then removed the rope tied around Pikachu's waist and also removed the rubber gloves from his hands.

"Whenever you're ready, Gary."

"I am since the last two minutes. Eevee, use Tackle!" Gary ordered his Pokémon.

"Eevee!" Eevee nodded.

The brown-furred Pokémon ran towards Pikachu and tackled him, hitting his opponent.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Ash ordered.


The electric-type Pokémon used Growl instead, which decreased his opponent's attack. This confused the rodent's trainer.

"Huh!? What are you doing, Pikachu? I said Thundershock!"

"Ah! Either he mixed up his attacks or he doesn't even listen to you." Gary said. "What a poor trainer you are!"

"Don't call me a poor trainer!" Ash exclaimed.

"Whatever. Eevee, use Tackle again!"

Listening to his trainer, Eevee tackled his opponent again.

"Okay, Pikachu." Ash said. "Use Thun..."

"Pika-chuuuuu!" the electric-type Pokémon exclaimed as he used Thundershock to electrocute Eevee. However, the normal-type Pokémon dodged the attack, making Pikachu missing his target.

"Hey! You could at least let me finish what I'm saying!" the young trainer complained, not even realizing Pikachu was ignoring him and doing whatever he wanted to do.

"Eevee, use Tail Whip!" Gary ordered.


The normal-type Pokémon whipped the electric-type Pokémon with his tail, decreasing the rodent's defense.

"Use Growl, Pikachu!" Ash ordered.

"Pika-chuuuuu!" the rodent exclaimed once again, using Thundershock on Eevee. The latter got hit, for once.

"No, Pikachu! You're supposed to... Oh, wait. You actually hit him. Well... Okay then." The young trainer shrugged.

"Use Tackle again, Eevee!" Gary ordered again.

The normal-type Pokémon tackled Pikachu again. This time, however, the electric-type Pokémon fell on his back, too tired to fight.

"Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed as he ran up to where his Pokémon was.

"Ah! I knew you wouldn't stand a chance against me, Ketchum!" Gary proudly exclaimed. "Good work, Eevee. You deserve some rest."

"Eevee!" the normal-type Pokémon nodded, smiling.

A few seconds later, Eevee went back inside his Poké Ball.

"Smell ya later, Ash!" Gary exclaimed before going back inside his car.

"No one stands a chance against Gary! He's better than you and me!" his cheerleaders exclaimed at once.

Ash's rival drove away, on his way to become a Pokémon Master. While holding Pikachu in his arms, Ash gritted his teeth as he watched Gary leaving.

"Wait... How did he get his own car?" he wondered out loud. The young trainer then turned his attention to the defeated Pokémon in his arms. "Pikachu, are you alright?"
"Pika..." the electric-type Pokémon slowly opened his eyes.

He then glared at the trainer before jumping out of his arms and running up until he arrived next to a nearby tree.

"Are you upset because we lost the fight? Well, maybe if you had listened to my orders, it wouldn't have happened!" Ash complained in annoyance.

"Pi." The yellow rodent turned his head away, once again snubbing the boy.

"We need to work together, or else I won't capture other Pokémon or win battles."

Pikachu didn't answer, still turning his head away. Ash frowned at the Pokémon as he started to lose patience.

"You know what? Fine! You don't want to work with me? That's perfectly alright! I can become a Pokémon Master without your help!" he snapped before turning away.

Ash looked around, trying to find some Pokémon he could capture. All of sudden, he noticed one on the ground. It was a Bird Pokémon with brown feathers covering its head. It also had a hooked beak, wings with red feathers, a black-colored back, an underside with two stripes on it, and three brown tail feathers. The boy smirked at the sight of the Bird Pokémon.


He grabbed his Pokédex once again, using it to scan the Bird Pokémon.

"Spearow. Normal and flying-type Pokémon. It is able to fly around fast enough to protect its colony." The Pokédex said.

"Okay. I gotta find a way to weaken that Pokémon." Ash said to himself.

He looked around and noticed a rock on the ground. He grabbed the rock and threw it at the Spearow, hitting him in the head as it yelled in pain.

"Ah! Got it!" Ash exclaimed.

Suddenly, the Spearow turned its head around and glared at Ash. The young trainer didn't like the way that Pokémon was looking at him. A few seconds later, the Spearow was flying in the air, going fast towards the boy.

"Poké Ball, go!"

Ash threw a Poké Ball at Spearow. However, the Spearow used its wing to throw the ball back at the boy. The latter yelped in alarm as he received the Poké Ball in his face. He removed the Poké Ball from it before ducking the bird flying at him. Seeing that, Pikachu couldn't help but laugh at the trainer's misfortune. All of sudden, the Spearow noticed the rodent laughing. Thinking it might be laughing at him, the flying-type Pokémon headed towards the electric-type Pokémon. Pikachu yelped in alarm when he noticed the Spearow coming towards him.

"Pika-chuuuuuuuuuuu!" the Pokémon yelled as he used Thundershock on Spearow.

The latter yelled in pain before falling on the ground.

"Good job, Pikachu!" Ash cheered in excitement.

Just before the boy could throw another Poké Ball, the Spearow went back in the air and flied above the tree.


The flying-type Pokémon's scream alerted several other Spearows. They all responded by joining the one who screamed. The latter then pointed at the boy and the rodent. They all nodded before flying towards the trainer and his Pokémon. The two of them panicked at their sight.

"Run, Pikachu!" the trainer yelled.

"Pika!" Pikachu nodded in agreement.


Soon after, Ash and Pikachu ran away as fast as possible, trying to escape the Spearows.

"This isn't how I expected this journey to start!" Ash yelled while running.


The two of them kept running away. Unfortunately, the Spearows eventually managed to reach them and started to attack by pecking them.

"Ow! Ouch! Enough! Ow!" Ash exclaimed in pain as he received the pecks.


The trainer looked to where Pikachu was and noticed him getting several pecks from the Spearows at once.

"Hey! Leave him alone!" Ash yelled furiously as he ran up to where Pikachu was.

The trainer grabbed the electric-type Pokémon and ran as fast he could to escape the flying-type Pokémon. Pikachu wasn't in good shape. The fight with Eevee, along with the Spearows attacking him, weakened him severely. The young trainer continued to run until he reached the edge of a waterfall. He stopped right there, preventing himself from falling into said waterfall. Knowing the Spearows were getting closer, he had no choice.

"Hang on, Pikachu. I'll get us out of here!" the boy exclaimed.

"Pika..." the electric-type Pokémon said, weakly.

Ash jumped into the water, getting himself dragged into the river. After several minutes of being dragged by the river, the trainer noticed a nearby tree branch and held onto it. He used it to go back on the shore. Ash panted heavily, getting tired of all this. He then heard the Spearows coming. Without wasting time, the young trainer continued running. It was at this moment it started to rain.

After a while of running, Ash suddenly tripped and fell on his stomach. Pikachu fell of his arms and landed on his back. The boy struggled as he tried to sit. He noticed Pikachu lying on the ground. The electric-type Pokémon wasn't feeling any better.

"Pikachu..." Ash said, worried about his Pokémon.

Once again, the boy heard the Spearows coming. The trainer had to think of something to do and quick. He then got an idea. Ash picked Pikachu's Poké Ball and put it next to the electric-type Pokémon.

"Go inside your Poké Ball, Pikachu."

"Pi-pika." Pikachu said, shaking his head.

"I know you hate being inside a Poké Ball. However, if you stay in your ball, the Spearows won't be able to attack you anymore. I'll distract them so that you can have time to go inside it." Ash said before standing up.

He looked at the Spearows getting closer to them. With determination on his face, Ash spread out his arms, getting ready to deal with them.

"Go ahead, Spearows! Attack me all you want! Hurt me if you want! I don't care! I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town! I'm gonna become a Pokémon Master and it's not a flock of Pokémon like you that will stop me from becoming one! But if you mess with Pikachu, I'll make sure you're gonna pay for it!" the boy yelled at the flying-type Pokémon.

Pikachu looked at Ash in amazement. He heard what the trainer just said and couldn't believe he was willing to go that far just to protect him. Despite everything that happened to them since they first met, the trainer wasn't going to abandon him.

"Come on, Spearows! Try to hit me if you want it so much!" Ash yelled some more.

One moment later, he suddenly felt something landing on his shoulder and then jumping high in the air. Ash recognized that something as Pikachu. The trainer looked as he had no idea what the electric-type Pokémon was trying to do.


The rodent used his most powerful Thundershock at the Spearows. The flying-type Pokémon were all yelling in pain for several seconds. After a while, they all fell down to the ground. A while later, Ash slowly opened his eyes as he realized he was lying on the ground. He sat up and noticed Pikachu lying next to him. The electric-type Pokémon was still looking injured. Ash turned his head towards the flock of Spearows, who were all unconscious. He could capture one of them with a Poké Ball. The trainer then looked back at the rodent. Unfortunately, Pikachu needed to be healed as soon as possible. Ash had to make a choice between capturing a new Pokémon or taking care of the one he already had.

Wasting no time, the trainer grabbed Pikachu and ran as fast as he could to the nearest town...


It was getting close to nighttime as Ash arrived in Viridian City. At the entrance of the town, there was a police station with some woman talking on a microphone. She had greenish blue hair, brown eyes, a blue police hat, a blue police uniform with red rims, a blue skirt, white gloves, and black shoes.

"Attention, everyone!" The policewoman said in the microphone. "If you ever come across an agent of Team Rocket, please report to the nearest police station. If you have any suspicions, please report as well."

She was interrupted as she noticed Ash arriving in Viridian City, running while carrying Pikachu in his arms. Just as Ash ran past her, she immediately grabbed him by the shoulder, making the boy yelped in alarm.

"Hold on a minute!" the policewoman exclaimed. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Huh!? Let me go, officer!" Ash exclaimed. "My Pikachu is injured and I need to go to the nearest Pokémon Center!"

"Oh..." she said as she noticed how injured the Pokémon was. "That poor Pikachu... But what tells me you're not a member of Team Rocket?"

"Team Rocket?" Ash asked, arching an eyebrow in confusion. "Never heard of it."

"It's an organization that specializes in stealing Pokémon."

The policewoman pointed to a wanted sign. On it, there was a picture of two people. It looked blurry, so Ash couldn't see what the people on the picture looked like. At most, he could only identify one of them as being a woman with long hair and the other being a man with shorter hair. He also noticed they both had one big 'R' on their shirt.

"Well, I'm not part of Team Rocket. I'm Ash Ketchum. I come from Pallet Town and I just became a Pokémon Trainer."

"Hmm... Do you have a Pokédex?" the policewoman asked.

"Hum, yeah, I do." Ash said as he grabbed his Pokédex from his pocket.

The policewoman snatched his Pokédex away and took a look at it.

"Let's see here..."

She pressed a button on it. A picture of Ash then appeared on the screen.

"This Pokédex belongs to Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. It has been given to him by Professor Samuel Oak." The Pokédex said.

"Huh. I didn't know it could serve as an ID." The boy said.

"Well, it proves you're a Pokémon Trainer and not someone working for Team Rocket. Sorry for thinking you were one." She looked back at Pikachu before smiling at the boy. "I'll get you to the Pokémon Center right now, or else I ain't Officer Jenny!"

Less than a minute later, the policewoman was sitting on a motorcycle, with Ash sitting inside its sidecar. Officer Jenny then stepped on the gas, driving away from the police station and going towards the Pokémon Center. Soon enough, they saw a large hospital, with a large Poké Ball on the roof. Jenny stopped the motorcycle right next to the entrance door.

"Thanks for the lift, Officer Jenny!" Ash said as he got out of the sidecar and ran towards the entrance.

"My pleasure." She replied with a smile before driving away.

The boy entered the Pokémon Center and arrived next to a counter. Behind that counter was a pink-haired woman wearing a white and pink nurse outfit.

"Nurse! My Pikachu needs help!" Ash exclaimed.

"This is a Pokémon Center. You shouldn't talk loudly like that." The nurse said, frowning at him.

"Oops. Sorry. But I'm worried about Pikachu." Ash said as he sadly looked at his Pokémon.

The nurse grabbed the Pokémon from the boy's arms and looked at it.

"Oh, my. He's not in good shape." She said, worried. "Chansey, come here."


A pink-skinned Pokémon shaped like an egg appeared. It had stubby arms and legs, hair-like outgrowths, a tail and a pouch with an egg inside of it. Chansey was smiling as she arrived next to the nurse.

"We have an injured Pikachu. Bring him in the emergency room."

"Chansey!" she nodded before grabbing Pikachu and did what the nurse told her to do.

The pink-haired woman noticed how sad Ash was as he looked at the door leading to the room Chansey went with Pikachu. He seemed upset and nervous about his Pokémon.

"Don't worry. Everything will be alright." She said with a smile before entering the room.

Ash just stood there, thinking about the well-being of his only Pokémon.

"Pikachu..." he said to himself.

The young trainer looked to his left and noticed several telephones with screen. He thought it might be time to call someone...


Meanwhile, inside the Ketchums' house, Delia was finishing pouring water on some plants. All of sudden, she heard the phone ringing. The woman sat next to the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" She then gasped in joy when she noticed her son on the screen. "Ash! I'm so glad to see you, honey! Where are you now?"

"I'm at the Pokémon Center in Viridian City, mom." Ash replied.

"Viridian City? You're already there? That's great, Ash! It took your father a couple more days before he reached that town. He's gonna be so proud of you when he'll learn about it."

"Uh. Well, yeah. I guess dad will be proud." The boy said, thinking about his father.

Ash's father, Jack Ketchum, was also a Pokémon Trainer. He started his journey when he was about Ash's age and he continued to catch and train Pokémon even to this day. He was currently traveling in some other region than Kanto. Ash forgot which one it was. He wasn't sure if it was Johto or Hoenn. Still, the boy was waiting for the day his father would return and tell him about his adventures in whichever region he went.

"So, how's it going? Has my little Pokémon Trainer captured any Pokémon?" Delia asked.

"No, I had a... little problem earlier. I'm hoping to capture some Pokémon tomorrow, though." Her son replied.

"Listen, Ash. Even if you don't capture any Pokémon tomorrow, don't lose hope. Your father has been through some obstacles as well, but he never gave up. Always remember that."

"Well... Thanks for saying that, mom."

"No problem. Got anything else to say?"

"No. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay then. Bye, Ash!"

"Bye, mom."

They hung up the phone. Ash then sighed as he stayed there, still worried about Pikachu. He spent only one day so far as a Pokémon Trainer, and yet he hadn't done much other than having his only Pokémon getting injured. What his mom just said did give him some motivation to continue. But even then, he still had some doubts he'll be able to continue anyway.

All of sudden, before he could continue thinking about it, Ash heard a sound coming from the emergency room. A few seconds later, the nurse appeared from it, carrying Pikachu in her arms. Ash ran back to the counter.

"Is Pikachu alright?" the boy asked, nervous.

"Judge it for yourself." The nurse said, smiling.

"Pikachu!" the electric-type Pokémon exclaimed as he jumped onto Ash's arms and started hugging him.

The boy laughed with joy as he hugged his Pokémon.

"Oh, man! I'm so glad to see you in good health, Pikachu!"

"Pika, pika!" Pikachu said as he rubbed his head against the young trainer's chin.

Ash smiled at him before looking at the nurse.

"Thank you... Hum... I don't know your name." He said, sheepishly.

"I'm Nurse Joy, young man." She said.

"Right. Thank you, Nurse Joy." Ash said, grateful.

"It was my pleasure. If you have any other Pokémon who needs to heal, do not hesitate to go to the nearest Pokémon Center."

"I won't forget it. Come on, Pikachu. We have to continue our journey."

"Pikachu." The electric-type Pokémon nodded in agreement.

"Wait a minute." Joy said, right before Ash could even move away from the counter. "You should rest for a while."

"Rest? Why?" Ash asked.

"For several reasons. 1. Looking at your clothes, I can tell you've been through something rough today."

Ash noticed how wet from the rain and unclean his clothes were. The Spearows did quite a lot of damage on him and his Pokémon earlier that day.

"2. It's nighttime, now. Everyone should sleep when it's nighttime. 3. If you're a Pokémon Trainer, you must be looking for the Viridian Gym. Unfortunately, gyms usually close down during nighttime as even Gym Leaders need to sleep. I suggest you rent one of the rooms in this Pokémon Center."

"I didn't know Pokémon Center had rooms for people to sleep." The young trainer said.

"We do, but it's only for Pokémon Trainers." The nurse said.

"Well... Okay then. I'll take one room here." Ash said.

"Very well." She said, smiling.


End of chapter.

Ash and Pikachu seemed to have put aside their differences. Next chapter will see the duo looking for the Viridian Gym.

Before anyone asks, I haven't forgotten about Misty. She will appear, but I won't say anything else or else I would spoil this fanfic's upcoming chapters.

Honestly, I didn't expect to have so much fun writing Gary's lines in this chapter, but I ended up having fun anyway.

I decided to include the part where Ash met Officer Jenny in the second episode for one reason in particular. The second episode was actually the very first episode I've seen of the Pokémon TV show (I missed the first episode when it first aired where I live). After the opening credits and the recap of the first episode, the part where Ash met Officer Jenny was, as such, the first scene I've seen of Pokémon. For nostalgic values, that's why I decided to include it here.

Ash's father has, as of this writing, never been seen at all in the TV show. So, much like several other fanfic writers, I decided to make my own version of what I think Ash's father is supposed to be.

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Reading this is very cute! Makes me wanna go and play with my own Pokemon on my DS. XD. My first starter ever was Cyndaquil.
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Thanks! Although, which part you thought was cute? The interactions between Ash and Pikachu?

My first starter ever was Pikachu because Pokémon Yellow was the first Pokémon game (not counting Pokémon Snap) I played. I haven't played any recent Pokémon game since the N64 era, but I'm thinking of getting some of the latest games on DS ever since I went through that nostalgia phase about it that started in October.