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For many years, I've always wanted to do some sort of Alternate Universe-style fanfic, one where that would be sorta-similar to Marvel's Ultimate Universe. The problem is I didn't know which franchise I like that I would be able to do such a fanfic about. I thought about the Super Mario Bros. series, the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the TMNT series, the Naruto series, etc. I didn't know how I would do any of those. And then, I got an idea. How about I make one about Pokémon? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea for me to try.

This fanfic is based on "Pokémon: Yellow Version", and will have several elements from the TV show added in, aside from just the ones that were also put in that game. I will also add several twists of my own. My goal with this fanfic will be to make it better than the TV show. I have no idea if I'll succeed, but I can at least try it.

Anyway, here's the first chapter.

Chapter 1: When Ash Meet Pikachu

Our world is filled not just with humans, but also with animals. They all come in different kinds, such as mammals, bugs, reptiles, fishes and etc. I don't need to go deeper about it because everyone knows about that.

However, what some may not know is the existence of an alternate version of our planet in another dimension. The main difference about this planet is the fact all the animals there have pretty much been replaced by strange creatures known as Pokémon. What's a Pokémon you may ask? Well, if you've been following the various games, TV shows and mangas based on this concept, you already know what it's all about and can already skip to the next part of this chapter. For those who don't know, let me explain.

Pokémon are creatures who, for the most part, look just like fantasy-esque versions of well-known animals. I'm saying 'for the most part' because there are several Pokémon who look more like plants, rocks, ghosts, humans, and even inanimate object. There are even Pokémon who don't look like anything you've seen before. With that said, Pokémon are living in the wild. They all have incredible powers and a majority of them are even able to evolve into a more powerful version of themselves once they've done specifics requirements. A lot of people on this planet spend their time catching Pokémon so they can use them in battle.

Humans who capture Pokémon usually share a bond with them if they take great care of them. Some people have Pokémon as pets. Others use them as part of their profession. Pokémon Coordinators, Pokémon Breeders, etc. The most well-known Pokémon-related profession, however, is Pokémon Trainer. They go around the world, catching Pokémon, using them to fight Gym Leaders in order to earn enough badges to enter a Pokémon League. That way, they get a chance to become Pokémon Masters. They usually start their journey by choosing one out of three Pokémon from the Professor of the region. Those three Pokémon would always be ones that are either grass-type, fire-type, or water-type.


Our story begins in a place called Pallet Town. Set in the region of Kanto, it's a small town with a few houses and such. In one those houses, lived a ten year old boy. He had black hair, brown eyes, and lightning-shaped marks under his eyes. He was wearing a red and white hat with a green 'L' on it, a blue and white jacket with gold trims, a black shirt, blue jeans with a brown belt, black and white sneakers, and green fingerless gloves. His name is Ash Ketchum.

Ash has a huge passion for Pokémon. His dream is to become a Pokémon Master. He has waited a long time to be a Pokémon Trainer. Much to his joy, he will start his journey as a Pokémon Trainer the next day.

However, at the moment, the boy had no idea he would have to deal with something else.

"ASH! Come here!" a female voice was heard throughout the house.

The soon-to-be Pokémon Trainer stood up from his bed in his room where he was daydreaming when he heard the voice. Ash exited from his room and climbed down the stairs. He then arrived in the kitchen. Someone was there. It was a woman in her early thirties, with brown hair in a ponytail and brown eyes. She was wearing a pink shirt, a blue skirt, and brown shoes. Her name is Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother.

"What is it, mom?" Ash asked.

"There's a Pokémon eating the food!" she said while pointing at the dinner table. "Get me the net that's in the closet!"

The boy turned his eyes to the table and noticed the Pokémon on the table. It was a yellow-furred mouse, with black eyes and pointy ears. Those ears were half black. The mouse also had red pouches on his cheeks, a lightning bolt-shaped tail and brown stripes on his back. His name is Pikachu, an electric-type Pokémon.

At this moment, Pikachu was eating an apple. He turned around to look at Ash. The latter smirked as he thought of something.

"No need for a net, mom. I'll trap him!" the boy exclaimed as he leapt towards the Pokémon.

The latter immediately jumped in the air and landed on Ash's head, causing the latter to trip and fall on his face. Pikachu then ran out of the kitchen. The boy stood up, groaning at what just happened.

"Ash! What are you doing!? I told you to get the net!" Delia exclaimed.

"I'm sure I can get him without any net, mom. Just watch!"

Ash ran towards where Pikachu went. The latter ran until he arrived in front of the entrance door, which was in front of the living room. The electric-type Pokémon sighed when he realized he can't open the door at once. He then turned around and noticed Ash, standing in the living room with a determined face.

"Gotcha!" Ash said.

Frowning at the boy, Pikachu ran towards him and jumped in his arms. Ash smirked at that.

"Huh. That was easy."

"Pika... CHUUUUU!" the electric-type Pokémon exclaimed as he unleashed electricity from his body, electrocuting the boy.

Ash yelled in pain from the electricity. Pikachu then stopped and jumped down from his arms before running towards an opened window he just noticed and exiting through it. Ash fell on his side, coughing at once. His mother quickly came nearby and kneeled down.

"Oh, my gosh! Are you alright?" Delia asked, concerned.

Gritting his teeth, Ash stood up, with more determination showing on his face.

"I'm fine, mom. I'm not done with that Pokémon, though!" he exclaimed before he exited the house through the entrance door.

"Ash, wait!" Delia yelled at him, too late. She sighed, slightly exasperated. "Why can't he just get the net?"

Outside, Pikachu was resting against the mailbox, sighing in relief from being able to escape the boy. Speaking of which, the latter appeared from the door and immediately spotted the electric-type Pokémon.

"There you are!" Ash exclaimed as he ran towards him.

"Pika!" Pikachu yelped before running away.

The boy kept running around after the Pokémon, even going as far as the edge of Pallet Town. Once he reached that place, Ash suddenly realized he lost track of Pikachu.

"Oh, darn it!" he said with frustration. "Where is he?"


The boy turned around when he heard someone calling his name. That someone was familiar to Ash. It was an old man with grey hair and black eyes. He was wearing a red shirt, a white lab coat, brown pants, and dark brown shoes. His name is Samuel Oak, more often known as Professor Oak. At this moment, he was carrying a net.

"What are you doing here?" Oak asked.

"I've been chasing after a wild Pikachu who had come eating food at my house, Professor." Ash replied.

"A Pikachu, you say?" Oak asked, intrigued.

"Yeah. Why asking?"

"Well, I've been doing some researches on a Pikachu I've recently captured. However, he escaped my laboratory about an hour ago when I had turned my back and I've been trying to get him back. It must be the same Pikachu that went into your house." The old man replied.

"I see. Well, I'd be honored to help you with that..."


"Watch out!" Oak yelled of sudden, while pushing Ash away.

Pikachu had leapt in the air in order to attack Ash. Oak immediately swung his net at the electric-type Pokémon, trapping him. Pikachu was now stuck inside the net.

"Whoa..." Ash said, sitting on the ground after Oak pushed him out of the way.

"I finally got you, Pikachu." The professor said, smirking at the electric-type Pokémon. "Now, back inside your Poké Ball."

The old man took a small red and white ball and made it grow to normal size. Pikachu looked afraid at the sight of the Poké Ball. Before it could protest, the Pokémon was turned into red light and disappeared inside the device. Oak then shrunk down the Poké Ball and put it in his pocket. The professor then extended his hand to help Ash standing up.

"Are you alright? No bruises or anything?" Oak asked.

"No. Well, aside from when that Pikachu electrocuted me at my house. But I'm fine, to be honest." Ash replied.

"Good. By the way, when you have a wild Pokémon invading your house, use a net."

"Yeah... I'll keep that in mind..." Ash said, looking down in embarrassment when he remembered that's what his mom told him to do.

"Now, we should go back home. Tomorrow is the day you'll start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer."

"Oh, yeah! I can't wait for tomorrow already!" the boy exclaimed, holding his fists up to his face in excitement.

Oak smiled at that. He liked the boy's enthusiasm for Pokémon.

"Don't sleep too late. After all, you aren't the only one getting a Pokémon tomorrow. First-come, first-serve."

"Don't worry about it, Professor! I'll be first in line tomorrow!" Ash exclaimed excitedly before running away back home.

"Kids... They have so much enthusiasm for their passions." Oak commented to himself before heading back to his laboratory.


Several hours later, Ash was in his room, watching television. At this moment, he was watching a Pokémon fight from the Pokémon League. One of the Pokémon fighting on screen was a ghost-like dark purple creature with a sinister grin, a pointy tail, and red eyes. That was a Gengar. The Pokémon's opponent was a purple Pokémon with large ears that were colored in blue on the inside. It also had red eyes, spines on the back, a horn on the forehead, and large front teeth. It was a Nidorino. Ash was excited to watch this fight.

"Yeah! That's just so awesome!" the boy exclaimed.

He then heard someone knocking at the door.

"Ash! Don't sleep too late tonight! You need to wake up early tomorrow for your journey to start." His mom said on the other side of the door.

"Don't worry about it, mom. I won't sleep too late." The boy replied.

"Alright then. Good night, honey."

"Good night, mom." He then looked back on the TV, grinning. "I still can't believe it's tomorrow..."

Later that night, Ash was sleeping in his bed. The boy was dreaming peacefully.

"Which one... should I choose?" he said in his sleep. "Charmander is pretty cool... especially as a Charizard... Squirtle looks like a good choice... A water-type may be useful... Bulbasaur has great attacks... I like the razor blades... Though choice..." he said before bumping his head into a drawer. This caused an alarm clock shaped like a Poké Ball to roll down until it fell on the ground, breaking itself...


The next morning, the sun was shining brightly. After a while, Ash gradually opened his eyes. He sat up and yawned while stretching his arms.

"A good way to start a day..." the boy said before stepping on the floor.

All of sudden, he felt something under his foot. Curious, he looked down and noticed the broken alarm clock on the ground. His eyes went wide in shock as he realized that this meant.

"No! No! No! Don't tell me I'm late!" he exclaimed in panic before rushing to change his clothes.

Less than a minute later, he had changed his pajama clothes for his regular ones and exited his room at once. As soon as he exited his house, Ash ran as fast as he could towards Professor Oak's laboratory.

"Please! There must be one Pokémon for me!"

The boy kept running without ever stopping, as if like it was a matter of life and death. After a while, Ash finally arrived next in front of the entrance door to Professor Oak's lab. The boy put his hands on his knees, catching his breath.

"Ah, there you are, Ash." The boy looked up and noticed Oak appearing from the door. "I was wondering when you would arrive."

"Professor! I have to get my Starter Pokémon now!" Ash exclaimed.

"Oh..." the old man said, looking concerned. "Well, the thing is..."

"Come on! I don't have time to waste! The sooner I get one, the sooner I can fulfill my dream of becoming a Pokémon Master!"

Oak looked at the young boy before sighing.

"Follow me..." he said as he motioned the boy to come inside.

Soon after, the two of them were surrounding a machine with three empty slots on it, which is where the three Poké Balls containing the three starters would be. However, Ash was puzzled at the sight of that.

"Wait a minute... Where's the Poké Balls?" he asked, causing the professor to sigh.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you a moment ago, Ash... You've come too late and as such all three starters already have been taken by kids of your age." Oak replied.

Hearing this, Ash felt like the whole world was shattered at once. He fell on a nearby chair, having a hard time believing he missed his chance.

"I can't believe it... I was so close to start the one thing I've always wanted to do... I'm a failure." The boy sadly said, looking down.

"Don't feel so bad, Ash." Oak said, feeling sorry for the boy. "You're not a failure just because you arrived too late, even though it did cost you a Pokémon. It's not the end of the world. I mean, you could always come back next year to get one of the starters this time."

"I know, but... Having to wait a whole year when I could just start it right away... If I start it next year, Gary will already have one year of experience and will probably mock me for how much behind I am..." he said, referring to Gary Oak, Oak's grandson and someone who often rivaled Ash when it came to Pokémon. "I bet he got the coolest of the starters too."

"Actually, I don't know which starter is the 'coolest', but I can assure you my grandson didn't get one of the three starters." The professor said.

"Huh?" Ash said, looking up.

"I know how much potential Gary has to become one of the greatest Pokémon Trainers, so I decided to give him an Eevee."

"An Eevee?"

"Yes, it's that one Pokémon who can turn into either a water-type, an electric-type or a fire-type Pokémon, depending on which stone its trainer decides to use." The old man explained. "I've heard it can also turn into another type with other rocks, but none of them are available in Kanto, so far."

"Oh. That's a pretty cool Pokémon to have." Ash said before looking down. "At least he's got one Pokémon, while I don't have any and probably won't have any for a while..." he said, still sad and disappointed of his missed opportunity.

Oak couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy who wanted to achieve his dream. The old man saw a clear enthusiasm for Pokémon coming from the boy. It would be a shame if he had to wait a whole year before he could get started. Suddenly, the professor thought about something.

"Although..." he said, rubbing his chin in thought.

"What?" Ash asked, keeping his eyes on the ground.

"I may have one more Pokémon I could give you."

"Huh!?" Ash said as he immediately looked up at the old man.

"There's one Pokémon I have I was studying in the last few days. I'm actually done studying him as I've got all the information I need. I was about to release it in the wild, where it belongs..."

"I'll take it, Professor!" Ash exclaimed at once as he stood up. "I'm ready to have that Pokémon!"

"Oh, alright then. Just wait here as I'll go get it." Oak said before looking at a bunch of Poké Balls on a shelf. He checked the shelf carefully until he found the Poké Ball he was looking for. "Ah! There it is."

He picked the Poké Ball and walked back to where Ash was. Oak put the Poké Ball inside the boy's hand.

"Wow... My first Pokémon..." Ash said, his eyes wide in excitement. "I can't wait to see who's that Pokémon!"

The boy opened the Poké Ball, causing a bright light to appear from it and land on a nearby table. Soon enough, the light turned into some creature. Then, Ash was surprised when he recognized the creature.

"Wait... A Pikachu! Is that...?"

"Yes, my boy. It's the same one you've been chasing yesterday." Oak replied.

The yellow-furred Pokémon opened his eyes, looking at both humans.

"Pikachu." The rodent said.

Ash couldn't help but feel how ironic it was to have his first Pokémon be the one he's had a hard time chasing around less than 24 hours ago. Still, the boy smiled as he waved at the electric-type Pokémon.

"Hey there, Pikachu. I'm Ash Ketchum, your new trainer. I have the feeling we're gonna make a great team together."

However, the electric-type glared at the boy, recognizing him without much trouble. Ash grabbed Pikachu and hugged him in his arms.

"We're gonna be best friends before the end of the day. I'm sure of it." The boy said while hugging him.

"Pi...ka... CHUUUUUUU!"

The Pokémon unleashed his electricity, electrocuting the boy. The latter yelled in great pain. After several seconds of great shock, Pikachu stopped electrocuting him. Ash coughed from all that shock he received.

"He recognizes me... Good. That's... just good." He said in a weak tone.

"I have a Pokédex for you, Ash. And here are a few Poké Balls. You can always buy more Poké Balls in stores that are specialized with them." The old man said as he gave a few Poké Balls to Ash, as well as a rectangular-shaped red electronic device with a blue orb on the upper-left corner known as a Pokédex.


A few minutes later, Ash, Oak and Pikachu arrived outside of the laboratory. There, they came across a crowd, all cheering for the boy. Some of them were carrying signs that said 'Go, Ash! Go!', while others were raising their fists in the air or clapping with their hands. Ash smiled at the sight of that. He then noticed Delia, holding a green backpack in her hands.

"I can't believe it. My baby is already old enough to start his journey. Time has gone so fast..." she said, almost about to make tears of joy. "I'm so proud of you, Ash..." she added, smiling.

"Don't be so proud of me yet, mom. I've still got to catch Pokémon, win badges and win the Indigo League." Ash said.

"I know... It's just... Well, I'm gonna miss you." Delia said before hugging her son.

"I'm gonna miss you too, mom." He said, hugging back.

"Anyway, here's your backpack." She said as they stopped hugging each other. "I've put everything you need: shirts, pants, socks, a bottle of water, money to buy you something to eat, and a few other things. Don't sleep too late, eat healthy... Oh! And don't forget to change your underwear every day!"

"Mom!" Ash exclaimed in embarrassment as he took the backpack away from her. "Don't mention my underwear in front of others..."

"Oh..." Delia said as she noticed Pikachu standing next to Ash. "Your first Pokémon is a Pikachu? Is... Is that the same one from yesterday?"

"Yeah. Talk about irony." Ash said while scratching the back of his head.

"It's quite strange of a coincidence, but I guess it doesn't really matter. Although, why he isn't in his Poké Ball?"

"Oh, yeah. I forgot to put him back there." The boy said as he grabbed his Poké Ball. "Pikachu, come back!"

Ash threw the ball at the rodent. Suddenly, Pikachu threw it back with his tail. Catching the ball back, the boy was surprised by that. He threw it at the Pokémon again, but the latter used his head to throw it back again. Ash started to frown. For a moment, they threw the ball back and forth at each other rapidly. The boy stopped doing that soon after, catching his breath. Tired of that, Ash grabbed Pikachu and lifted him up.

"What's your problem!?" he asked in confusion. "I'm not here to play volleyball with you!"

"Pi...ka..." the Pokémon said as sparks appeared from his pouches.

"Uh-oh." Ash gulped, knowing what was going to happen.


Not only was Ash being electrocuted, but so was the crowd, including his mother. Oak, however, immediately jumped into a nearby bush to avoid receiving the electricity. Several seconds later, Pikachu stopped electrocuting the people around him. With the exception of Oak, everyone fell on their back, exhausted from such an attack. The professor reappeared from the bush and came near Ash.

"One piece of advice for you: bring rubber gloves. They're 100% useful against electricity." The old man said.

"I'll keep that in mind... Thanks." Ash said, in a tired tone.


End of chapter.

I think it's a good place to end this chapter. Next chapter will have Ash and Pikachu start their journey.

To anyone disappointed about Gary not being present in this chapter, don't worry about it. He'll appear soon enough. Also, to anyone who thinks this first chapter is average at best, I'm fully aware of that. It's the best I could come up with. I'll try to make the upcoming chapters much better, though.

The part with Pikachu in the Ketchum's house is loosely inspired by the first chapter of "The Electric Tale of Pikachu".

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AU; mix of the game with the anime. Ash Ketchum is a young boy who starts his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. He gets his first Pokémon, who happens to be a Pikachu...

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