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Several months later, I'm back with another chapter. Sorry for taking so long. I just hope you won't be too disappointed with this chapter.

To answer nobody important's question, there's a good chance they'll appear, but I can't confirm that yet.

Chapter 5: Beware the Yellow Bird's Light

During that same night when Bugs and Daffy met Superman and Batman...

In another city, inside some apartment, a bald African-American man with a black goatee and black eyes was on the phone, wearing only a pair of underwear. This man is known as John Stewart AKA the current Green Lantern on Earth.

"Hey, Ollie. I hope I'm not waking you up." he said to the person he was talking to through the phone.

"Nah. I was about to go to sleep right now, but I can do a little talking before that." Ollie said. "Why are you calling me?"

"Well... Recently, Mari and I... We broke up." John explained.

"Mari... That's Vixen, right? Sorry for asking, but sometimes I forget and I mix up our colleagues' alter-egos."

"Yeah, she's Vixen."

"So... Any reason why you two broke up?" Ollie asked.

"To be honest, there was a lack of passion whenever we were spending times together." John explained. "The sparks we used to have sort of disappeared after a while. We both agreed it was better to stay as friends, but... I don't know yet if it was the right choice or if we made a mistake."

"Trust me, John. I've had several girlfriends before. I've been through what you're living currently a few times. If all goes well, you'll be over it in a short amount of time and you'll start dating someone else."

"Yeah, probably. By the way, how are things going with Dinah?" John explained.

"Well... she's in my bed right now." Ollie replied.


"Yeah. And right now, she's motioning me to hang up the phone and she's doing that playful smirk she always does when she wants to... You know..."

"No need to say more, I get the picture. I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. Good night, Ollie." John said.

"Good night, John."

John hanged up the phone before sighing. Oliver "Ollie" Queen AKA Green Arrow surely was lucky to be with Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary. It's too bad John's relationship with Mari McCabe AKA Vixen didn't end up the same way. Still thinking about their breakup, the Green Lantern removed his green ring from his finger and put it on top of a nearby drawer. He then turned off the light before going on his bed, thinking some sleep would do him some good.


Meanwhile, in another part of the city, someone was walking around various alleyways. That someone was a black-furred cat with a red nose. He had white fur on his stomach, his paws, the tip of his tail, the inside of his ears, and the bottom part of his face. His name is Sylvester. At this moment, the cat sighed as he kicked a can away. He was hungry and needed to find something to eat as soon as possible.

"For crying out loud!" he exclaimed. "There must be something for me to eat around here!"

Suddenly, Sylvester heard someone snoring. He looked around until he noticed a bird sleeping on a nest above a pole. That bird was a yellow-feathered canary, with blue eyes, orange feet and beak. The cat recognized the bird as Tweety, someone he tried to eat for a long while. Sylvester licked his mouth before smirking deviously. Tiptoeing towards the pole, he then climbed up the pole arriving next to Tweety's nest. The bird slowly opened his eyes, before yawning. He scratched his forehead before turning around and noticed Sylvester, smirking. The bird's eyes widened.

"I tawt I taw a puddy tat." Tweety said to the readers. He looked back at Sylvester before looking back at the readers. "I did! I did see a puddy tat!"

"And soon, you're gonna see the interior of my stomach!" the cat exclaimed as he caught the bird in his hands.

"Oh, come on, puddy tat! Why do you always try to eat me?"

"Because the directors and writers seem to think it's always funny when I try to eat you, and it seems like our fans think the same."

"What they think is funny is how you always FAIL at that, though." Tweety said.

"Why, you!" Sylvester exclaimed before trying to punch the bird.

The latter quickly bit the cat's hand, causing the feline to yell in pain and accidentally release the canary. Tweety then flied away, with the cat chasing after him. The bird flied as fast as he could. He arrived in some alleyway. Suddenly, Tweety stopped on his tracks as he arrived at a dead end. He landed on the ground before turning around and noticing Sylvester coming menacingly towards him.

"Uh-oh..." the canary said.

"Try to get out of this one, little bird!" the cat exclaimed, smirking.

At this moment, John was still sleeping. However, in his sleep, he accidentally hit his ring away with his hand, causing the ring to go through the open window and fall towards the ground. The ring bounced a few times on the ground before landing on Tweety and arriving at his waist.

"Uh..." the bird said, confused to see that ring from out of nowhere.

The canary then braced himself as Sylvester leapt to eat him. Suddenly, a green energy appeared from the ring, turned into a huge fist and punched the cat hard enough to send him fly away. Tweety stopped bracing himself when he realized the feline hadn't eaten him yet. Puzzled, he looked at the ring around his waist. Much to his confusion, it was glowing in ring. He then realized what was going on.

"Wait... That's a Green Lantern ring!" he exclaimed. "Hold on... Does that mean I've been chosen? Was I chosen to defeat evil and make justice triumph?" he wondered out loud.

The bird then thought about Sylvester and smirked.

"Well, if evil can refer to puddy tat, maybe I could use it against him." Tweety said before flying away, hoping to have some fun with the cat.


Standing up from a garbage can he landed onto, Sylvester groaned in pain. He walked dizzily before shaking his head, coming to his senses.

"Sufferin' succotash!" he exclaimed. "What the heck just hit me?"

The cat then heard some chirping nearby. Smirking, he tiptoed until he arrived next to a street corner. Sylvester noticed Tweety flying nearby. Not wasting much time, the feline jumped onto the bird. The latter used to the ring to make a baseball bat and hit the cat hard enough to send him over a fence. Tweety laughed before flying away. At the same time, Sylvester stood up before climbing over the fence and watched as the canary was leaving.

"This time, I clearly saw it. He used that ring to make that baseball bat and hit me." He said to himself before frowning. "If he thinks that's gonna discourage me, he's wrong!"


A few minutes later, Sylvester was searching for Tweety. All of sudden, a green dog appeared out of nowhere, barking at the cat. The latter screamed in in fear as he ran away. The green dog then disappeared inside the ring. The bird was pleased of what he did this time. At the same time, Sylvester stopped running when he realized something.

"Wait a second... That green dog... I bet it was that annoying canary who did that!"

The cat ran back to where the fake dog appeared. Meanwhile, Tweety noticed a nearby dog sleeping in on a bench. He also noticed a can of green paint not too far away.

"Talk about convenience. It's giving me an idea." The bird said to the readers.

Using his ring, the canary grabbed the can of paint and used it to paint the dog in green. The canine woke up soon after and looked at himself in confusion. Tweety pointed towards Sylvester, who was running towards them. The dog growled as he thought the cat was responsible for turning him into green. The canine ran towards the cat and barked loudly at him.

"Ah, shut up!" the feline exclaimed as he slapped the dog. "Nice try, Tweety, but I know it's a fake one!"

"Hey, puddy tat! He's not even glowing in green." The canary said as he flied above the cat and the dog.

Sylvester looked at the dog. The latter was showing anger in his eyes before biting his hand. The cat jumped high in the air, yelling in pain before landing on the ground and running away from the chasing dog.


Later, the cat was holding a dynamite stick in his hands. He waited for the bird to arrive at any moment. Soon enough, he spotted Tweety nearby. Quickly, Sylvester lighted the dynamite stick and was about to throw it at the bird. The latter immediately trapped the feline inside a green cube with his ring. Just as the cat threw the dynamite stick, it bounced back and landed on his head. He yelped in alarm as he tried to get rid of it until...


Black smoke filled the green cube entirely. As the smoke disappeared, Sylvester was coughing, his body covered in ashes. The green cube then disappeared as Tweety left.


Soon after, Sylvester was hiding in some bush. He was using it as a disguise to avoid being recognized by the bird. The latter was flying in the air, looking for the cat. Suddenly, Tweety noticed the bush slowly moving behind him. The bird smirked as he flied next to the bush, causing it to stop moving.

"Oh, look at that bush. I've always wanted to sculpt a bush before. May as well do this right now." The canary said before turning the green energy into a chainsaw.

Swinging the chainsaw several times at the bush, Tweety managed to sculpt it into a certain cat.

"There! I don't know if it should be considered art, but whatever." The bird commented.

All of sudden, Sylvester's body fell apart from the bush. His body parts then crawled away, retreating to a safer place.

"Good thing I'm a cartoon character, or else this chapter would have been filled with blood!" the cat said to the readers.


Sylvester soon got an idea. Using several stuff from a nearby junkyard, he managed to make decoy shaped like himself.

"Great. With this decoy, I should be able to trap that bird by surprise!" he said to himself.

Finishing the decoy, the cat then put it in front of a building. Sylvester didn't waste time as he hid himself behind a lamppost, waiting for the canary to show up. Sure enough, the latter appeared in the sky and noticed the decoy on the ground, not realizing it wasn't the actual Sylvester. Tweety flied next to the decoy and tried to scare it by turning the green energy into a gun.

"Hands in the air, right now!" the bird exclaimed.

Much to the canary's surprise, the fake cat wasn't obeying.

"Hey, I ordered you to do something. Did you understand me?"

The decoy wasn't responding.

"Hmm... Come to think of it, there's something different about you."


At once, Sylvester trapped Tweety with a jar and closed with a cap.

"Ah! Try to get out of this one, bird!"

One second later, a green saw was cutting the jar in a half from the inside. Tweety then pushed against one half and freed himself. The canary turned the green energy into a hammer and used it to crush the cat. He laughed as he flied away.


A while later, the feline used several stuffs made of metal to build himself an armor against the ring. Hitting the armor several times with various other stuffs, Sylvester was convinced it was resistant enough. The cat put the armor on himself and walked away to confront Tweety. Soon enough, the feline came across his long-time opponent.

"Alright, breakfast! Try to hit me if you can!" the cat exclaimed.

The bird looked at the readers, shrugged, and flied towards where the cat was. The canary turned the green energy into a can opener and opened the armor from the top. The green energy then became a giant hand, grabbed Sylvester and sent him crashing against a nearby wall. Tweety whistled innocently as he left.


On top of a building, the cat was holding a brick, waiting for Tweety to fly below so he could throw the brick at him.

"Come on, I don't want to waste too much time here." Sylvester said to himself.

A few seconds later, he spotted the canary flying below. Not wasting time, the feline immediately threw the brick at the bird. The latter quickly noticed the brick falling towards him and used the ring to make a spring. The brick landed on the spring and sprung back in the air. Sylvester watched as the brick was now higher than where he was. The cat then realized it was going to fall on his head. Doing the smartest thing he could do at that moment, he made one step backwards. Sylvester looked up and...


Surprisingly, the brick landed on his face.

"Ow." The cat said before walking away.


Later, Tweety was flying in the air while whistling a tune. He then landed on top of a postbox, taking a moment to rest. Suddenly, Sylvester appeared from out of nowhere, holding a green glowing rock in his hands.

"Ah! You don't stand a chance against me this time!" the cat exclaimed.

Tweety arched an eyebrow at the sight of that.

"What is that?" the canary asked.

"It's Kryptonite! Your ultimate weakness!"

Tweety rolled his eyes when he heard that before yawning.

"Wrong superhero, puddy tat." The bird said.

He used the ring to make a bulldozer and used it to crush both the cat and the Kryptonite.

"This is humiliating." Sylvester said, groaning in pain.


A while later, the cat was holding a golf club in his hands.

"If I knock him into unconsciousness before he uses that ring, I might have a chance." He said to himself.

All of sudden, Tweety arrived nearby, used his ring to snatch the golf club away from Sylvester and hit him in the head several times in a row. The feline had several lumps on his head at that moment and looked dazed.

"Oh, come on! That's not fair!" Sylvester complained.

"Whatever you say." Tweety said before flying away.


The next morning, John Stewart woke up in his apartment. He sat on his bed as he yawned for a bit. The man then looked to his nearby drawer and was shocked to see his ring had disappeared.

"What the... Where did it go?" he wondered out loud as he looked around his apartment.

Suddenly, he heard something outside. He looked at his window and noticed several beams of green light appearing behind some buildings. Someone screaming was also heard.

"Oh, no..." John said as he quickly grabbed a set of clothes before going outside.

Sylvester screamed in panic as he tried to avoid getting hit by the green energy sent to him by the canary. Tweety smiled in amusement as he was doing this.

"This is so much fun." The bird said.

All of sudden, the ring removed itself from the canary and floated away. Confused, Tweety turned around and noticed John arriving. The latter grabbed the ring and instantly changed his clothes. He was now wearing a black and green outfit, with green boots, green wristbands, and black gloves. The outfit also had a white circle with a green lantern-like logo at its center. John's eyes also turned into green.

"Okay, what's going...?"

The Green Lantern stopped himself when he noticed Tweety and Sylvester in front of him. His eyes widened in confusion.

"Alright, it's official. I spend too much time with Flash." He said, rubbing his forehead as he tried to understand this.

"Wow!" Tweety exclaimed as he flied next to the superhero. "You're THE Green Lantern?"

"Well, there are several Green Lanterns, but I'm the one in charge of Earth." John replied.

"Cool! By the way, how effective is your ring against yellow feathers? I'm asking this because I heard it's weak against anything that's yellow."

"I don't know where you get your information, but this power ring is NOT powerless against yellow." John replied before shaking his head and realizing he was talking to one of the Looney Tunes. "Okay, where do you two come from?"

"I don't know." The canary replied, shrugging.

"I don't know it myself. I'm quite surprised to be in an environment that's more realistic than what we're used to live in." Sylvester said.

"Okay... The other members of the League will find it hard to believe when I'll tell them who I just met." The superhero said, scratching the back of his head.


End of chapter.

So, John Stewart AKA Green Lantern met Tweety and Sylvester. Not much else to say about this chapter. I can't say much about the next one either because I haven't decided yet what I will do next time.

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