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Practive Princess

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Practive: A combination of the words "practical" and "active". The creator of the word Practive: :iconvaloroflorien:

Yay for talking to your friends at 1 A.M. Your minds get a little loopy. XD

Here's another picture I wanted to finish but it took forever to complete. Not because I found it hard to finish, but because I got busy with other things. :)

This is the Princess from the video game Fable 3. I did change her face and gave her a longer pony tail but the clothes she's wearing is from the video game. (Or the concept art at least. ^_^) As usual with my video game fan art, I don't play the video games but I love the concept art and other parts of the game. It was hard to gather reference pictures for this and my other Fable 3 fan art so I finally broke down and got the limited edition strategy guide because it had the most pictures and cost less than my computer's printer ink. XD

Drawn on copy/printer paper with a .7 mechanical pencil.
Colored with Prismacolor markers and colored pencils.

Fable 3 belongs to it's rightful owners.
Fan art belongs to me and was made because I like the costumes of Fable 3. ^_^
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I love the hair, and the outfit, and the shoes. :D Very practive. ;)
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lol! Thank you! :D
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very well drawn.

also do you take request because I wonder if you could draw The Princess as a child with her father in his bed with him
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The skirt looks especially nice.
Great work!
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Thank you so much! ^_^
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I just love this style! Amazing! :D
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Thank you so much! ^_^
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Aw! Thank you! ^_^
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