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K-9 Cosplays the 4th Doctor



At last, I got to finish the picture that started the whole entire series, the 4th Doctor!

I mentioned in an earlier painting that the whole idea for the K-9 cosplays series came from a joke my dad made about me painting K-9 wearing the 4th Doctor's hat and scarf. Since this was the first idea I had for the painting series, I painted this one first. Although it was the first painting I did, I didn't get to finish it until today. (The scarf took some time to research and color)

I painted the scarf to look like the one seen in season 15, which was the first season of Doctor Who K-9 was in. (At least it was the last time I checked)

There are plenty of nit-picky things I would fix with the painting, but I don't have the time. (My normal job is calling me away from my art...) Still, I like it how it is right now.


Drawn in Gimp with a wacom bamboo tablet.
Doctor Who and K-9 belongs to their rightful owners.
Please read this journal entry to see the other paintings in the K-9 Cosplays series...
K-9 Cosplays Master ListFor the past few days, I've been working and posting a new paint series called "K-9 Cosplays". The idea is that K-9 from Doctor Who is dressing up, or cosplaying, each regeneration of the Doctor. (I might expand this to other characters, but for now it's just the Doctor)
These paintings are meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and Matt Smith's last episode.
Since I'm working and finishing each painting out of regeneration order, I need a "master list" to post the paintings in the correct order. So, this journal post was created to serve that purpose.
This journal entry will be updated when each new painting is finished and posted, so if this entry shows up in your messages every day for several days in a row, it's just me adding new paintings to the list. :)
K-9 Cosplays the Doctor....
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