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K-9 Cosplays the 12th Doctor



At last. My K-9 cosplay series of paintings are done! I held off painting the 12th Doctor painting in hopes of "getting to know him better" and see if there is anything unique (Such as a fez, glasses, umbrella, ect.) that I could add to the painting besides making K-9 wear his coat. So far I haven't seen anything (Besides a spoon) so I made K-9 wear 12's coat. If anything pops up, I might add it later. Or paint a new painting. Or not do anything. Depends on my mood and determination to paint when the time comes.

This painting also holds the honor of being the last painting I finished on my old computer. I'm currently getting everything ready on my new computer to allow me to paint, so it's been interesting going from a computer I've used for 7 years to a brand new computer without a paint program. I'm also behind in uploading stuff and responding to anyone who talks to me online. Ugh.

Doctor Who and K-9 belongs to their rightful owners.
Painting done in Gimp with a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

You can see the rest of the paintings in the series in this journal...

K-9 Cosplays Master ListFor the past few days, I've been working and posting a new paint series called "K-9 Cosplays". The idea is that K-9 from Doctor Who is dressing up, or cosplaying, each regeneration of the Doctor. (I might expand this to other characters, but for now it's just the Doctor)
These paintings are meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and Matt Smith's last episode.
Since I'm working and finishing each painting out of regeneration order, I need a "master list" to post the paintings in the correct order. So, this journal post was created to serve that purpose.
This journal entry will be updated when each new painting is finished and posted, so if this entry shows up in your messages every day for several days in a row, it's just me adding new paintings to the list. :)
K-9 Cosplays the Doctor....
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