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Fairy Chair Lineart

Well, I thought everyone needed a break from Renaissance Festival photos so I give you a picture I painted of a fairy! :D
It's really supposed to be a birthday present for ~TimelordWitch10 but it's a few days early so.... happy early birthday!!!! I hope you like the line art. ;)

*clears throat* Anyway, this painting is the result of days of trial and error of Doctor Who paintings with a Renaissance Festival flare and the panic that set in when I realized I was running out of time before her birthday. (I'll probably go back and re-work the other paintings that didn't turn out right, but for now I'll let them sit.) In an attempt to re-start the artistic juices flowing again, I painted this fairy. I've been trying to paint a fairy for a good five months, but like my Doctor Who paintings, they never turned out right. This one is the first one that turned out right, so I thought it might be best to use it as the present. ^_^

I'll color it, but since it's late at night I'll wait till I'm more awake before I start to color it. I want to use the airbrush tool for her wings, but I'm not sure what color scheme to use. :)

Drawn in GIMP with a Bamboo Wacom tablet.
Drawing belongs to me.

P.S. If you want to reblog this on Tumblr, please do it from this link: [link] Thank you!!!
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:la: :la: :la: :la: I can't believe I didn't see this sooner!!!!!! It's so pretty! Thank you so much :hug: