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Euphie Skirt Embroidery W.I.P.

By EssieofWho
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The return of my Princess Euphemia cosplay that is taking forever to finish! Well, the embroidery takes a long time. Not the sewing of the dress itself.

This is the embroidery on the skirt of my Euphemia gold/white cosplay. It is all hand done and is currently incomplete. When the skirt is done, I hope to make the embroidery on the skirt to look similar to Catherine Middleton's wedding dress skirt embroidery. I'll update the photo with newer photos as I finish more of the pattern on the skirt.

11/9/11: Top of skirt embroidery incomplete but is finished enough to have a photo taken of it to show progress.
11/27/11: Top of skirt embroidery is complete. Picture updated to show the finished embroidery.

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I can understand your "embroidery pains" it took me around 4 hours to embroider each of my Yuuko's roses and I still didn't find the time (and money to buy thread) to make the hem ones... And they're not remotely as detailed as yours!
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Thank you! Your embroidery on Yuuko's dress is very beautiful! What time of thread did you use?
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it's a mercerised cotton, by a brand called DMC, which is quite common in Europe, I don't know about the USA.

I'd love to be able to use silk, but besides being too expensive, it has become really hard to find.
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Oh! I've heard of the brand! I'm not sure how common it is here in the USA, but I have seen it for sale in some of the stores I visit.

Oh, me too! I'm still kind of new to embroidery threads but I'd love to use silk too. I haven't been able to find it where I live though.
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I'm from Portugal, we used to produce high quality haberdashery (and fabrics), but most factories have been shutting down and most stuff is now imported from Germany or somewhere else. I can't find silk thread in stores any more, maybe some leftovers, but that's all. I'll have to stick with cotton.

I have some silk thread, inherited from my Grandfather's village general store, but it's only enough for doll's clothes or small stuff.
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Wow. I didn't know that there were factories closing in Portugal. I'm just wondering, do you know why the factories are closing? (Just to satisfy my curiosity.)

I'm glad you do have some silk thread. I'm sure you'll think of a good use for it. :)
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mostly they're closing due to poor management. some other factors are the businesses being inherited or sold to people who aren't really interested in the business or not up-to-date with the emerging new markets for their products. seems like they don't want to sell and are stuck in old marketing strategies.

well, most probably, because there's not much quantity of thread, I'll use it for doll's clothes.
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