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Little Star {Male! Ukraine x Reader}
Dmitri was the nicest man you knew. He always had a hand to help, and a free moment to spare for anyone. He helped the old lady next door clean out her attic and helped the family across the street build their shed. He spent most of his free time tutoring kids or working at the homeless shelter or the animal shelter, and he was a volunteer firefighter over the weekends. He didn't believe in strangers.
Dmitri didn't have a lot of self confidence. His exes looked like front cover models, but each of them was self centered and rude, always eroding at what little esteem he would build up in going out with them. You were different. You were funny and smart and encouraging - you were perfect for him.
He doted on you like you were a princess. He would do as many chores around the house as he could and take you out on dates and cook romantic dinners. You would always react with the same bashful, innocent bliss which he adored. You didn't know what you did to deserve him, but he was the best th
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Forgiveness {Sebastian Morgenstern x Reader Ch. 4}
When you woke up again, it was around sunset. Hungry once more, but too shaken to eat, you remained in your room and looked through your new found stuff. The clothes were admittedly nice and comfortable, and very much to your taste, except sharper and far more expensive than what you were used to.
Sebastian's heartbroken expression after he hurt you was something that gave you pause. For all the bad things and all the pain he caused, the idea that he was capable of remorse bugged you very much. He was so hard to read, and you legitimately feared another outburst. You put on the most comfy looking clothing out of the closet, an oversized cardigan with a nice cotton v-neck and super soft cashmere leggings and fluffy socks. They fit you perfectly, and you made your way out more than a little conflicted about what happened. He hit you - even if you made him mad, he shouldn't have done that, but he looked so sad after that. You didn't know what to think. You made a deal to stay and you woul
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The End {Male! Snow White x Reader Ch.13}
You awoke to someone kissing you.
Snow... you thought, you knew the shape of his lips instinctively. Your eyes shot wide open as you saw Snow White's bloody, pale lips retract from your own.
You caught his falling form and pulled it close to you.
This can't be happening, this has to be a nightmare.
"Snow? Snow?" you called trying to get him to stay awake for you.
Who could have done this to him, what is happening?
"Wh-what happened?" you tried to ask, "I was at the cottage and then-"
A sudden realization came to you. You had stabbed him. You finally went through with the terrible deed, except this time, instead of stabbing Snow White in the back, you stabbed him straight through the heart.
"Did I do that to you?" his lack of response confirmed your guilt.
"Oh, Snow White, what have I done?" you raved, consumed by horror and heart wrenching despair.
"What have I done?"
The question hung in the air like a plague as you smoothed out his features and began to cry. What
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Aurora {Farkas x Reader}
When you finally stumbled out of the dungeon, newly learned Thu'um still burning in your mind, it was night time. You came out in front of a lake and nearly collapsed onto your knees in relief. You were finally safe. You stumbled, and Farkas' strong arms came around your body quickly holding you up before slowly bringing you both to your knees.
"The aurora is beautiful isn't it?" you said, content in his arms. Farkas held you tight and shifted your weight into his lap. You wrapped your arms around his and stared into the sky.
Without looking up he said with a small smile, "It truly is."
"How would you know, you aren't looking up!" You mumbled, tiredly, being lulled to sleep by his warmth and his steady presence.
"I can see them in your eyes. Besides," he looked up with you, "I've seen them thousands of times, I think."
"But isn't it pretty?" You asked again. He nodded and kissed your hair as you nodded off. You hadn't slept in days, and all the sleep deprivation had finally gotten to y
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Trouble {Napoleon Solo x Reader}
You came into this world kicking and screaming. You planned to leave the same way.
Everything that could have gone wrong on a mission did this time around. You were barely able to fight for you life, let alone able to complete the mission objective.
It seemed simple enough: you were tasked with stealing a profile from a diplomat in Lyon. You wore a nice dress and attended a rather conveniently timed gala in the hotel where the diplomat stayed while he was at a state dinner. The objective was pretty clean cut: get in as a guest, sneak up the stairs, take the folder, leave the premises with the folder by any means necessary. Above all, don't get caught.
The first part went smoothly. You made a quiet entrance, and although you were stunning, you were not the most well dressed or the most outgoing. You remained on the fringes, drinking a champagne and making idle chat with the few people who greeted you.
In a moment of quiet, you made your way up stairs to the room where the diplomat was s
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Bad Apple {Male! Snow White x Reader Ch.12}
I ended up falling asleep in Nathaniel's chair for a few hours before I awoke to Nathaniel re-entering the room. My head snapped up while Nathaniel softly closed the door. The enchantment from yesterday was still in place, though because Nathaniel had been inside the room when I had cast the spell, he was immune to it's effects.
"Everything is in place, sire. The Queen is taking her place in the throne room, and I have placed the loyal guards at all the exits. All that is left is to don the guard armor and replace the last two guards within the room." Nathaniel stated, bowing. His shoulders were tense and a certain enthusiasm played in his eyes, like a poker player unable to hide a winning hand.
"Thank you, Nathaniel, I will enchant the doors and both of us before we go in. If we draw to much attention to ourselves the enchantment will fade, and cease to work. But so long as we refrain from causing a commotion, we can use it to our advantage. Have you chosen which weapons you want me t
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Preparations {Male!Snow White x Reader Ch.11}
I woke up with a start in the middle of the courtyard. Birds chirped and a warm breeze moved through the stone ruins, ruffling the flowers. The smelled fragrant and sweet, but not at all what they had smelled like the night before. Something was different - something felt different: I felt like I had been splashed with cold water after drinking too much. I felt sober. Was it what happened with [y/n]? Was it seeing my dead mother? My thoughts drifted to what happened the night before as I gripped my head.
Was it a dream? A hallucination? I don't know. All the magic was gone by the time I woke up, but in my arms lay the tome and the dagger, though neither were glowing. I scrambled to my feet and wrapped the artifacts up in my cloak carefully, as to not damage them, before slinging the makeshift bad over my back.
I made my way down to the town, thinking about what had happened the night before. My mother's ghost, my heritage, my abilities - it was confusing, but it gave me a sense of fina
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The Ruins {Male!Snow White x Reader Ch.10}
You butchered and cleaned the deer outside and hung the hide on a stretcher before going in. The kitchen smelled lovely: the air was laced with apple, cinnamon, and pastry baking. Snow stood in the kitchen, carefully laying out a crisscrossed pattern across the top of the pies. He looked so cute standing there in his little brown apron, hands and hair lightly dusted with flour. You took care of the meat and washed your hands before approaching him.
"You're back!" Snow exclaimed happily, beaming at you. He pulled a perfect looking pie from the oven and held it in his hands, coming before you, clearly expecting you to eat it. You giggled as he served you a slice in a plate and wrapped your arms around his narrow waist from the side. Lopsided grin spread across his face, he rested his head against yours, before finishing up and embracing you properly. His enchanting brown eyes caught hold of your gaze, as he leaned his forehead against yours and caught your cheek with a soft hand, rubbing
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Sorry {CollegeAU!Napoleon Solo x Reader}
[A/n] Replace lavender with whatever smell you like more, if you think lavender doesn't smell pleasant.
You took the two buses to the marina again. Something drew you to the sea that you could never really explain.
Your jacket buzzed as another person called you. Sliding out your phone, you see his name on your phone screen.
Napoleon Solo.
You continued walking, counting the rings and letting him eventually reach voicemail. You knew he was worried. You knew he meant well. You just didn't want to deal with him at the moment. He meant so much to you, and, in a way, you felt like talking to him would burden him with your own problems.
I've missed your calls for months it seems
Don't realize how mean I can be
'Cause I can sometimes treat the people
That I love like jewelry
'Cause I can change my mind each day
I didn't mean to try you on
But I still know your birthday
And your mother's favorite song

You looked out over the calm sea. It was late afternoon and the sky was slowly being
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Fresh Start {Onmund x Pregnant!Reader}
After the defeat of Alduin and end of the civil war, you settled down with your husband Onmund. You were scared it would be difficult at first, a pair of mages with fantastic power, finding a place with no angry villagers seemed like it was too good to be true. At first, you had thought about staying at the college, but as it became clear that your family would grow, you moved to a small, abandoned cottage near the ruins of Helgen.
Neither you nor Onmund were enthusiastic about the idea of living so close to a place often attracting bandits, but as people returned and repopulated over the months that followed your move, you felt greatly reassured.
You and Onmund opened a little shop for travelers where you sold potions and healed small injuries and Onmund sold little magical trinkets. Your life was simple and peaceful and few would have guessed that you were a thane in all nine holds. Winters were never truly cold here. It rained often and snowed and hailed, but it was nothing in compa
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All Time Low {England x Reader}
I was the knight in shining armour in your movie
You joined W Academy in the 9th grade. On the first day, you were placed next to Arthur Kirkland in your homeroom class. He was a charming Brit with impeccable taste and that certain type of high class British refinement.
It was love at first sight. After only about three days of school, you two were inseparable, and after three weeks of inseparability, you were dating. Everything seemed perfect.
Would put your lips on mine and love the aftertaste
You both were like fire: bright and shiny, hot and passionate.
Now I'm a ghost, I call your name, you look right through me
But in the end, just like fire, you burned out. He started hanging out with different groups after you started dating, he started hanging out with your friends. When Junior year came around, and your passionate embraces became fiery fights, you decided to call it off.
You're the reason I'm alone and masturbate
He was popular now, in a way that h
:iconessentialessex:EssentialEssex 8 0
Memories {Bro!Prussia x Reader x Bro!Germany}
Exhausted [e/c] colored pools looked onto the computer screen in front of her. So much work to do, so little time. She read through the form again and again but just couldn't process the information.
Finally giving in to her tired state, she angrily shut the laptop screen down and got up from her chair.
'The one day I get off and I'm still doing work.' [y/n] thought angrily.
She slowed her breath, calming herself, and walked over to her bed and plopped down.
Her [e/c] eyes lazily wandered across the ceiling and eventually drifted to her wall of memorabilia. Her eyes first landed on a drawing that Prussia made for her when she was little.
"Kesesesese.... [y/n] you are zo unawesome, you could practically be Austria. Kesesesese." Gilbert laughed irritatingly.
[y/n] clenched her petite jaw and brushed some (h/c) strands out of your face.
He was just so... so.... STUPID!
She stomped her small feet on the ground and glared at him, tear of frustration pricking her eyes.
"Come on schwester,
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Rain {Winter Soldier x Reader}
Bucky stared into nothing as the rain drenched him through.
As the day wore on into night he didn't move from the park bench he sat on. Several times he had almost gotten up to buy flowers to give to you, to figure out a present for your birthday, to go home and cook your favorite meal, but each time he remembered. You were gone. There was no point.
I don't mind, no I don't mind, I don't mind the rain
The simple things and subtleties they always stay the same
I don't mind, that I don't mind, no, I don't mind the rain
Like a widow's heart
We fall apart
But never fade away (fade away)

You had always been there for him, always. You had taken him in after Hydra fell and above all else, you cared for him in a way he feared no one ever would again. You cared about him, about his well being, you clothed him and fed him and loved him.
Yet where was he when you needed him?
You were so good at hiding your negative feelings. If Bucky had to tell someone his least favorite trait about you,
:iconessentialessex:EssentialEssex 6 2
Rescue {Farkas x Reader}
"Arkay has terrible news my friend. Your husband has been kidnapped."
Those horrible words were what sent you on your mission to save Farkas. You tracked him down to a cave not far from Markarth, with Lydia and Vilkas. You fought your way through all the vampires in the cave until you stumbled into a Nordic crypt. Draugr popped out of their graves as the three of you cut them down on your quest to find your beloved. Finally, you entered a large chamber and set off a trap panel on the floor, causing a gate to fall behind you. Vilkas tried to bash into the gate, but all that accomplished was raising a couple of more powerful draugr from their tombs.
"My thane! Watch out!" Lydia warned, alarmed but unable to assist.
You fought hard against them and won, but were still injured.
"I can't find a chain or a lever or anything!" You said, returning to the gated door.
"Neither can we." Vilkas replied.
You thought for a moment before saying, "Go back to the entrance and stay there. I'll get Farka
:iconessentialessex:EssentialEssex 5 3
Moon {Link x Reader}
A/n - I'm getting pretty personality specific, so sorry if this doesn't sound like you
Where Zelda was the sun, you were the moon.
Where she was a cheerful and happy girl, you were reserved and quiet. Where she was demure and amicable, you were cold and sharp. Where she lit up any room that she walked into, you seemed to sober it. Where she was pure of heart and incredibly courageous, you were logical, intelligent, and occasionally came off as calculating.
And you honestly didn't mind.
To begin with, you preferred a book and comfortable silence over a blowout party; you preferred intelligent and meaningful conversation to the mindless drivel that your sister usually engaged in, and frankly your soft skills could use some work. However, in contrast, you were far better versed in matters of anything remotely academic, including statecraft and history, than your elder twin ever could be. So you ended up as her primary advisor. And that was fine with you. You didn't play well with others,
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Icy Roads, Warm Hearts {Norway x Reader}
You had fought before getting into the car and remained silently fuming at each other when you had pulled out of the driveway. Lukas was angry that you both were going to be late to Emil's birthday party. You didn't mean to take so long getting ready, but Lukas had accidentally pushed you when heading into your bathroom and sent your mascara smearing across your face. It was a nightmare getting the black goop off of your skin and reapplying everything you had before. Lukas just didn't see the point of wearing makeup. He thought you were stunning without it and that his opinion invalidated the use of it.
He made a cold, snide remark about how long you took for no reason. You then made an equally irritated remark about how it was his fault. Then started the argument about how you didn't need makeup because Lukas already thought you were pretty without it and your incredulous reaction stating that you didn't need to do everything to please Lukas. It had escalated from there into a full bl
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Sensitive Ears [Fenris x f!Hawke] :iconbluster-squall:bluster-squall 61 6
Invictus (1/2) [Rome x Reader]
There were days where Romulus wanted nothing more than to be back on the outskirts of the empire where he was the one in command.
Titus was a fine enough emperor when compared to those who ruled before him, Romulus surmised. The man had captured Jerusalem for the empire and sent funds to the victims of Pompeii. He wasn't necessarily cruel or overly severe yet, despite the whole of the Roman Empire fawning over the man and calling him the love and delight of the human race, Romulus could not find it in his heart to truly respect Titus. 
It was all because of the Colosseum.
Romulus knew it was a way to pacify the Romans' blood thirst in a time of peace but yet, after ten years of commanding a legion of his own, the general could not stand the mindless killing of both men and animals. 
One hundred days of games to ensure the people that he lives only to serve them.
He'd only spoken with the emperor a handful of times. While Titus had been sacking the city of Jerusa
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 60 22
Farkas x Reader: Rain's Hand [SKYRIM]
Rain’s Hand was her favorite month. She usually spent her time down by the river during the cool mornings catching fish or feeding foxes. She was a side-by-side huntress with Aela, strong and graceful, but she had a kindness that cooled her fire that Aela lacked. And that’s what drew Farkas to her so quickly.
Aela was beautiful. Any man who could not see her beauty most likely did not deserve to be in the presence of it. Farkas acknowledged this. He had had feelings for her in the past, pining for her from behind with his sword drawn. But her fierceness was sometimes overwhelming, with the wildfire in her eyes that sent him back into the corner every time he even attempted to grace her with his affections. He’d watch her skin hunted game without remorse, he’d watch her drive an arrow through a man’s eye socket and gleefully lick his blood off the stone after she’d dismembered it from his skull. She was beautiful, yes, with the hips that fit the perfe
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 70 11
Hugs (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
“Riiiiiiiiiiiin” you whined, shifting once more in his bed.
“I’m working (Name)” he growled, not even looking at you
“But Rinnnnnnn”, once again you were getting on the maroon haired boy’s nerves.
You had arrived at Rin’s dorm about 2 hours earlier bored to death. You hadn’t seen most of your friends for weeks due to the holidays so you were just craving human interaction. Thinking that your best friend could entertain you, you made your way to Samezuka Academy too surprise him. But when you got there you were greeted by his annoyed self, as he had being working most of the day.
He spent his morning giving extra training sessions for the first years, and now was creating individual training regimes for each of them, a job, he insisted, took a lot of time.
So for two hours now you had been rolling around his bed, getting more and more frustrated as he ignored most of your attempts to talk.
“Rinnnnn pleeease”
:iconotakulane:otakulane 596 93
Sorry ~ Laxus x Reader (oneshot)
The Vulcan growled as he looked towards Laxus. Laxus responded with an equally terrifying snarl, as he ready one of his lightning spells.  Golden electric sparks, flew off his right hand as he pulled it back. He charged at the Vulcan. The charge in his hand had grown at an intense rate, to the point it emitted a blinding light. He flung his fist at the Vulcan's face and released his lightning blast at full force. The creature howled in pain as it flew across the ice cavern and hit the back wall hard. A sickening crack was heard as the beast slid down the wall. Laxus closed in on the Vulcan, till he loomed over its hanging face. He clutched the top of its pointed head and pulled it back harshly.
"Where is she?" he snarled. The Vulcan slightly opened its eyes and stared up at him. Laxus let out a frustrated noise, his hand started to heat up. "I will ask once more. Where is she?" 
The Vulcan pointed towards a pillar, and let out a pained grunt as his arm fell to the ground
:iconvaradrake:VaraDrake 323 33
GermanyXDead!Reader Wish You Where Here REWRITTEN
Warning: Suicide! Please don't read if the subject of suicide is triggering/unsettling to you.
    “Excuse me, sir’s, the cemetery’s closed for the night. You need to leave.”
    Ludwig could hear the man’s voice call out from behind him, though he didn’t even bother to turn around. Raindrops fell to the ground, pounding heavily against the umbrella Ludwig held over his head. He stood motionless, ignoring the freezing-cold feeling that began to overtake his body as he stands out in the cold. The bouquet of (f/flowers) Ludwig gripped tightly in his hand quickly became soaked, though Ludwig didn’t seem to notice. His sorrow filled eyes where locked on the headstone in front of him, and the longer he stared the more his heart began to ache. Though, he couldn’t bring himself to look away. Despite all the sadness and pain the simple stone slab caused him Ludwig couldn’t help but keep his eye
:iconqueenkawaiiness:QueenKawaiiness 29 8
Japan x Reader: Touch Me
A/N: This isn't as kinky as it sounds, I swear! >.< There's a crap-ton of fluff, but no smut. Anyway, enjoy! ♥
And asdfghjkl;I'msorryIkeepwritingonesforJapanbutseriouslyhe'sjustsuchafreakingcutie

From underneath your cozy blanket, you could distantly hear the sound of a door sliding open and closed. "Tadaima," [1] your husband called softly, his quiet voice muffled even m
:iconcherimoya-chan:Cherimoya-chan 533 171
Sk_02 by Lagunaya Sk_02 :iconlagunaya:Lagunaya 1,158 29 vampire loki by jiuge vampire loki :iconjiuge:jiuge 1,515 42 Alan Rickman by NickyBarkla Alan Rickman :iconnickybarkla:NickyBarkla 1,906 125 B_W by Lagunaya B_W :iconlagunaya:Lagunaya 760 26 Portrait_Study by Lagunaya Portrait_Study :iconlagunaya:Lagunaya 1,108 28 Lollipop by Lagunaya Lollipop :iconlagunaya:Lagunaya 597 11 Day 40 by Lagunaya Day 40 :iconlagunaya:Lagunaya 452 4 Sunlight by Lagunaya Sunlight :iconlagunaya:Lagunaya 1,012 20 My Character of PFT by roosarea My Character of PFT :iconroosarea:roosarea 173 16


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Finals are upon me, but at least I have a month long winter break!
Dmitri was the nicest man you knew. He always had a hand to help, and a free moment to spare for anyone. He helped the old lady next door clean out her attic and helped the family across the street build their shed. He spent most of his free time tutoring kids or working at the homeless shelter or the animal shelter, and he was a volunteer firefighter over the weekends. He didn't believe in strangers.

Dmitri didn't have a lot of self confidence. His exes looked like front cover models, but each of them was self centered and rude, always eroding at what little esteem he would build up in going out with them. You were different. You were funny and smart and encouraging - you were perfect for him.

He doted on you like you were a princess. He would do as many chores around the house as he could and take you out on dates and cook romantic dinners. You would always react with the same bashful, innocent bliss which he adored. You didn't know what you did to deserve him, but he was the best thing to ever happen to you.

Dmitri and his brothers owned a construction business which they worked at. The physical labor was intense and you often came home early to massage your poor Dimka's back and hands. He would always try to refuse your pity and pretend that he was okay, before he would capitulate to your sad and worried expression. He loved the feel of your small, soft hands kneading away at his aching muscles and the loving kisses you would place on his skin and sweet nothings you whispered in his ears in between. You were so sweet with him, and he adored you more than anything.

You loved the great big hugs he would give, how he would sweep you off your feet and swing you around and pepper you with kisses. You loved sitting in his lap, cuddling into his shoulder as his arms held your waist and stroked your hair and he placed loving kisses on your forehead.

You loved talking to him about random things, taking pride in the noticeable change in confidence he had in talking to you. All his life, Dmitri was called stupid, and aside from his brothers, no one had ever really given him the ability to speak freely until he met you. Dmitri was slow and methodical and thoughtful, and though he would often lack the confidence to speak directly on a matter, you knew that he had a strong sense of morality and had well thought out opinions on most things which he only ever shared with you.

Dmitri needed to hold you when he went to sleep. He never really explained why, but he seemed to need reassurance that you were real and with him to sleep peacefully. You loved how warm and cuddly he was. He was taller than Ivan and had broader shoulders too and was much more muscular and less chubby. His broad back and big strong arms gently encircling you was more than enough to keep you warm on any snowy winter night. Sometimes he would mumble your name sweetly in hid slumber, nuzzling closer to you ever so gently.

Dmitri was all yours. He would let you play with him for hours, stroking his hair, tracing lines on his chest, cuddling with him on the couch. The way he would hold you with his big hands, so protectively and so adoringly, made you putty in his all encompassing embrace.

Surprisingly, Dmitri was a rowdy drunk. All his inhibitions would be swallowed with the shots of vodka and steins of beer until he would either pick a fistfight with one of the myriad guys at the bar who wanted to test Dmitri's strength and size or settle down and drunkenly compliment and cuddle you for hours. Some nights he would do both.

Tonight, Dmitri, Ivan, and Nikolai took their crew out for a get together in one of the more rowdy bars in the city. It had a distinct biker gang rock vibe to it and the drinks were cheap, so you overall would enjoy going with just Dmitri. The company had just successfully finished a big project with a celebrity client who was very pleased with the results. Dmitri, Ivan, Nikolai, and the two senior members of the crew, the electrician and the manager, went to an opening ceremony for the building and had obviously had something to drink there.

Dmitri would look pretty much sober until around drink twenty. Between twenty and twenty five, his poker mask would crumble and he would become loud, boisterous, and as completely uninhibited as he was physically capable of being.

Before meeting Dmitri, you never really felt safe going to bars with just one other person you knew, but with Dmitri, he would check up on you every five minutes even if he was in the middle of a fight. It was well known at the bars you both frequented that you were very very off limits, and they usually allowed Dmitri to press pause and quickly kiss your forehead before jumping back in the fray. However, there was the occasional asshat who would forget you were off limits or try to cheat in a fight by threatening you. At that point Dmitri would pull all the stops and waste them before they even knew what was coming.

Once, a very aggressive twenty-something year old pulled a knife on you in the middle of a brawl because he was loosing to Dmitri. Dmitri easily snatched the knife away and bashed the kids head into the counter so hard he needed an ambulance. When stuff like that would happen, Dmitri would get a stone cold expression, angry expression before acting so violently, no one would bother him for the rest of the night. You would take him home after and cuddle with him, and he would sober up enough to understand what he had done, and unbeknownst to the bar goers, Dmitri would cry about not being able to control his temper and keep you safe.

Tonight, you couldn't figure out how much Dmitri had to drink before coming to the bar, and it worried you a little. He would always insist that you worried over nothing, but to be honest, some nights he would get so beat up, you wondered about taking him to the hospital. He always would heal up pretty quickly, but it is always scary to hold a person over a toilet at three in the morning while also trying to nurse their black eye.

Tonight, the bar was pretty crowded and Nikolai was never one for crowds, so as the others from the company got more drunk, Nikolai jealously guarded his "syestra". You liked the company because after Nikolai got over his outsider complex, he was genuinely sweet and protective in his taciturn, kinda creepy, snippy way. He was the only one of the three brothers to go on to graduate school and he talked at great length about what he would write about in his dissertation. You, also coming to the end of your PhD program at the same university, were very interested in what his thoughts were on his program. So while you both kept an amused watch on your friends and family, you caught each other up about life and school and hobbies and other people important to you.

The conversation shifted to your romantic life with Dmitri after a while, because as protective as he was over his brother, he wanted to make sure you were happy too.

"How is big brother treating you?" Nikolai asked, observing you closely.

"With the same love and affection as always." You replied staring wistfully into your glass, simpering, before looking up lovingly at Dmitri who was arm wrestling with another bar goer while taking another shot. It was funny how wildly he acted when he was drunk, and you were glad he let loose every once in a while.

"I'm glad. He's much happier now than I think he's been in a long time. Now if only he would grow the balls to marry you." Nikolai said, turning back to the bar counter. You turned back too, contemplating married life. You would finally move out of your cramped apartment and into a house before having kids.

"Maybe I should just ask him." You said, still smiling.

"If he doesn't ask by himself, I will make him. He loves you too much to let his lack self confidence get in the way of asking you to stay at his side for all eternity." Nikolai stated bluntly. The idea that he still lacked the confidence to ask you to stay with him, made you a little sad. He had come such a long way from the stuttering, panicking mess that you first met four years ago. He was much more confident in his decisions, secure about his relationship with you, and certain about his plans for the future.

"I'd say yes in an instant." You replied, before you both settled into a comfortable silence. Nikolai eventually went to the restroom for a little bit and a random creep decided now was the time to ask you out.

"Hey pretty little thing, how's it goin'?" The drunk middle aged man drawled, reeking of beer and whiskey. He put his hand on your lower back and you got out of your chair and backed up towards Nikolai's.

"Get lost creep." You said, pulling on your handbag and grabbing Dmitri's jacket from your chair. You hoped he would leave you alone, and you hoped that Nikolai or Dmitri or Ivan or the bartender, Alistair would come back.

"Only into crazy Russian boys? Bet you bang 'em all at the same time, bitch." He said, getting out of his chair and moving forward. You moved a few steps back and knocked on the bar, hoping to get Alistair's attention to no avail. You didn't want to cause a huge scene, because this guy looked like the kind of guy to call the cops after loosing a bar fight that he had started. This bar wasn't a snitch friendly place, but if Dmitri did anything really bad, he could face jail time, and you just wanted to be left in peace.

"If you don't leave me alone now, sir, I'm certain that you'll regret it." You changed your tone of voice to formal in case anyone was witnessing this. You could never be faulted with being polite to a slob trying to intimidate his way into some girl's panties if the slob gets murdered by the girl's boyfriend.

"Whatcha gonna do? Your boyfriend just took it outside with one of my friends and his little brother found some trouble in the bathroom," he moved closer, sliding his whiskey neat with him, "you're all mine sweet cheeks."

"But you forgot about me, da?" Ivan said, appearing behind the man and placing a heavy hand on his shoulder. When Ivan was angry, he would smile and act like he couldn't hurt a fly. As you saw Ivan's sweet expression laced with malice, you knew that man wouldn't stand a chance.

"Oh I have plans for you big guy." The man said, turning around. Ivan towered over the hooligan by a solid half a foot and was far more muscular.

"I'm much more interested in your plans for my syestra than for me." Ivan replied, sweetly. The man realized that he was outmatched pretty quickly, and in a flash of quick thinking smashed his glass on the side of Ivan's face only to realize that the glasses were made of plastic. Alistair had enough with cleaning the glass shards up at the end of every weekend night and decided that it was safer for everyone if no one could smash the glasses. The sound of the cup clattering on the floor brought Alistair's attention back to you pretty quickly, and he stormed over, wiping down a beer stein with a bar rag.

"Oi, what are you tryin' to do 'ere, cunt?" Alistair yelled angrily.

"Harassin' me friend, are ye?" He continued, as Ivan put a hand on the man's shoulder once more. Alistair gave you a quick glance over. You were shaken, but mostly untouched, but Alistair took it personally when anyone got sexually harassed at his bar.

"I was having a polite conversation with the little lady that's all." The man said, backing off. He winced as Ivan crushed his shoulder under his palm.

"It was about as polite as laughing at a funeral." You said pointedly, still maintaining your distance.

"I shall take him out for a walk, da? We will talk it out outside." Ivan stated, guiding the man out by his captured shoulder.

"Sorry I didn't get here sooner lass, he didn't hurt ye did he?" Al asked, very concerned.

"No, he was just talking smack. Have you seen him around before?" You asked trying to change the topic a little.

"He came into town on Wednesday I think, and he's been causing a ruckus in every pub from here to Main Street since. Hopefully Ivan sets him straight." Alistair stated, as you picked up the cup from the floor and put it on the counter, where Al put it away. You used to do brief stints working as a waitress here when money was tight before you found a full time job.

"What can I getcha lass?" He asked, already reaching for [fav/non-alcoholic/drink]. You began smiling as you knew the scotsman already was making your order under the bar.

"You already know, Al." You replied, pulling out the dollar fifty it was worth.

"This one's on the house, lass. I should have been around to tell the guy off earlier." Alistair said, pulling up the drink and giving it to you. Alistair had a very strong opinion on how ladies should be treated at bars, and often took matters into his own hands when patrons would get too interested in other patrons. He wanted his bar to be a safe, fun place to go, even if it was rowdy sometimes.

Nikolai came back to the bar a little beat up, but rather grumpy.

"Some guy made a mess in the bathroom. I threw him out the back door." He said, taking his place at the bar.

"The buddy of the guy harassing [y/n] no doubt." Alistair said pouring a shot of vodka out for Nikolai, who downed it immediately.

Dmitri and Ivan walked back in, with Dmitri worriedly scanning the room for you. As soon as he spotted you at the bar with his brother and his friend, he relaxed a little and rushed over.

"Are you alright, zvyozdochka? He didn't hurt you?" Dmitri pleaded, spinning the bar chair, and gripping your arms gently.

"I'm fine, but your nose is bleeding! Oh, and your eye! We should go home." You said holding his face, and looking him over. He was a little unsteady and you were scared he might have gotten a concussion, but he just nodded.

"As long as you are okay zvyozdochka." He replied. Alistair handed you some tissues and you plugged Dmitri's bleeding nostril before finishing your drink and bidding Alistair goodbye. Ivan and Nikolai both got cabs back to their respective homes and the rest of the crew had pretty much already headed home already.

You attended to Dimitri at the kitchen table by gently dabbing at his face with an ice pack covered with a hand towel.

"Did you know those men, Dmitri? Do you know why they were making a scene?" You asked, bending over and trying to get the swelling in his eye down.

"No zvyozdochka. You're just too pretty." He said smiling.

You shook your head and switched to his cheek. He hissed a bit before a dopey simper took over his face.

"You're so pretty, zvyozdochka. Soooo pretty." Dmitri said stroking your cheek. You shook your head again and caught his hand and kissed it.

"I'm glad that your brothers are so protective." You stated, helping Dmitri take off his shirt. His well defined muscles were sparsely covered in dark blond hair and littered with angry red spots which would become bruises. You kneeled down and began pressing the ice to his chest.

"I'm such a bad boyfriend, zvyozdochka. I wasn't there to protect you from the bad man. I'm sorry zvyozdochka." Dmitri said mournfully, stroking your hair.

"I can protect myself, Dmitri, it's okay."

"Nyet, I promised to protect you. I want to protect you forever, but I can't even manage that." Dmitri said, looking very upset. He ran a larg hand through your loose hair, relishing in being able to touch you.

"Dimka, do you want to marry me?" You asked, looking at him carefully.

"I do! I want to make you happy forever! But I'm not good enough for you, zvyozdochka." Dmitri says, lifting up a few strands and watching them slip through his fingers.

"Dmitri, you are the best thing to have every happened to me. If anything, I'm not good enough for you..." You said, sitting back on your knees, lowering the ice pack rag.

Dmitri shook his head and said, "You are the most wonderful person I have ever met, zvyozdochka. I want you to get anything your heart desires."

"My heart desires you, you silly, sweet man! If you really want to spend the rest of our lives together, let's get married!" you say, getting up and holding his face. Somehow, despite your not entire sober mind, this felt perfectly right. Married to Dmitri, settling down in a real place, and maybe even having kids, living together, you could spend your life with this man. His arms carefully made their way around your waist as he looked up at you.

"Do you mean it zvyozdochka? Do you really want me?" Dmitri said, awestruck and nervous.

"If I didn't mean it, why would I say it?" you said, smiling at your beloved Ukrainian man, before pressing your head to his, as his arms supported you against his seated form, "So what do you say?"

"Oh zvyozdochka, I didn't even propose to you..." He said, smiling, pulling you into his lap.

You laughed and said, "Well you haven't said yes yet, so you can still propose."

Pulling your head to his mouth, he kissed your temple before, placing you in the chair and getting up.

"I'll be right back." he said, going upstairs, to your bedroom and coming straight back down. He keeled before your chair, and opened the tiny black velvet box, seeming even more diminutive in his huge hands.

You took in the sight of your Dmitri. His hair was damp with sweat and probably beer, his pants were lightly stain with blood, and one of his eyes was swelling up and turning blue and black. His lip was split and his hands were ever so slightly shaking. His shirt was on your chair and his belt, button and fly were undone. You found it funny that you both were a mess in your ratty apartment and yet you felt so much happiness in this single moment. You let the hue of seedy kitchen light, and the ticking of the ancient analog clock, and the feel of the wooden kitchen chair burn themselves into your mind as Dmitri spoke.

"Zvyozdochka I am so blessed to have ever met you. You are nice and smart and beautiful, and you make me happy. I am a simple man, and I can't provide you with brilliance or wealth or poetry, but I will do everything I can to keep you safe and happy for the rest of our lives. I'm sorry I didn't prepare a long speech, and you know how absent-minded I can be, and I know I will never be perfect enough to be your husband, but I'm selfish, and I love you. Will you marry me?" he asked, eyes shining with hope and love.

You nodded profusely and jumped to him, and kissed him. He gripped you and pulled away after a moment to slip the engagement ring over your ring finger. You loved the cut and the elegance of the [fav/gem] ring.

"I don't want you to be perfect, Dmitri. I just want you." you said, stroking his cheek, to wipe away his tears of joy.

"I bought this ring about a week after we started dating. I knew you were the one. I knew it." he said, brushing a hand through your hair.

You shook your head and hugged him, before making him sit on the chair again and grabbing a new ice pack from the fridge to hold to his eye. He smiled at you and held you on his lap as you took care of him, until you both started dozing. You made him drink some water and take a shower before brushing his teeth and going to bed. You were sure the living room would be a mess, but at least Dmitri would be in much better shape in the morning than he would have been without your help.

As you drifted to sleep, you felt his arms circle around you softly, and heard him mumble, "I love you zvyozdochka."
When you woke up again, it was around sunset. Hungry once more, but too shaken to eat, you remained in your room and looked through your new found stuff. The clothes were admittedly nice and comfortable, and very much to your taste, except sharper and far more expensive than what you were used to.

Sebastian's heartbroken expression after he hurt you was something that gave you pause. For all the bad things and all the pain he caused, the idea that he was capable of remorse bugged you very much. He was so hard to read, and you legitimately feared another outburst. You put on the most comfy looking clothing out of the closet, an oversized cardigan with a nice cotton v-neck and super soft cashmere leggings and fluffy socks. They fit you perfectly, and you made your way out more than a little conflicted about what happened. He hit you - even if you made him mad, he shouldn't have done that, but he looked so sad after that. You didn't know what to think. You made a deal to stay and you would keep your word.

When you opened the door to the hallway, you found your clothes piled neatly on the floor. You picked them up and put them in your wardrobe and found a note hidden between the layers of clothing.

"Dearest [y/n],

What I've done is inexcusable, and I do not expect forgiveness for it. However, I wish to have a second chance to prove myself to you. I am not a patient man, but perhaps I can learn. I truly am sorry for the pain that I have caused you and want to become a better person to prove that I deserve your companionship. I understand if you do not wish to see me at the moment, and have prepared something for you to eat in the kitchen. Please have something to eat if you are hungry. If you wish to have my company, I will be more than happy to accompany you, and if you wish to take your anger out on me, I promise I would more than understand. I am, admittedly, not good at dealing with people, and do not know what to do. If you need anything, or feel I should do anything, I will give it to you or do it for you in a heartbeat.

Eternally yours,

His handwriting was neat and flowery, and you were left even more conflicted than before.

You decided to go downstairs and have some food, ideally without seeing the snow blond man, as to allow your emotions to get some rest. The kitchen was as pleasant this time as it was last time and you felt a little more at ease grabbing the [favorite pasta dish] from the fridge. You enjoyed the fact that he had left you wine pairing suggestions on the counter for the dish and then had [favorite sweet cold beverage] next to your food.

It was surprisingly easy to heat up and you took the delicious food and drink to the living room where you decided to turn on the TV. It was so strange to see a TV here, as you would have thought that Sebastian would not have watched it. He also left a note detailing which channels were which. You had trouble weighing his calm thoughtfulness with his violent temper. As you put on Rick and Morty you began analyzing your situation as you would a translation.

What is the context, you asked yourself, why did I agree to stay?

You were lonely and wanted a friend, and Sebastian's mentality was no different. The conflict arises primarily from the fact that Sebastian killed Max, and is the son of the most hated Nephilim in recent history. Your context would tell you that your relationship would be a romantic one, or at least one surrounded by companionship, complicated by the indirect relationship you had before.

What does Sebastian want to achieve? What do you want to achieve?

Sebastian wants to have companionship - that you established, but more specifically, he does not want to be lonely. If he can be lonely, then he can feel sadness and angst and depression as well. Somehow, to you, that made him less of a monster, and more misunderstood. Your goals, you realized were a little more ambiguous. You wanted companionship, but more than that, you wanted Sebastian to be a good person, instead of a monster. A good Sebastian was a complicated topic to think about, but at the end of the day, you doubted Sebastian has ever had a single moment of true happiness in his life, and it made you sad.

How does Sebastian and how do you want to achieve this?

Sebastian's way was simple - kidnap and woo you. Crude and somewhat cruel, but you realized a single thing when he got angry. He was completely and utterly unable to channel and control his emotions. Perhaps intellectually and physically he looked the the poster boy of refinement, but emotionally, he was entirely feral. He expected you to retaliate against him for his actions. He expected you to get angry, and he promised to receive the punishment with obedience. You wondered what kind of cruel treatment led to his incredibly stunted ability to behave around people. You heard from the others about his peculiar way of interacting with them when he was left alone with them. Thinking back, it was almost like he was protecting himself against whatever harsh words they could throw at him by attacking them first. Almost like when he was with you - you were angry that he would not give you your clothes, and he preemptively assumed you would try to use your power over his emotions to force him to do something that he did not want to do. Your ultimate goal would be to teach Sebastian how he should behave with others and teach him to understand why. Why you wanted to do this was still a little confusing to you? His good looks? Your rebellious streak? Your sympathy for him? You didn't know.

You were almost certain that you would be the first person to ever show him kindness.

That made you rather sad.

You thought about the encounter, and though your head hurt a little from hitting the floor, you felt neither fear nor anger. Just sadness. Sadness that he wouldn't trust you, and sadness that he had hurt you.

Your episode had just ended and cut to some advertisement. You turned down the volume and turned towards the stairs, wondering where Sebastian might have been. As if on command, Sebastian came down the stairs meekly, and head into the kitchen. He had changed his clothes and kept his head down and seemed to hunch his frame as much as possible. He seemed scared of how you would react.

"Sebastian, can we talk?" you asked, getting up from the couch. Your pasta was only half finished and your drink was only lightly sipped. He turned towards you immediately, and you were troubled by his red-rimmed eyes.

"Of course, [y/n]." he responded, unsure of what your intentions were. His eyes flickered towards you and then away.

"Sebastian, please look at me." you said, sweetly. His coal eyes held yours, steadily, though his expression remained uncertain.

"I'm not mad Sebastian, just disappointed. I'm sorry I got angry at you, and I realize that you went through a lot of trouble to make me a wardrobe, and I am grateful. I was very uncomfortable that you had changed me out of my clothes when I was asleep, and I wanted something familiar to wear. I know you might be expecting a hit or a mean comment, but I don't want to be mean. I don't want you to be sad." you said, keeping your distance. His face just became more confused.

"But I was so cruel to you! I hurt you! What reason do you have to be nice?" he said, frustrated.

"Sebastian, I agreed to try to let you court me, and to me that begins at being friends and trying to get to know one another. I gave you my word, and I didn't give you an honest chance by getting angry when I could have held my temper. I do get angry sometimes, and I really wish I didn't, and I'm sorry you thought I wanted to change you. I don't. What I really want is for you to understand my feelings, and I have to communicate them for you to understand them. When you feel ready, I want you to talk to me about your feelings too." you said, calmly.

"So, you are not mad?" he said, shuffling closer.

"No, I'm not mad. I'm guessing you came down because you're hungry. You should get something to eat, and if you want, we can watch one of my favorite T.V. shows together." you said, moving back to the couch.

"I think that would be enjoyable." he said, taking out some more pasta for himself.

Finally when you settled back into the couch, you turned it on, and continued watching. Sebastian sat down next to you after a few minutes, and you explained the characters to him as they appeared on screen. Every once and a while Sebastian would make a wry comment or joke, and you would release peals of laughter between the the show and his humor. You would occasionally glance at him, and make a comment yourself before switching back to watching. After five Rick and Morty episodes had finished playing, and Robot Chicken came on, you decided to change the channel. Surfing a bit, you finally settled on Tangled. As it played, you felt more and more tired, and eventually fell asleep, leaning on Sebastian.

Sebastian watched the movie with curiosity. He strongly identified with Rapunzel, seeing the manipulative nature of his father in Mother Gothel's words and actions. He found Flynn's character a wonderful foil to Rapunzel's innocence, and in the end, when Flynn sacrificed himself for Rapunzel, he wondered, would you do the same for him? The thought immediately sounded ridiculous on his head, and he buried it and beat himself into line. He was a monster, and Rapunzel was a pure-hearted wonderful person -- he could never and would never deserve his life to be spared. His eyes stung and he leaned over, careful not to jostle you, and picked up the remote, about to turn off the TV, when he watched Rapunzel bring Flynn back to life. He rest the remote on his lap, and watched the rest of the movie. A happy ending, where Rapunzel lost her powers, but was happy.

Sebastian sighed as he turned off the TV at the credits scene. The only way for him to be happy was to become normal. He hated the idea of it, and yet, he still wanted it so badly. The white-blond haired man put down the remote and gently picked you up. It was so easy, he thought, you were so light, and his mind wondered if you had doubts like his.

Of course she wouldn't.

He turned off the lights on the way up and place you in your bed, and pulled up the covers. He sat there a moment, stroking your hair before pressing a kiss to your forehead.

"Good night, [y/n]. Thank you for not being angry with me." he whispered before leaving to clean up the mess in the guest room and going to work. There was a long night ahead of him.
Forgiveness {Sebastian Morgenstern x Reader Ch. 4}
So yeah. Next chapter

Chapter 1 -
Chapter 2 -
Chapter 3 -
Chapter 4 - You are here!
Finally, I'm finished with the Snow White fic!
You awoke to someone kissing you.

Snow... you thought, you knew the shape of his lips instinctively. Your eyes shot wide open as you saw Snow White's bloody, pale lips retract from your own.

You caught his falling form and pulled it close to you.

This can't be happening, this has to be a nightmare.

"Snow? Snow?" you called trying to get him to stay awake for you.

Who could have done this to him, what is happening?

"Wh-what happened?" you tried to ask, "I was at the cottage and then-"

A sudden realization came to you. You had stabbed him. You finally went through with the terrible deed, except this time, instead of stabbing Snow White in the back, you stabbed him straight through the heart.

"Did I do that to you?" his lack of response confirmed your guilt.

"Oh, Snow White, what have I done?" you raved, consumed by horror and heart wrenching despair.

"What have I done?"

The question hung in the air like a plague as you smoothed out his features and began to cry. What had happened that you had done this. What did Snow do to deserve this fate. Snow reached a hand up to your head and began stroking your hair.

"It wasn't your fault. You didn't mean to hurt anyone. The Queen made you." he said. You looked around the room briefly, and saw the carnage that surrounded you. The Queen was dead and Nathaniel was on the floor, motionless, as the amulet the Queen gave you as a present lay smashed on the floor.

You cursed your stupidity as you tried to comfort Snow. You rocked him in his arms as he continued to stroke your hair, and you were rendered useless by your utter hopelessness. You called out for help, but no one came. You cried out to God, and to anyone who would listen. You held Snow as close to you as possible. His hand slowed and eventually fell from your head right before the dwarfs came breaking down the front door. Grumpy and Happy were fighting the two guards as Doc rushed to your side. At the sight of the dying Prince, they stopped fighting and ran to fetch the doctor. Soon more than a dozen servants and guards filled the room, prying the Prince from your hands, and locking you in your tower to get some rest. You found yourself pacing the room fraught with guilt and worry, even if the guards promised to tell you immediately if Snow or Nathaniel's conditions changed.

Sleep, however, eventually reared his ugly head and forced you to lay on your bed for just a few minuted before a servant came dashing into your room.

"He's awake, it's a miracle!" the woman shouted, pulling you from the bed and down the stairs. You stumbled a bit as you tried to keep up with her mile a minute talking. Snow was awake and alive from what your could hear and was almost completely okay! One of the guards had thought to use one of the potions in the bag on the Prince and Captain Foxx, and they were both healing at a miraculous rate. The wedding was being planned and there was little time to lose!

"What wedding, whose getting married?" you asked, confused.

"The Prince of course!" the woman said, dragging you through the halls. Your heart fluttered at the thought.

So soon? He hasn't even proposed, and we're so young?

"The fine princess will finally have her groom!" the servant continued, excited to have a new ear listening to her gossip. Your heart sank, and you felt like collapsing.

Of course. I could never truly be wed to him. You thought, bitterly.

Finally, the nurse left you at the infirmary, where Snow was yelling at someone.

"And if I hear you utter another false word against my love again, I will have you banished from this kingdom for conspiracy with the traitorous regent!" He was sitting up in his bed glaring daggers at the princess, who began glaring at you the moment she saw you enter the infirmary. The side which Snow was admitted to was partitioned from the other side, and Nathaniel was in the bed across from Snow. Nathaniel smirked.

"You are dismissed," Snow said with fire in his eyes, and a set jaw. Somehow, you were attracted to the fire that he seemed to have protecting you, though still surprised that he had the ability to react that way at all.

You stood obediently (albeit a little menacingly) at the side until Florienne left in tears, before rushing to Snow's side.

"You silly, stupid idiot!" you exclaimed, kissing his forehead and worrying over him, "Do you have any idea how worried I was I lost you!"

His grinning face lost some of its fervor as he answered, "I think I have some idea."

You shook your head and said, "I. Would. Have. Missed. You. So. Much," in between kisses all over his face.

Nathaniel sent a raunchy smirk to Snow and raised his eyebrows. Snow was left dazed and completely love struck.

"Could we perhaps continue this when I'm a bit better?" he asked, chuckling at your hugs and kisses. You stepped away immediately.

"Perhaps I should disappear more often to get kisses like that!" Snow said, giving you a lopsided grin, as Nathaniel snorted. Your face fixed in a frown as you whacked Snow's leg.

"If you ever do that again, I will make you suffer." You replied, frustrated.

"I do not think I would be able to protect you, your Majesty." Nathaniel replied, laughing.

"I'm sorry Nathaniel. I did not mean to hurt either of you." You said, sheepishly, glad that they were apparently going to be fine.

"No offense taken, my lady. Though perhaps you should give me some training in combat. You threw a hell of a punch." Nathaniel said, rubbing his cheek.

You laughed lightly, intertwining your hand with Snow's, before going and fetching something for them both to eat and feeding Snow.

This went on for a few days, before the physician became annoyed with Snow's presence, and accused him of taking advantage of your nursing. Snow laughed your defense of him and got right to work on his coronation ceremony. The Queen was sent to be buried in her homeland, and everyone in the castle just seemed to want to forget about the whole debacle. Officially, he could not become king until he was eighteen and he had much schooling to catch up on. So, for the next year and a half until his eighteenth birthday, he studied hard to be a perfect regent as his advisors made decisions with his consent. In the meantime, the dwarfs went back to their cottage, happy that all was well once more, while Snow went to the elven ruins and retrieved all that was left behind and brought it to the castle. Nathaniel fell head over heels for the fiery young barkeeper, whom he had been force to apologize more than once for his men's unruly behavior.

Snow spent all his free time with you, often in the field that you had taken him to pick flowers, but also in random private places around the castle. It was fun and romantic to be with him because he was so sweet and attentive and energetic. It was hard not to see the love that poured out of every once of his being for you.

Finally, when it was time for his coronation, he chose you to be his witness along with the priest and the archivist. When he stood in front of the audience, mink mantle on his shoulders, crown on his head, and scepter in his hand, you a glimpse of him you had never seen before. He had grown several inches since your first day in the glade, and his horse riding and swordsmanship lessons added to his muscle mass and stature. He looked like a stag guarding over his vast land, with all the strength and power and wisdom nature had endowed him with.

His first act as king was to send out settlers to re-inhabit the elven ruins and to build a fort in the ruins of the castle. He made sure the existing structures were kept and the new town and fort was rebuilt as closely to the style of the original structures as possible. He then gave Nathaniel the rank of noble and assigned him the castle along with his new wife.

Soon, he had proposed to you and you joyfully accepted, even if the nobility and many foreign royals were unhappy with the decision. Though the kingdom was small, many political players were unhappy with a royal marrying a commoner. However, your unusual relationship with him and you steadfast loyalty to him made you a begrudgingly good match, and your unusual education and extensive exposure to the game put you at no disadvantage either.

Before you answered his proposal, you asked him if he would still ask you as if he were to become a commoner by marrying you. He smiled and said, "My dear, I would marry you if it meant I would die the very next day."

You shook your head and hugged him as the setting sun brought yet another summer's end.

"So is that a yes my love?" he asked, holding your close, dimpled smile bringing tears to your eyes.

"Yes, it is." you replied, happy.

In the end, you got your happy ending with a Prince. The wedding was perfect, and your children were adorable. What more could you ask for?

And you both lived happily ever after.
The End {Male! Snow White x Reader Ch.13}
I'm finally done! What a cute ending!
Hoped you guys liked it!

This was such a pleasure to write! I'm kind of sad that it's over, but also I'm so glad it's finally over!

Male! Snow White x Reader
Prolougue ~
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Chapter 13 ~ You are here!

No one really reads these, so I thought it would be a good place to share some thoughts I've been having as of late.

Something I've noticed over time is that most people get lazy and unenergetic when they get depressed. I'm kind of the opposite in some ways. I've never had the luxury to not do things. For example, my father and brothers all have some level of depression, and living with my father during high school, I knew that if I didn't make dinner some nights, neither of us would eat. Out of necessity I made a habit out of doing menial tasks and chores as a way of numbing my thoughts. It's crushing in many ways to know that other people have people to confide in and that I have never really had this and feel like I never will. It feels like I don't have the luxury to feel pain because others depend on me for emotional support and if I just slip up once, our worlds will fall apart. When I see my roommates get angry or sad or depressed, they always have me and a large network of friends and their respective significant others to talk to, while I'm too anxious to even make a call to the TANG center for an evaluation to receive therapy. It makes no sense to me. Why am I nervous about calling the one entity whose job it is to ensure my mental health, like they'd be somehow burdened by my problems?

I feel like it's not fair that everyone around me seems to have all these friends to talk to and compared to mine, perfect home lives that they complain about. I hate depression. I hate it so much. So I guess this is my form of venting, because I guess someone will come across this eventually and relate to it. Or not, but then I don't have to worry about stressing anyone out.

I talk to Richard, by twin brother, about this sometimes without going into any details, and he tries to comfort me by telling me none of it is a big deal. I feel like my life is literally falling apart and every time I try to talk to anyone about anything, it's never a big deal. And honestly, it's so frustrating because on the one hand, I have wonderful, albeit distant friends, great roommates, loving family, I go to the best public university in the world, I'm the youngest person by two years on my Uni's Grecian excavation team, I am otherwise healthy, if a bit overweight, I don't have to worry about money or food or my housing for next year. There is nothing that I really truly need materialistically in this world, and I hate the fact that I'm not happy where I am. I feel ungrateful and stupid and insolent and worthless. I could do so much with my life and I feel like it's just wasting away and slipping through my fingers.

No memes this time.


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