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:bulletblack: Group Rules and Such…:bulletblack:

:bulletred: We do not allow any posts with nudity of any kind. If we find some art in this category, it will be removed.

:bulletyellow:Treat fellow members with mutual dignity and respect.

:bulletyellow:No prejudice or hateful language or art will be tolerated towards race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, etc. If you're unsure if your art/writings qualifies, please note one of the admins and link the piece for clarification first.

:bulletyellow:If you comment on someone's work, please provide constructive criticism if you feel the artist or writer needs to improve in an area.

:bulletred:NO SPAMMING! For many artists here, time is a precious commodity. They have deadlines to meet and a family to support. Please be respectful and professional and don't inundate the community with spam.

:bulletgreen:Co-founder Responsibilities: Have unlimited art they can submit in a day of theirs as well as others' work. They also have unlimited favorites they can suggest to the group. Co-founders, as with members are encouraged to only submit one of their own pieces a day to the Featured folder to give everyone a fair chance to get their art seen. Co-founders accept requests for people to become contributors and can also ask other groups to become affiliated. They're encouraged if they find art on DA that belongs to the group's image, to submit it here and/or invite the artist to join. They may be also be requested to judge any art contests we host.

:bulletgreen:Contributor Responsibilities: Contributors can submit up to 3 pieces of art a day to the group of either theirs or others' work. They can suggest up to 3 favorites a day for the group. They are our art scouts and perhaps maybe a dynamic art machine themselves, but just cannot devote the extra time to be a co-founder. They may be requested to be a judge on an art contest we host if enough judges are not available.

Just click on the join button up there, confirm, and you're in
- Joining requests to Members are automatically approved.
- Joining requests to Contributors are subject to vote by an admin.

:bulletorange:If you ask to join contributors, please be aware that you're asking to be a helper in the group, and state it clear in your join request note that it's what you want (also to be sure that you've actually read the rules)

All artwork submitted must be your own work and not works by other artist. In other words: you didn't draw it, then don't post it. Only exception is when you make something over existing artwork AND you have the original artist's permission to use their work. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO SUBMIT YOU OWN WORK.

:bulletred:Submission Limits

MEMBERS can submit one piece of art a day. Be sure it is your best. Please don’t try to use our group as a dumping grounds.


As of this moment we have eight gallery folders. Be sure to submit to the right folder, please. If you have any questions please note an admin. If you make a mistake it isn’t the end of the world, we'll move them.:)


(In order to show everyone’s work fairly we will try to make sure that artists work stay in the feature folder for one week. It then will be moved to the appropriate folder. This may change once we get bigger.)

*Update on Featured November 9,2010:
Currently, submissions to the Featured folder are more strict and require more votes. If you find that your art is not accepted, either it expired before it gained the necessary votes, or it was denied. If this happens, you can submit it to the appropriate non-featured folder which are less strict.

To showcase every member's work as fairly as possible, we try to make sure every member has at least one piece of art in the featured folder by copying them directly in from another folder. If you don't have at least one of your works featured, just send us a note and we will include the pic or your choice.


The only rule we have is updating us and making sure we have the correct link to your page. Of course you also have to be a member.


We of course love our sister groups. Want to be affiliated with our group? Send us a request. :D





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Latest News, Commissions, and bulletins

:bulletblack:August 22, 2011 Bulletin:bulletblack:
:bulletred: See the blog for guidelines on art submissions containing nudity.

:bulletred: Want to be the featured artist of the week???

Just enter one of our contests and win your feature for a week. There will also be chances in between contests as well so stay tuned for details.

:bulletred: Suggestions? If you have any ideas/requests that you think will make this group better, please send us a note!!!!


*My rates start at $30 and go up from there and only include the digital file of the image at this time. All prices are negotiable within reason.
*Basic $30 - one character (your own character or an established one)
+$25 for each additional character (but there is a limit to how many I'm willing to cram in one pic).
*Any background work starts at $15 and up, depending on complexity.
*All images are black and white, penciled. Inked work will normally be extra.
**Note: If you are a repeat customer, I will throw in extras routinely when possible.

Sketch Cards-Colored, One Character : $3 or 400 :points:
Penciled 9"x12" Sketch-One Character: $7 or 800 :points:
Penciled 9"x12" Sketch- Two-Three Characters $15 or 1200 :points:
Digital Coloring (Includes digital inking if needed)- Add $5 or 600 :points:
Digital coloring of your line art: $7 or 800 :points:
These prices are for private use only, please contact for commercial pricing.


11" x 17" Watercolor/gouache on Illustration Board
Per Character- $300-color / $150 b/w
Background- $50-color/ $25-b/w/ $10 flat color/arbitrary design

8.5" x 11" Watercolour/gouache on watercolour paper
Per character- $50-color / $25 b/w


I do take commissions. Pencil line art only. I leave the inking to the pros. Art is usually done in standard 11x17 comic art board unless client prefers otherwise. Working time is 15 days. Prices are fair and negotiable. Please send him a note for details. Thanks!


I do Commissions ! Recreation, Original characters, Super heroes, Zombies, Transformers etc...Prices will depend of the size or the technique (inked or not etc...). If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a note here on DA or to my email address:

Simple Sketch A4
Pencil - 6€/8$
Inked - 10€/14$

Commission A4 - Bristol paper
Inked - 40€/55$

Commission A3 - Bristol paper
Inked - 60€/85$

:bulletred:Are you an artist taking commissions? Please send us a note so that we can update our information! :D


Group Info

This group exists to bring together artists and fans of the X-Men.

Whether you're a pro, amateur, well-known or un-known, we want to showcase your talents and help you get better!

We plan to have collaborations, contests, group projects, features, tutorials, and anything else that will help you become a better artist while at the same time, enjoying any/all X-Men related art!
Founded 11 Years ago
May 20, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

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