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:wow:who knew there were so many spirally and swirly kitties around here!:faint: 

Fairy Tale Dreams by Lily-de-Vard
Leaf-Cat by StaceyQuay<da:thumb id="179774818"/> Katze by KarinZeller

And Then I Became A Cat by Liquid-Mushroom Cats meow by KarinZeller Tricat by NicoleHansche
Winged Cat (Key Keeper) by SethFitts When Witches Fly by Spiralpathdesigns UzumakiKat by TamarKasparian Rugford by Stardust-Splendor Colors by Solacya Midnight Flight by Spiralpathdesigns
for the god by lisa-im-laerm<da:thumb id="360036492"/> Read yourself comfortable by STelari Cat's Emotions by dalifan-teresa smiling cat by Marianna9 Cat The King by Nafania-Nix The Tiger by AmyRedd<da:thumb id="372982904"/> EBAY AUCTION - ACEO Tea Time Feline - Series by JenniferAnneEsposito favorite toy by offermoord<da:thumb id="312666867"/>
902 by evy-and-cats cookie wants a hug by crazyruthie Alone in Universe by Stardust-SplendorCat Lady by Stardust-Splendor<da:thumb id="358847849"/> The Impossible Intergalactic Collaboration by crazyruthie
Bird Party by offermoord feline submarine collab by merpagigglesnort<da:thumb id="355656174"/>
Furor by offermoord Happy Birthday Gramma Collab by crazyruthie Cat's Dream by FadwaAngela Tribal Lion by neodragonarts Guardian from Space by Chaosthief Cat on the Moon. by missfelidae update on my fire tiger by Zelenar Sky watch Kitty! by Lillypop420 Steins Mind by Sleepwalker1803 Sunny CAT by french-mermaid Trio of cats by Reptangle Agate Wired Artistic Cat Pendant Necklace by SingapuraStudio

Don't forget our DREAMS CONTEST has only 2 weeks to go!!:iconintenseworkingplz:

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Wonderful selection :iconcatsmileplz:
OluDeniz's avatar
thank you so much <3
JenniferAnneEsposito's avatar
Thank you very much! ^-^ Some lovely kitties <3
EvilineMoonflesh's avatar
Thanks very much guys! lovely feature!! Heart Heart Heart
lisa-im-laerm's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :iconplaywithfireplz:
Sleepwalker1803's avatar
WOW! :wow: I didn't knew, that we have so many swirly kittehs in our gallery! :love: Amazing feature! Thanks for including my work! :hooray:
Chaosthief's avatar
thanks a lot for the feature :heart:
FadwaAngela's avatar
Thank you very much :heart:
dalifan-teresa's avatar
Ah cats! I love 'em! Thanks for adding Cats Emotions to this wonderful feature! T;-)
Stardust-Splendor's avatar
Oh, thanks for featuring a bunch of my work here! :D :hug: Spirals and cats are my thing. :lol: :meow:
StaceyQuay's avatar
THANK YOU!!! I Love These!!!
Lillypop420's avatar
So cool and awesome to be included in such a wonderful kitteh feature! So many wonderful artist and kittehs!! Thank you!
GrannyOgg's avatar
Lotsa lovely kitties! Great feature!
evy-and-cats's avatar
wonderful collection :aww:
thank you for the feature :hug:
The-Tinidril's avatar
Cats and swirlies! Two of my favorite things :D
lutamesta's avatar
Great feature!!!:heart:
wingsofdragons's avatar
offermoord's avatar
:dance: Yeah! Pussy galore!! Great feature guys! :love:
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These cats are lovely!!!
kyri-IS-dark's avatar
woah...... so many cats and great artworks :)
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