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Actually, Fusion's home site at ComicFury ( was back online shortly after I posted the previous entry, but the site at DrunkDuck is now back as well. DrunkDuck has changed it's name to, and thus the URL of Fusion's site there has changed as well (it's now located at…). Everything seems to be hunky-dory now.
There were some outages over at ComicFury today (the host for Fusion), but everything seems to be working now--EXCEPT FOR FUSION'S SITES! First DrunkDuck goes down (and is still down), and then, mere weeks after announcing that ComicFury is the new primary host for Fusion, ComicFury suffers some down time, after which all Fusion sites fail to come back online. Unlucky coincidence or evidence of some dastardly, villainous plot?
For those who've been following Fusion on DrunkDuck, I'm sure you're frustrated that the Duck has been down for about 3 weeks now. I'm likewise frustrated, and have decided to move the hosting of Fusion over to ComicFury. You can now find Fusion at . Please note that the site at ComicFury is best viewed in full 1080-pixel HD resolution. If/when DrunkDuck comes back online, I will continue to post there, but the site at DrunkDuck will be the secondary site of Fusion (so I'd advise you to change your bookmarks and such). ComicFury seems to be a much more stable host with more features than DD, although I still have a lot of appreciation for the fans and community at DD (which is why I don't plan on abandoning it). For news on page production status and Fusion-related updates, you can also follow me on twitter (
I know I haven't been around here much this past year, but I'd at least like to update you folks about Fusion.

Since last November, I've been posting Fusion as a weekly (and sometimes twice a week) webcomic at Since then, the comic has picked up a good number of fans and was even nominated for Best Superhero Comic in the 2010 Drunk Duck Awards. In addition to her self-titled comic, Fusion is now also a featured character in "Crossoverkill," a crossover webcomic featuring characters from a number of different webcomics.

For those who are interested in seeing more of Savunn's life, Savunn keeps her own personal blog as well (, which covers some things not discussed in the comic and elaborating a bit more on other things.

I've also put together print copies of the first two issues that you can buy for a mere $3.99 each at (Issue #1 is available at… and Issue #2 is available at… ). The print copies also have a few features (including artwork by Savunn) that will not be shown online. I'm hoping to have the print copy of Issue #3 available by the end of the year.

Anyway, since "Fusion" has its own home right now, I figured I should at least post issue covers here to give you folks an idea of what's going on with any particular issue and to let you know that the comic is still alive and well.
Well, the first 5-page update of Fusion #2 is up. Second issue will be 20 pages long, so there will be 3 more updates after this to finish the issue. I dated the issue Feb 2010 on the cover, which is when I'm hoping to have the issue finished. If all goes well, the next 5-page update (although it may actually be 6 pages) should be up around the new year.
With the holidays and work (and life in general), I haven't had as much time to work on Fusion as I'd like. I'm hoping to have the first 5-page update of Issue #2 ready in the next 2 weeks, but, in the meantime, I'm gonna go ahead and post the cover.
I don't normally upload sketches, but figured I'd upload one since my finished page output has been slow as of late (darned work and holidays). I've been reading "100 Bullets" for the past few weeks and, while visiting with a friend, sketched a pic of Dizzy Cordova (one of my favorite characters from the series). I couldn't remember how her hair looked, only that she has braids in the back, so her hair may be a bit off. Plus she's more in my style than in Eduardo Risso's. Whole portrait took probably 15 minutes to sketch, and probably 5 minutes or more of that was spent playing with her hair. (Unfortunately, I didn't have any reference pics, which would've made things easier.)

For those waiting for Issue #2 of Fusion . . . it's underway. First page is finished, 2nd page is inked and waiting for me to color it, and most of the rest of the issue is scripted. I'm hoping to have the first 5-page update ready by the middle of December.
Just uploaded the last update for Fusion #1--it includes a 1-page preview for Issue #2. Hope everyone enjoyed the first issue!
I just uploaded a new ad for Fusion that includes the URLs for all of the supplementary stuff I'm doing to help flesh out her world (including the URL for my DA page). All of the pages listed are live, so feel free to stop by and drop Savunn a line.
Okay, slight change to the planned update. I only uploaded the next 4 pages, because I think page 16 is a better stopping place than page 17. So, to compensate for the loss of a page, I also uploaded the cover with this update. Also, I updated page 12 to get rid of the "To be continued in" part.
For those waiting for the next 5-page update of Fusion #1, I have pages 13 and 14 finished, started inking page 15, and have rough layouts for pages 16 and 17. The first issue is only 20 pages long, so the last update (the update after the one I'm working on) will also include the cover and a 1-page preview of Issue #2. Barring any unexpected delays, I should have the next 5 pages up in the next 2 weeks.

For those wondering about Fusion as a series. . . . I'm deep into scripting Issue #2, and I have issues 2-4 outlined (with rough scripting for key scenes written). These first 4 issues will complete the introductory story arc and lead into the next story arc, as well as lay the groundwork for an even later major story arc.
Well, I decided to make a slight change to the text on page 2. I thought the text of the parenthetical was a bit clunky, so I changed it to hopefully make her dialogue a bit smoother. Just a minor change, but one that I hope helps the page read a bit better.
At long last, the next 5 pages of Fusion #1 are up. I also uploaded a revised page 7 to eliminate the "To Be Continued" text at the end of the page. As always, if anyone spots any errors, please let me know so that I can correct them. Hope the update continues to entertain!
Since it's taking a bit longer to finish the next update, I'm posting a promo pic of SAS (The Stupendous Alliance of Superheroes), the equivalent of the Justice League in Fusion's dimension. Only The Brooder (at left of the pic) will make an appearance in Issue #1, although this promo pic is a panel on page 11 (although I might drop the text, depending on how Fusion's narrative fits in the panel). I still expect to have the next 5-page update of Fusion #1 up by the end of next week.
For those waiting for the next 5-page update of Fusion, it'll be another week or so. I've been going a bit slower than I had hoped, but that's mainly because we just had a baby three weeks ago, and I've had my hands full with baby stuff and haven't had as much time to work on the comic. Good news is page 10 is completed, so I'm only 2 pages away from the next update. I'll be sure to send everyone watching my page a message when the update is up. Also, by the end of this issue, I expect Savunn's MySpace page to start getting a lot more active--especially since she may not be the only person from her universe to have a MySpace page. But more on that later.
The revised pages 5 and 6 I put up got screwed up. A transition line in page 6 was missing in the "corrected" page and the watermarks were missing. Both files should be fine now. (Knock on wood.)
One of the problems of being a one-man comic maker is that more mistakes make it through production than would with a staff of editors and proofreaders. Luckily for me, I have the folks here and on a number of other forums to catch my errors and point 'em out to me. One such error was on pages 5 and 6, where Harold's freckles disappear.

I uploaded new files for pages 5 and 6. Harold's freckles disappeared in the last panel of page 5, and they remained missing on page 6. All freckles have made their triumphant return in the now-online corrected pages.
At long last, the Fusion preview is up. The preview is the first 7 pages of Issue 1 (sans cover--although you can see what the cover looks like on page 2), plus an 8th page that'll give you an idea of what the rest of the issue will contain, as well as some ads for my Deviant-Art page and Savunn's MySpace page. Hope everyone enjoys this glimpse into Fusion's life!
I decided to make the Fusion preview the first 7 pages instead of the first 6 pages. Why? Because doing so will end the preview on a cliffhanger, of course. I'm hoping to have the preview ready by the end of next week. (That's the week ending July 18th.)
For those curious about Fusion . . . I've just finished page 5 and hope to have page 6 finished sometime in the next week. Scripting for the first issue has been finished for awhile now, and I've started scripting Issue 2. The preview of Issue 1 will be the first 6 pages, sans cover. I think it'll give you folks an idea of the general tone of the comic, as well as introduce you to several recurring characters and establish Fusion's personality.