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this is an other one from an other point of view.
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This sure looks wonderful!!!
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oh yes it does :)
i like to be at the place i took this picture, it's surrounded by trees, not many people goes there, you can either have the warmth of the sun of the fresh air of those trees.
you have a lot of sounds coming, from the people on the beach, from the waves, and of course from the wind.
britain is a very windy place, and that's here where i learned to sail boats :D
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I never sailed boats! But I think it's nice to do. West coasts are windy. In our country too! But in France the coasts are warmer, so that is much better! Haveyou ever been abroad?
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i've visited or been at least an hour in england, belgium, spain, italy, nederlands, luxembourg, slovakia, swiss. and i think that's all
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That's a very fast roundtrip to Europe!!! Do you remember visiting the Netherlands? What have you seen here?
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yes very fast but the maximum i stayed in the country was two weeks, and the minimum, a few hours like in belgium, luxembourg and netherlands.
so i went to Maastrich (i let you guess why, but that was a special trip for the special birthday of a friend lol, i know you don't like all those frenchies coming to smoke and not visiting), so we visited the town, but as it wasn't planned (we left paris at 5am i took this picture [link] on the highway) we lost ourselves a bit, trying to find something to see, something to ... oh dude where's the car ... alright so now let's have a break :D
that was fun.
i remember in particular the church in the center of the town with the parking in front, the bridge to pass above the river, and all the beautiful women riding bikes :love:
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So you've been in Maastricht! I like the town for another reason than you! :laughing: I've been there twice myself! Yes, in Holland we have bikes all over the place! I'm riding my bike alot too!
Your adventure sounds like you had alot of fun that day!! :D
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yes that was really great, we had the idea at 3am, came back home to take the car and hopla we were gone.
such a good trip with two of mybest friends.
i will remember that all my life, or in fact i hope i'll do.
and i hope to come again to visit for real this time :)
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Ooooh yes, I knew I knew that beach !
yay for St Cast !
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desole je viens de me rendre comte qu'on en deja a longuement parlé :stupidme:
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pas de soucis, j'ai pas eu le temps de te répondre non plus... je rentre de vacances ! :D (mais pas en bretagne, pour une fois)
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ah tu arrive juste pour la friacheur de l'orage, je ne sais pas ou tu etais mais en tout cas a paris il s'est fait attendre cet orage de bachibouzouk :p
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j'étais en Lozère : il y faisait chaud, mais avec l'altitude, c'était très supportable !

J'étais encore avant à Londres, et là, tout l'inverse : moins chaud que Paris, mais moins supportable, un four !
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vu le temps qu'il fait encore actuellement a paris, je ne prefere pas imaginer la difference entre la lozere et londres .... :dead:
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tu y vas souvent ?
ou tu y es alle souvent ?
moi c'est au moins une fois a chaques vacances, j'adore la ville et la region :D
il y a d'autres photos que j'ai prises la bas, comme:
[link] (prise sous le semaphore)
[link] (prise aussi sous le semaphore)
[link] (la jetée du port)
[link] (l'echelle du phare)
[link] (la sortie d'eau de pluie sur la grande plage)
[link] (sur la plage)
[link] (la lune au dessus de la pointe de la garde)

merci pour le commentaire en tout cas :D
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