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Peter Birnbaum

Name: Peter Birnbaum
Gender: Male
D.O.B. 04/21/1987
Nationality: German/American
Profession: Rider
Professional points:
Respect Points:
Merit points:
Traits & skills:
Height: 5'11"
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Bodybuild: Thin
Personality: Caring, Loyal, Introverted, Witty, Nerd
Biography: Coming from a family line with lots history to its name (Family History), this Birnbaum boy grew up with Shedu Cats as part of the family. The Birnbaums are a large family, and encouraged him at a young age to seek out his dreams, which was mainly focused around Shedu cats. Peter was constantly supported by his family as he sought out different avenues for his college degree (putting everything Shedu on hold), and ended up choosing a career in computer science. After graduation, Peter landed a job in this field, and resumed his work as a jockey in training. After a personal battle of figuring out what his purpose in life was supposed to be, he left his job, and returned home to explore more opportunities with the Shedu cats.
Cattery: Jotunwald
Cat Yard:
Primary Cat:
Hathinaro 12743 by SheduMaster
Secondary Cat(s):
Lyngva Sutekh 9951 by SheduMaster The Pumpkin King 3781 by SheduMaster Shedu cat male 171 by Templado Full House 11346 by SheduMaster Step In Time 8991 by SheduMaster
Job at Jotunwald: Jockey
Reason for coming to Jotunwald Cattery: Family member
Any additional information: (optional)

Done by Briar-Estates in the Sims 4
Template created by the7eventhrider 
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yay! another handler for you!!!
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Items and Abilities:
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Congratulations, you have successfully learned the salvage skill
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