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Half-Life 3 Logo teaser v2

Working off of the same principle as my previous one: [link]

I thought for it being a Half-Life teaser, I was completely downplaying the Lambda symbol, and over emphasizing the 3. The reverse of what it should've been. So I reworked it.

I included the lambda in its fullsize - reworked slightly, and used the same 3 I had in the previous poster.

I think I like this one better. Tell me what you guys think, and which one you like better :)
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Nice work!, hopefully it will be released.
EspionageDB7's avatar
I have faith in VALVe and in Gaben. And I know that when it IS released, it'll redefine and reinvent gaming yet again, as have each of its previous installments! (lol sorry. I'm a big Half-Life fan)

Anyway, thank you very much. I'm glad you like it!

And I must say, you do some amazing work with text and lighting effects. My kudos to you as well, good sir!
AYMCreations's avatar
its all good man!, truly Valve games are Epic, for past few weeks, i'm like where is new HL, all other games are out! . so, yah looking forward to it.
Thank you too:)
kevboard's avatar
way better than your first one :D looks great
EspionageDB7's avatar
Thank you :D

If you liked that, you may also like this [link] :aww:
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Awesome, my friend!
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it will actually be half-life 2 episode 3
413East's avatar
After this long...I don't think so. It's gonna be HL3, and it's gonna be huge!
Just-Rube's avatar
which is actually good, cause a new half-life will be LONGER :D then a new ep. :D
413East's avatar
Exactly right, my friend.
thorin111's avatar
A fantasy i'd love seeing as a reality..

thanks for keeping our hopes alive
EspionageDB7's avatar
I have to do what I can... After all my hopes are slowly dwindling as well :(

But I'm glad you liked it :)
thorin111's avatar
Ah well, as they say, Hope is a fire that burns forever, stoke it for extra measure yers?
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I have to agree. This is a better version than the last, though the last was still pretty good.
Nicodemus-Zamoran's avatar
You are most welcome, man.
shinyzombie's avatar
I think i like this one best :)
boogiebear96's avatar
I love this one. I see how you implemented the Source icon into the "3". That'd be sweet if they made HL3.
EspionageDB7's avatar
hehe, thank you. Yeah I wanted to keep some element of the source logo/hl2 logo in it. Glad you liked it :D
Finjix's avatar
Looks great :3

If even Valve would make Half-Life 3 real though...
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