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Salvation - Episode II: Introduction
Salvation - Episode II: Lair of the Shadow Broker
As a snowy screen cleared up, it was replaced by a plain image with the word “CONNECTING” etched out across it. But this too was soon replaced by the figure of a very attractive and youthful looking 108 year old.
“Oh goddess…!” The asari on the screen gasped - seemingly agitated, as she tried to control her breathing.
“Liara.” Shepard addressed with an eager grin, and a friendly timbre. “How are you?” He asked, before noticing her distraught state. “Is something wrong?”
“Uh, no.” She said with an anxiety laden sigh, as she wiped her drowsy eyes with the thumb and index finger of her left hand. “It’s just… I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to make this call for the past several weeks.” She finally confessed. “And now that I have you on the line, I’m wondering if
:iconespionagedb7:EspionageDB7 1 0
Salvation - Episode II: Chapter 4
Salvation: Episode II - Lair of the Shadow Broker
Disclaimer: This fan-fiction is part of an episodic series taking place after Salvation: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Universe Fan Fiction and Salvation: Episode I - The Taking of the Carmenta Illustria. These episodes will lead directly to its sequel, Salvation II: Project Prometheus. The episodes and sequel take place OUTSIDE of the Mass Effect 3 continuity, though certain themes, characters, and situations may be extrapolated. Characters property of their respective companies, Half-Life created by Valve and Mass Effect created by Bioware.
Chapter 4: Controlled Aggression
“50…? 50 what?” Gordon queried - brow furrowed, and a single eyebrow raised. “50 push-ups? Are you serious?”
“Hmph.” Shepard’s chest bounced with a lone chuckle at how agitated and uneasy the scientist was becoming. A glistening forehead revealed the fact that he even appeared to be sweating, d
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Alrighty folks, no need to tell me that I've been a ghost around here. I know I've really let the place go, so to speak. But Salvation is always on my mind, regardless of it's at the back or the forefront. These days I just got a few other projects, plus a full time job, that I'm involved in. So updates will more than likely be few and far between. 

I did have a few major announcements I wanted to get outta the way - the first is that more than likely I will be holding off on the "Vid Night on the Normandy" idea I had - simply because it's turned to be a bit more work than I initially expected. The Ghostbusters episode I had planned to release was actually going to be a non-integral vignette between chapters 4, and the not yet released chapter 5. For those that may remember, at the end of Chapter 4 of LOTSB, Liara sent a (allegedly) non-urgent call to Shepard, and the Commander wasted no time in setting a course for Illium. What will take time, of course, is getting there. So my plan was to have a movie night during the trip. Sort of an in-flight movie, in which Gordon screens Ghostbusters for the crew. But having gotten caught up in other things, I just got sidetracked and rather than keep putting off my writings until I can get that little comic thing out, I decided to put it on hiatus for a bit. So I will be TRYING to get the next chapter of Salvation LOTSB out as soon as I can. 

Next, I know you guys haven't had any sort of Salvation related updates in a while, so I wanted to give you this. In between everything else, I along with a co-writer, the very talented Mr. William Marcill have been co-authoring the next upcoming Salvation Short, which centers around Tali and some of the challenges she faces in her new role as Admiral, as well as some of the challenges all quarians face in building a new home on Rannoch. I've been working on this little by little when I can, so just to give you guys a mini-treat. Here's a teaser for Salvation Shorts #2: Keelah Va'chei

“These solar panels should serve as an adequate alternative to the faulty generators, until a more permanent power solution can be established.”

“Yeah, but they’re pretty useless until they can absorb at least a full day’s worth of sunlight.” Velo’Det responded, as he turned his head up to the waning daylight. “Still… There’s nothing quite like being up bright and early to catch a glimpse of that beautiful sun.” He gleefully said, as he began to descend the telescopic ladder situated atop a small scaffold. “Let’s finish this up.”

At that moment, a series of cheerful beeps and whirs rang out, without warning. A vibrant sphere of cerulean and lavender light soared into sight, from out of nowhere, like a wisp on the breath of the wind.

“Argh! Hey, what the?!” Velo’Det blustered - starting to teeter and wobble, as the lighted sphere began to buzz and nosey about curiously around the quarian’s head.

“It is an errant combat drone.” Lian, the benevolent geth pyro pointed out, as his optic sensors looked up and tracked the uncharacteristically whimsical holographic entity hovering and dashing around Velo’Det’s head. “A heavily modified Dionysus Model, manufactured by Armali Council Incorporated. It appears to have taken an uncanny interest in our task.”

“Well, what the hez’lak is it doing here?!” The red-suited quarian demanded as he instinctively began to swat at is, as if were a pesky mosquito. “Go on! Scram!” He shouted, as the the shoes of the ladder began to rock back and forth like a performer on stilts. “Cha! Get outta here you bosh--whoa!” He exclaimed as his buckling ladder finally yielded to gravity’s assertions, forcing him to slide down the rungs, and land keister first on the hard metal scaffold platform below. “Urgh!!! Vakra'nii!”

“Velo’Det.” Lian’s monotonously calm, yet concerned voice beckoned, as he ascended the scaffolding steps to see what aid he could render. “Are you injured? Has your suit sustained any ruptures?”

“No, I’m fine!” The incensed quarian snapped, as he shot up to his feet, with a brief two-handed rub of his throbbing hindquarters. “Which is more than I can say for that boshon drone!” He said, just as it hovered into view above him. “Come here you! I’m gonna scramble your memory!” He shouted, waving an angry fist in the air.

“Velo’Det!” A female voice suddenly echoed in, as the quarian took a quick but fruitless swipe at the air, before the drone hovered up and fled behind the nearby solar panel. Both Lian and the red-suited quarian turned to notice a young lady of immense exalt rushing up to the base of the scaffolding, with a profound sense of urgency.

“Keelah, are you alright?” She asked, as she looked up with worry shining in her eyes.

“Admiral Zorah!” Velo’Det announced, as he stood at attention and respectfully saluted. “Yes, I’m unharmed ma’am. But there seems to be a prankster about. I think some severe disciplinary action is in order, ma’am. What kind of hooligan lets their combat drones out to run rampant while the rest of us--”
“Chiktikka!” Tali suddenly bellowed, when she took note of a guilty little hologram peeking out from behind the solar panel, during Velo’Det’s rant. “Is that you?! Bad girl! You get out here this instant!”

I'm about 5-6 pages in on that short, and I'll be trying to get it finished up asap. Whether it will be the short of chapter 5 of LOTSB that is released first, is uncertain at this time, but all things are coming! And all good things to those who wait.

Finally, I wanted to give a bit of a shoutout again to the youtube channel me and some friends are trying to start, Odds & Ends Gaming: [Link]

I've always had fun gaming with buddies, and I know there are people out there that actually make decent livings off of game reviews and "Let's Play" videos, so I guess somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I'm hoping this takes off. Sort of game for a living lol. Plus, it would give me an outlet for my creativity, as I've already done logos, and some animation and video editing. Nothing too dramatic, but I'm getting better, slowly but surely. We're not really doing anything different - just recording our gaming now. For the month of October we've been endeavoring to do nothing but Halloween-y games. See for example the following: 

For any who may not have heard my voice, and don't know which I am. Quite simply, I'm "the loud mouth one" lol. Just watch any of the videos on the channel for a few minutes. You'll very quickly figure out which one I am. 

At any rate, I would definitely appreciate any and all support anyone can offer. A sub, like, share (god I hate saying that, as I don't like the whole youtube self promotion stuff lol) but I am trying to get it off the ground. So yeah - just take a gander, you may end up enjoying some of the vids :) at least here's hoping you do. I know I've done some arts for some of you guys free of charge. You owe me! lol I'm just kidding -- you owe me nothing, but it's still much appreciated :D 

So that about it does it - Salvation coming, slowly but surely. Busy with work. And filming videos. if we don't talk again before Halloween, have a happy and spooky halloween! send me a note or message on Steam if you need anything. And hope you all take care! See ya around. 


Jesse De La Rosa
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Jesse De La Rosa - I've been a freelance graphic designer pretty much since I got out of high school. I've never had any formal schooling in my craft, but I've accumulated a fair amount of experience, coupled with a dash of natural talent, to become a fairly versatile graphic artist. My specialty is logotypes - but I also enjoy dabbling in creating wallpapers, movie posters, flyers, business cards, and occasionally websites. I do take commissions for logo work - my pricing depends on the complexity of your request. For more information on commissioning me for a logo I can be contacted at or via note here on DA.

I am also the one... the only... Espionage DB7. Fan-Fiction writer extraordinaire! Okay, well maybe not extraordinaire, as I'm only responsible (as of this point) for one story series. Salvation: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Crossover A story that sees the paths of two legends of gaming intertwine, and follows them as they fight for galactic survival. My story is not all that well known, however I have accrued what I like to call a small cult following, or a group of "ELFs" (Extremely loyal fans) as my friend malovence is fond of saying. It is my hope to someday soon branch out into original writing works, and become a full fledged novelist, but for the time being I am extremely proud of Salvation - which is an ongoing series.

I hope you'll hang around my DeviantArt page a while and take a look at some of Jesse's graphic art, as well as read a bit of Espionage's writings. All are welcome, as is any feedback, good or bad :D Take care and hope to talk to you soon :)

The Salvation Saga Story Index
Salvation - A Half-Life/Mass Effect Fan Fiction Table of Contents: [Link]
Salvation Episode I - The Taking of the Carmenta Illustria Table of Contents: [Link]
Salvation Vignette: A Brief History of the NEU: [Link]
Salvation Shorts #1 - Fugue for the Lost: [Link]
Salvation Episode II - Lair of the Shadow Broker Table of Contents: [Link]

The Salvation Saga Story Status
:bulletred: Salvation: A Half-Life/Mass Effect Universe Fan Fiction [Completed]
:bulletorange: Salvation - Episode I: The Taking of the Carmenta Illustria [Completed]
:bulletpurple: Salvation - Episode II: Lair of the Shadow Broker [In Progress]
:bulletblue: Salvation - Episode III: Voices of a Distant Star [Still to Come]
:bulletwhite: Salvation - Episode IV: Into the Aperture [Still to Come]
:bulletgreen: Salvation II: Project Prometheus [Still to Come]

Current Residence: San Antonio, TX
Favourite genre of music: Varies
Operating System: None of your business
Shell of choice: shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Mostly made by me
Skin of choice: my own is fine.
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime baby
Personal Quote: Challenge the Invincible, Change the Inevitable


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