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Rabid haters are worse than rabid fans

By Espio143
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So... I bet this is gonna attract a crap-ton of controversy.
Why yes, Sonic, Five Nights at Freddy's, Roblox, Minecraft, The Mysterious Mr. Enter (For the most part), Etc. have horrible fanbases. They're either immature, unoriginal, annoying, stubborn, or multiple/all of the previously said. But do you know what's much worse? People who go around hating on everyone from those said fanbases. It's incredibly frustrating and rude. They usually say things like "Fuck off Roblox fag", "Kill yourself, FNaF fanboy", "Minecraft sucks", "says the guy with a Roblox avatar", "Five Nights at Freddy's fuck fag" etc. (And yes, I have seen all of these phrases being used.)
The main reason why I think rabid haters are worse than rabid fans is this: While there are rabid fans that can be very nice, though annoying and unoriginal, I generally believe that all rabid haters are assholes.
And don't even get me started on the crappy hate-art. I was around when Johnny test hate art ran rampant in groups such as Anti-All-Things and Express-Your-Hatred. It's mostly died down, but there is still crappy hate-art, but not for Johnny test.
And for the most part, I am a part of most, if not all, fanbases with rapid fans that are common target practice by rapid haters, such as Roblox, Sonic, FNaF, Minecraft, and Mr. Enter. So COME AT ME BROS!

In other news, this will probably be my last stamp ON THIS ACCOUNT. I'm not permanently stepping out of the stamp biz, but I think every future stamp will be put on a new account. The main reason is because I don't want this account's main focus to be stamps. I have projects that I'd much rather be known for than these stamps. Yes, it's a petty reason, but it's still a reason, I guess.
Y-know, I don't think I need to add any notes on what belongs to who, as this stamp is more of an all-around stamp, but maybe the description actually matters. Don't want Mojang to sue me for putting their game's name on my description! (I'm joking.)
Sonic belongs to Sega enterprises.
Roblox belongs to the almighty lord of bagels, and any rabid hater of Roblox will suffer a painful, bagel-filled death. However, if you tolerate those that like Roblox, you will be blessed with the most delicious bagels at the end of your time. Make sure you decide your bagely fate wisely.
Minecraft belongs to Mojang.
Five Nights at Freddy's belongs to Scott Cawthorn.
Johnny Test belongs to Cartoon Network.
Mr. Enter belongs to the moon, because... Potatoes.
This stamp belongs to me.
Spongebob Squarepants belongs to Viacom. I know I didn't mention Spongebob, but Viacom will always try to find a reason to copyright strike me in a way pertaining to Spongebob.
You may use this stamp without faving, though I'd prefer you to fav before using.
Please ask before using this away from deviantart.
Please do not re-upload this as your own. If you do, I will convince the almighty lord of bagels that you are a rabid Roblox hater, and you will suffer a painful, bagely death.
I sexually identify as an attack helicoptor, and you will check your privilege, cis scum.
I stopped taking things seriously after the actual description, I know. However, keep in mind that this is a completely serious stamp, even if the description isn't.
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DanTEHMan2001 Traditional Artist
The Mysterious Mr. Enter gets way more hate than he deserves and it's not even funny.
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doctorwhovian1963Hobbyist General Artist
What's the point of bringing up SpongeBob at the end? besides Companies don't block DeviantArt posts
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I 100% agree with this stamp, as much as I hate rabid fans I hate rabid haters even more.  I hate it when rabid haters say they have an opinion when what there doing is bullying others for liking something. That's not what an opinion is, it's what a bully is.  
doctorwhovian1963's avatar
doctorwhovian1963Hobbyist General Artist
rabid, not rapid
LunaStar7's avatar
LMAO! I know lol A lot of times when I type fast I say a word wrong. 
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NinjaGremlinMaccyStudent Digital Artist
They are as bad as each other.
doctorwhovian1963's avatar
doctorwhovian1963Hobbyist General Artist
Loud House haters anyone?
doctorwhovian1963's avatar
doctorwhovian1963Hobbyist General Artist
I wasn't calling for you, I was actually mentioning them as an example of the rabid haters this stamp talks about
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snitchpogi12Hobbyist General Artist
One of the examples are: TTG (I hate the show but not the fans), Steven Universe (Thanks a lot SJWs!), The Powerpuff Girls (Sorry 2016 haters but i like both 1998 and 2016 series because of Bleedman's PPGD!) and most of all Johnny Test (I don't watch the show but i don't hate the fans).
Come on please be mature and not be an A-HOLE as in GROW UP!
Sweet-corn-flakes's avatar
Sweet-corn-flakesStudent Traditional Artist
Digimon haters for example
LunaStar7's avatar
Yeah, a lot of Digimon haters can be awful. 
NicoleFandude109's avatar
NicoleFandude109Student Artist
*cough*cough*Bullywiiplaza fans*
Infinity-PuToTyra's avatar
Anti-Starco fans are getting more cancerous as much as regular Starco fans, and I am more than Starco trash.
doctorwhovian1963's avatar
doctorwhovian1963Hobbyist General Artist
and the word Cancer has been abused
ThatLuckyHorseshoe's avatar
True. The majority of them are just really toxic and nasty when spreading their opinions.
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ForceOfNatureAndCornHobbyist Writer
Have you seen the Undertale hatedom? I think they have officially given up .

They will take any stupid, stupid, ridiculous jab at the game, the creator or the fans as they can, regardless of how little sense it makes.
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CJFairfield16Student General Artist
Rabid Fans and Haters are both worst....*cough* Disneyphilip...
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YoyoThePotatoHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think he changed now. His latest status update stated he had autism and said he would respect other peoples opinions from now on.
CJFairfield16's avatar
CJFairfield16Student General Artist
I know already
YoyoThePotato's avatar
YoyoThePotatoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, ok.
KawaiiBeans112's avatar
KawaiiBeans112Student Digital Artist
Both are annoying .-.
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