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Feline Reference- Free Lineart

:EDIT: New font! Let me know if you would like the older version. 

Ever wanted a reference that shows every angle of your beloved character? Well, now you can have one! Compatible with all programs that read .psd files, this laboriously lined, high quality, pre-colored lineart could be just what you've been looking for! And get this- it's free! Free! Yay, life!

File includes: Lineart layer, Feature Base layer(Eyes, nose, pads)displayed in gray, Color Base layer(General coloring)displayed in light gray.

Haha, enough of that infomercial-esque poo. I know some lines are wishy-washy and sketchy, but hopefully, I've taken the backbreaking work of coloring this in for you. In case anyone is confused about this "precolored" thing, here's how it works(I've been asked this a lot): Just take the base layers, and do one of the following:
-Preserve/lock the opacity
-Create a clipping mask
-(Not recommended)Use the magic wand tool.
You can learn how to do these with this amazing tutorial by…
All layers should be pre-locked, but better safe than sorry!

I really hope you all enjoy this lineart, in all seriousness, I worked VERY hard on it!

ATTENTION: There are a few small circumstances that must be met before using this!
:bulletred: Please do NOT remove the watermark at the bottom right corner.
:bulletred: Please credit me in the description, even though there is a watermark.
:bulletred: Please do not completely modify this- Adding small accessories and features is completely fine. If you are unsure about this rule, feel free to comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
:bulletred: You may use this for adoptables, as long as credit is given.
:bulletred: Link me your creation in the comments! I would love to see what you've done!
:bulletred: Have fun! I made this for you!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to comment here, or note me!
Thank you, and I hope you all enjoy!

Check out my canine lineart here:Canine Reference- Free Lineart by Espherio
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Could i please have a transparent version? my art program doesnt allow .PSD files and ild love to use this lovely base!

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Colored in my lil old cutie:

My sweet lil ol' sunshine

thx for the lines <3

Catbirdwoman's avatar

Would it be ok to edit this lineart for a fluffer version? I see you mention to ask you first. Many thanks

Rykerie's avatar

thank you so much for this lineart <3

KateTrap's avatar

Hey my friendo, I just had a quick question; is it alright if I make the cat more fatXD?

CrimsonVampiress's avatar
Alt Form: Laura the cat. by CrimsonVampiress (I accidentally removed the watermark and since I do not have the original photoshop file I was working on.. I am unsure how to really put it back on ^^;  )  
KateTrap's avatar

Hello, I'm sorry, but I just had to say his babe is so cuteX#3!!!!

CrimsonVampiress's avatar

^^ She is. Took a lot of time also ^^

xoWendigoxo's avatar
Mikasa Reference sheet

used for my character mikasa!

RevvedThePhoenix's avatar

uhhh, I know this migh not be a good question, but could you make a fully transparent version so I can use it a bit better?

NekoDawnWolf's avatar
Can this be used outside of da? And are we only allowed to sell any adopts for da points or can they be sold for real currency? Sorry for all the questions
Sanukuni's avatar
Oh my gosh you're a godsend, cat anatomy gives me migraines! @.@
Midnight-Hyacinth's avatar

Would it be okay to change the line art to look more like a long haired breed or would that go too far?
I wanted to make the fur look a bit like this cat breed:…

Espherio's avatar
EternalPlays's avatar
Can I make the cat be missing a eye, limb, or have a torn ear?
cosbythepup's avatar
may I modify the ers to be like floppy like an Scottish fold ?
Espherio's avatar
Sorry for the delay; yes, if you are still wondering!
BearlyVisions's avatar
This one doesn't specify if the adoptables/ref sheets are allowed to be sold for game currencies.  Also are we allowed to use on another site (furry-paws), with proper credit?  Thank you for considering.
Espherio's avatar
Sorry for the delay; Yes, if you're still wondering! 
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ohmygod u are sooo talented
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Used! Thanks so much!
Sf by carelesselm509  
I just realised that none of the wording is showing, so I'll add it back in now.
Sf by carelesselm509  
Much better!
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