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Just a quickie.
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My fav Transformer.  Dude was so thirsty for mutiny...
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This looks amazing, awesome work! :)
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Starscream looking menacing and awesome.
G1 beats everything!
Cool beans!
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1980s Starscream is at his very finest.
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:iconstarscreamplz: I will soon get Megatron and you will listen to me.
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This is a MOST EXCELLENT quickie of the Classic 80's Starscream!  :wow:
I love his expression and the vivid colors, and that pose is SO BOSS! Loving the background, too, it's very pretty. :) 
Well done! And I must say, Starscream looks very sleek here! :D
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very nice work
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Awesome stuff! What program did you use to make this?
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Nice! this brings back good memories.
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That is sharp!
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amazing quickie =)
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Never try to deceive a Decepticon, especially one such as Starscream! He's a master of deception! :D
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He looks amazing!
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This is amazing! :wow: I love the vibrant colors and the pose! :D
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Thanks, I did put some effort into the pose, so I'm glad it's appreciated!
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