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Optimus Prime

By EspenG
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Optimus Prime.

Wanted to make a pic of the great leader in the style of the old 80s Transformers paintings.

Done entirely in Photoshop.
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Optimus prime is red, Optimus prime is blue, it wouldn't be transformers without a hero like you!

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One shall stand, one shall fall...
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Honest to god, one of the best Optimus pieces I've ever seen done.
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Optimus Badass Prime!
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An excellent pic :love:
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Nicely done. This is a great image of Prime.
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Always the best version of Optimus Prime. Excellent artwork. :D
Luna-ChoccyMilkQueen's avatar
The Father figure of Every Kid. As soon as I saw the movie in 2007 I loved Optimus right away.
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This is Gorgeous!!
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This is probably the best picture of Optimus Prime that I've ever seen. 
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Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. This guy here, he was the one who first taught me hope.
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auto bots ready
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The old schools and movie ones are still cool.
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Nice! Used to remember that show!
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This is very well done.
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Transfomers robots meets the eye !!!!!!!
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This is one of my favourite pieces ever - I had it as my computer's wallpaper for a long time. <3 You're so unbelievably talented.
Till all are one.
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Super cool. Optimus Prime is my idol.
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