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Marvel Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel from the Marvel Universe.
(c) Marvel etc.
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detail crazy 🔥🔥
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If you're interested, the first episode for the WW2 serial is here;…
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Man, it's been a long time since I've seen Marvel as a man!
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Enjoy it while you can, because spoilers, the MCU movie already turned this version, known as Captain Mar'vel, into an old lady.
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I've heard and now my brain hurts.:facepalm:
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Now I didn't mind them tricking us in advertising about Judd Law supposedly being Mar'vel only to have him to not be the character and instead was the villain, that was fine. But making Mar'vel an old woman anyway, that's just so pointless. The true Captain Marvel was barely in the movie at all and yet somehow Marvel found a way to kick him to the curve... again.
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Yeesh, and here I thought no one ever truly dies in comics. Looks like I was wrong. They really don't want to bring the real Mar'vell back.^^;
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No, the comics will gladly bring him back, only to kill him... again. Really when he first died by cancer it really meant something. I mean they took a character who was just as powerful and popular as Superman and killed him. It really work for what it meant... And then they killed him again... and again... and again... and again.

I really can't stand how he turned from awesome hero to a Kenny reject. Nowadays he only makes appearances in the comics to be quickly killed off in order to show a new villain, especially if said villain is about to fight Carol Danvers, because clearly she needs a threat leveler.

The true Captain Marvel will always be one of my favorite characters alongside original Antman, but with the Marvel Comic's need to retread the same insults on these two characters long after the point was made really makes it hard for me to enjoy certain comics.
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Damn...that sounds like either they don't know what the heck to do with the character, or they hate him.^^; Giving someone as awesome as Captain Mar-Vell cancer and having him actually die by it was indeed not many of us saw in comics and it felt much more surreal that he wasn't coming back in a media where literally none of the characters die...but sakes, to have him come back and just die over and over this point there's something wrong with the writers.

When Carol Danvers was Ms. Marvel, she didn't need some platform for her powers. Everyone knew she was the woman around campus. She was cool, powerful with long beautiful hair, had an awesome costume that stood out to all fans and while she certainly had some complicated storylines, she was still amazing. No one had to kill off anyone for her to shine. I don't know what the hell MARVEL's doing with this woman nowadays, but there was a time when they didn't have much going for her and it probably should've stayed that way.

You mean when Antman was Hank Pym? O_O If he was someone else other than Scott Lang and Hank, I don't know.^^; I really don't know what the company's up to lately, but there seems to be a less enjoyable vibe going around. I plan on doing a Ms. Marvel art journal today and I at least hope you'll like it!
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Oh, Antman, Hank Pym. During the middle years where Marvel and DC were testing touchy subjects. That what I'm referring to. Both were in fault again, but Marvel just wouldn't ever drop it, just like with Captain Mar'vel. Here what happened, Marvel decided to tackle the idea of marriage abuse... with what considered st the time to be one of the best couples in comics. Needless to say, having Hank slap his wife was completely out of left field and only made the subject they were tackling even more confusing because it was implied to be stress from Ultron and Hank's own mental break down from becoming Yellow Jacket that supposedly led to this, not a constant history of abuse like in the subject. Marvel had messed up, but rather than swipe this mistake under the rug like most comic companies, they turned it into a joke, making Hank Pym a literally punching bag of the Avengers, with many members including out of character moments from Iron man and Captain America openly mocking him about this singular moment at random points in comics, as soon as everyone would forget the whole thing, a random character would bring it back up again. It got to the point that anyone wearing the name Antman would be in the line of fire, like in the Ultimate Universe where Scott Lang was turned into screaming wife beater who literally destroyed five stories, just because his wife wouldn't sleep with him one time. Heck the third Antman, Eric was introducing as a hypersexual deviant who would use his powers to spy on women in the showers.

Antman was the but end of the Avengers for so long in the comics. Luckily the cartoons didn't treat him so harshly. Heck, my favorite version of Antman is in earth's mighty heroes, where not only did they bring both Hank and Scott without any stupid jokes, but even manage to handle the Yellow Jacket arc with perfection, keeping it more of tragedy where Hank is pushed over the edge by Ultron and starts brutally murder several criminals rather than WTF moment of him slapping his wife. Heck, they even showed with plenty of anger in him by having him scream in rage toward Janet before faking his death to go on his killing spree. It was so much better then what the comics did and it was a perfect way to introduce Scott with him pulling Hank out of his insanity.
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Whoa! Looks amazing!
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Classic Marvel for the win. 
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You wouldn't happen to know Marko Djurdjevic would you? I think you and he have much in common in your style.
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I marvel at your marvelous illustration of Captain Marvel. :3
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Fan-Tastic!!!! for my money, the only true Captain Marvel 
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