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armored core 4 AALIYA

Armored Core 4's intro mech... RAYLEONARD AALIYA.. which is also SUPPLICE (tat is missing a pair of flares on the shoulders)=X... ex 1st ranker (since i defeated him =X)...... (the colour of the model is original,i just dry brushed it)
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3264x2448px 2 MB
Sony Ericsson
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1/15 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 7, 2009, 5:07:37 PM
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I tried playing armored core fa as AALIYAH, I got rekt...

And the last time I played Armored Core was sucking at managing my credits at AC1...
Alucard234564's avatar
Has anyone noticed that each game has moved towards the present time period?
Leonidius74's avatar
espen86's avatar
Nope just dry brushing
mindriders's avatar
awesome work!... did it using airbrush first?
Neo222's avatar
Coolest. Mech. Ever.
SparrowNine's avatar
Beautiful. I'd like to draw Aaliyah in a certain pose , like the White Glint I finished. Any suggestions?
Strike-95's avatar
Has to be my favourite AC well done.
griffindragon's avatar
to be honest, i miss the days of Mirage, Crest, and Kisaragi. :(

Rayleonard is cool too. :)
Guitarmouse's avatar
Sexiest armor in the game :love:
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hahas its LED.
Duo36's avatar
Nice work, fiber optics for the Camera in the head or LED?
espen86's avatar
i wld love to sell it u to but i just have one of it and its part of my collections.sorry dude
Jeffy-cu's avatar
I will buy that model of you ~espen86 for AU $100
SangheliAddect's avatar
this is my favorite ext model it's just so fast that and all of RAYLEONARD's weapons fit it's style perfect...that and it's just plain badass lookin.
espen86's avatar
lol u can check tutorials on dry brushing in the website like youtube.. as for the LED i use the smallest LED which is like 1mm by 0.5mm..tedious to
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yup.. i did some modifications to the head part in order to fit the led in it.
Blood-Asp0123's avatar
what do you mean but dry brushed? And what kind of light did you put in there?
FELL-ta's avatar
Nice, did you put a light in the eye area. I don't remember the model having a light part to it.
espen86's avatar
i get wat u mean lol.. sorry.. yup its unpainted, onli dry brush it. because tats the original colour of supplice hahas
espen86's avatar
thanks for the comment .. btw wat unpainted? lol
iromanovsky's avatar
Is it unpainted then?

Some heavy drybrushing, man! Solid job well done.
Cipher-032's avatar
All the Armoured Core Kits come unpainted, Some parts need painting. Parts on my White Glint Model needed a lick of some paint. And If you wanna weather, well thats a paint job too ;P
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