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I had to search for a bad advertising in the newspaper, and I found the most stupid advertising ever from HP! ... yes, same here, WTF, HP bad advertising?

Anyway, I made a new one, Fresher then ever, and related to the theme off this little campaign. Small wonder, huge possibilities!

Hope you like it as much as I did ! :peace::heart:

This is not made for a client, just a schoolproject! ;-)
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Haha, nice. I have this laptop, congratz xD
nice..i've got the messages..great jobs..
check mine
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tecknografick's avatar
that is a tight one! *fave
Chubby-Cherry's avatar
Great Ad :D .. keep it up
khizarmalik's avatar
The taj mahal is put there pretty randomly in my opinion.
ErikShoemaker's avatar
great style and lovely colors man :peace:
Espador's avatar
Cl3tuS's avatar
what is inside your head bram im jelous haha

great work
Espador's avatar
Humm, just having fun mate! ;-)
bAEko's avatar
Whats Taj M. doing there ruining the flow? Apart from that, sweet work dude ;)
Espador's avatar
Tai M is a wonder ;-) :D
bAEko's avatar
Yeah but why isnt it stuffed in with the other stuff?
Espador's avatar
Because i like it that way ;-)
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OMG, awesomee!
shiftform's avatar
I love how everything flows out of the laptop ;)
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Msch's avatar
ziet er netjes uit hoor bram:)
vooral die surfer cool gedaan;)
Espador's avatar
Hehe, dankje!
bloodyslash's avatar
yep love it.
could be in a newspaper :)
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