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Because I've received some emails, asking if it was possible to make a wallpaper and a t-shirt from my previous drawings. I illustrated my Artist drawing for you and colored it!

> into1 Shop
This design is also for sale on a t-shirt. For only 20 EURO you can already get this awesome T-shirt. A perfect gift to start the new year!

Download Wallpaper Pack Here
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Have you grown up admiring actors and actresses wondering how they look so young and good? Have you ever thought whether that it’s natural or not? Well.. By now most of you must have figured it out that it’s artificial beauty which is the mystery behind their glossy and young appearance. But what happens behind the scenes? Try to become a makeup artist.

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[..digitally.. or ..traditionally..]
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yes i am a artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X3lmfaoXD
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great typo mate looks awesome
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Amazing <3
Merry Christmas
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fabulous and like from the space :clap:
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Ramdomly searching for wallpapers ftw! This is a great piece, and now my wallpaper :) :+fav:
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COOL! This is now my Wallpaper ! THANK U C:
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Great, just great!
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Featured @
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zalig gedaan. ^^
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Gorgeous. Found while looking for a new wallpaper, and now considering the tshirt [link]
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Wow, great design, love the colours!! :+fav: for me^^
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awesome colors and type treatment :)
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Thank you man! :)
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awesome work :D
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This is great! I think i'm gonna buy one! Looks great with the colors!
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Don't think, act :D haha no you would make me very happy ! Glad you like it! :highfive:
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nice work with the colors.
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