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Bram Vanhaeren
Bram Vanhaeren is a graphic designer based in Kapellen, Belgium

Bram is 20 years old and shares the same passion as his older brother, Graphic design. I’ve been developing my style since my first pen tool experiments in Illustrator about 5 years ago. My style ranges from simple illustrations and typography to mixed media artwork. When I’m not making art, I enjoy going out with friends, train together with my brothers for the next Athletics competition and I can't resist to spend my money on clothes and new fancy accessories. -

Bram also runs a blog about Wallpaper Art with his brother. Wallpaper Art blog is constantly in search for the most incredible wallpaper art for your desktop. Our goal is to bring the art closer to the user by involving the artists through interviews, tutorials, contests and a lot more. -

Personal Quote: Love for Art, Love for music!
Good day everyone, I hope everyone is prepared for the Holidays! I just wanted to let you all know, I didn't expected the amazing feedback I get from the community on my #AnIdeaEveryday project! It started out as a creative challenge, now viewed and followed by thousands of people, this is just insane!

While, I try to keep up with answering your emails and ideas, I found one solutions on many questions. You want a poster, but print it yourself. Well I've made a package with 15 High resolution images, for you to print at your local print shop or at home! You can find the package in my shop, for only 2,5 Euros. Almost for free!

Buy Do It Yourself – An Idea Everyday Package

Selected Ideas for this Package(15):
- Actions Have Reactions
- A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted
- A Minute of Perfection
- Breathe
- Have No Fear
- It's never To Late
- Morning Keep The Streets Empty
- Never Do The Same Thing Twice
- President
- Save Gorillas
- Style is Knowing Who You Are
- The Person Who Works The Hardest Win
- Work Hard Be Nice
- You Know That You Have seen This before
- Your Best Work is Ahead of You


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A few days from today, the history books show an entry.  An entry of mystery, and portent, as the great powers came down upon the Earth, and, in accordance with the wishes of the mighty King Kong, granted the world a boon.  That boon was you.  And lo, let it be said to all that you are to be wished a Happy Birthday upon that day, with the most excellent and amazing of cakes to partake in! :D (Big Grin) Have your cake and eat it too
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History records that, just days from now, a tremendous upheaval took place as the ground cracked and broke apart, tornadoes spun counter to their nature, and even Godzilla bowed as you appeared upon the Earth to grace us with your art. And so it is wished upon you to have a Happy Birthday on that day....and a most excellent cake. :D (Big Grin)  Have your cake and eat it too
RBL-M1A2Tanker Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
In a short time hence, may you have a most happy birthday, for that is the day that you descended upon the Earth in a shower of lightening! :D (Big Grin)  Also, have delicious Have your cake and eat it too that day!
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Goodness. I can't believe I hadn't found your work sooner! (*u*)
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happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy early birthday! :D (Big Grin)  With many happy returns! Have your cake and eat it too
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i like your work!!
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