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The Marriage Life: Akashi x Reader (Morning After) :iconnekokoafanfiction:NekokoaFanfiction 222 56
Faceless by Cioccolatodorima Faceless :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,343 140 Happy Birthday Espa!! by chubbybunny125 Happy Birthday Espa!! :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 20 3
Wake the Sleeping Dragon Epilogue- Norway x Reader
~ Oppvåknet ~

The full moon floated over Lunitaria, its pale, white light banishing the abyssal darkness of the night.
The land was quiet and calm,
Serene and tranquil.
Lunitaria slept blissfully.
. . .
Save for a certain frozen kingdom.
The soft sound of clothes ruffling together and the clicking of clasps and buttons echoed across the large room as a certain dragon began to dress himself for the upcoming day. Lukas held his head up high as he began to button up his collar and vest. He sighed, quickly belting his white trousers and tucking them into his boots. If there was one thing that he hated about being royalty, it was the clothes.
That fact never changed since he was just a young dragon. Lukas absolutely despised having to dedicate more than an hour in wearing these overly flashy clothes. Although they did look appealing, the clothes of royalty were never really practical for daily wear.
Throwing a heavy cape over his shoulder, he was finally finished.
Lukas turn
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 125 160
Makoto x Reader [A Sweet Tune] Soulmate!AU
**This is my first (and probably only) submission for a contest! Enjoy!**
~~Soulmate!AU. Where the reason why you have a song stuck in your head is because your soulmate is singing the tune right now.~~

"Dammit, (Name)! All you had to do was file this paper work! You're fired!" Your boss yells at you. You flinch.
    "Yes, sir," You say sadly as you grab your stuff and exit your workplace building. That was your fifth job this month. It's hopeless, rent's due in a week and you're broke and jobless. You begin to hum a tune, (Song Name). You heard this long ago but it can't seem to get out of your head.
    You returned home to see a note and some none on your table. It was from your mom. The note said that she loved you and she left some money for coffee since you were working so hard. She'll be heartbroken to learn that you just lost your job, again. You picked up the money and left your apartment to head for a local coffee s
:iconkaykay12160:kaykay12160 27 6
Unexpected Mate (Levi X Reader: Soulmate AU)
This is my first Soulmate AU. I have been reading a lot of them lately, so I decided to give it a try. I hope everyone likes my twist on it! Also, there is some strong language (obviously because it is a Levi fic) and some talk of sex (it is discussed to the point where you know it happened, but not smut or lemon). Please enjoy!
    “How? It has to be expensive, and the court proceedings will take too long. And I don’t want you spending more money on those crazy street guys, they may not be legit. Besides, I still love you, (F/n), I do, I swear.” He paused in his ramblings, his green-blue eyes looking to the ground frantically. “I-I just don’t know what to do. I never thought I would have two Soulmates...” He sighed and put his arms down at his sides, exposing the words on each arm. The right side had the first words I ever said to him.
    My eyes are up here.
    I practically laughed at the memory of the
:iconhalice042:Halice042 485 41
Iceland x Reader -Cold Hands, Warm Heart-
It was said that only the strong could survive the relentless winters of the Blizzard Kingdom. It was also a great irony that the young king of his frigid kingdom could barely stand the extreme temperatures. As a result, he was constantly shut inside his inner chambers and rarely came out unless to travel to the therapeutic hot springs and back.
“It’s a good thing this place is so cold,” a knight said to his partner as they patrolled the halls. “Thanks to all of the ice, no one wants to come here, let alone invade. With the young king being sick all the time, we’d be taken over in a fortnight.”
“Even if he was in good shape, the only reason he’s on the throne is because his brother appointed him so,” his partner laughed. “I’d be damned if we had to take orders from the lad directly.”
The knights continued to preoccupy themselves with their conversation until they reached the end of the hall. Meanwhile, in the corne
:iconteralgeo:TeralGeo 171 54
Reformed Prasiolite by chubbybunny125 Reformed Prasiolite :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 4 6 Andesine by chubbybunny125 Andesine :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 5 0 WAAAAAR IS HAPPENING by chubbybunny125 WAAAAAR IS HAPPENING :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 7 2 Abilities  by chubbybunny125 Abilities :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 3 3 Forever Alone by chubbybunny125 Forever Alone :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 7 19 Awkward Fusion Is Awkward  by chubbybunny125 Awkward Fusion Is Awkward :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 5 4 Yellow Beryl Eep Spot by chubbybunny125 Yellow Beryl Eep Spot :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 4 0 Who's Best Fire Opal by chubbybunny125 Who's Best Fire Opal :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 3 11 Yellow Beryl  by chubbybunny125 Yellow Beryl :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 9 2




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