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A simple volume slider with a mute button for Rainmeter.

Inspired by Alex Becherer's Voluminous.

Light and dark version included.

© 2013 - 2021 esnooze
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Thank you very much, perfect!

I realize this is an older skin, but it's new to me -- and it's perfect for my screentop.

Thanks for sharing.
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I recommend you should add this code to change volume by scroll mouse button. This's very heplful :)

MouseScrollDownAction=[!CommandMeasure "MeasureWin7Audio" "ChangeVolume -10"][!Update]
MouseScrollUpAction=[!CommandMeasure "MeasureWin7Audio" "ChangeVolume +10"][!Update]
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Thanks for the tip. I actually do use that but I haven't uploaded any skins I've made in a long time. I'll probably upload some new ones soon.
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Do you know a skin or how to make a skin that can change the volume of a microphone?
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No, never heard of such a skin. Try looking at the Rainmeter forums. They might have something like that.
No prob with it! I am depserately searching for a skin to modify the "windows sound mixer" (y'know, with the indicator for each software -Itunes, internet...-) i even tried to make it myself but.... Any idea?
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You're trying to modify the appearance of the windows volume mixer?
i try to get the volume mixer as a skin, and not just the windowed standard form. Having it on my desktop would be way better.
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Ohh you mean like making a Rainmeter skin of the Windows Volume Mixer.. So that you can control the volumes of your speakers, itunes, chrome/browser, and etc. through Rainmeter?
EXACTLY!!!! But I don't know if the plugins adviable for rainmeter can actually do this...

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It might be possible but I haven't seen or heard anything like that so far.. Sorry. I'm guessing you'll need a new plugin for it, or it might work with the Win7AudioPlugin but I'm not sure. Good luck with this though. Let me know if you come across a solution/answer to this!
Okay, if i get more time i'll try to make a plugin on my own if this doesn't work with others... i'll tell ya if i got some news :-)
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first of all, your style is awesome. simple and smart. 1 thing i would say, the yellow bar looks nice on dark, but with the light variant, an electric blue would look great aswell ;)
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And yeah you're totally right. That shade of blue would look nice and it would actually kinda match, too.

I just might have to take your advice on the color..
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how can i install it ?? 
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Go to the Rainmeter website and download Rainmeter first.

After you've installed Rainmeter, just open the skins that you've downloaded and Rainmeter will install it for you.
This is a useful little device. Thank you! Look at my screenshot - it suits my desktop. Let me ask you if it could be possible for me to change the bar`s colour (to suit my wallpaper) for a brown or strawberry one? The screen - my desktop. Please.
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Thanks. Glad you like it. Well it is definitely possible if you have something like photoshop but it would be quite a hassle since you'd have to change the color of each image (there's 100 of them). 
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Wait, there's actually a really easy way to change the color. 

Go down to [MeterProgress] and add ImageTint=255,0,0 and that should change the yellow progress bar to red. If you want a different color, you can always change the value of it. 

Sorry, I totally forgot about this code. 

Hope this helps. 
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