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A Rainmeter skin I ended up with after I kept modding another skin (sorry, I don't remember what it was but I'm pretty sure it was a simple clock).

After you install it, make sure you go to the eTech folder in your Rainmeter skins folder and install the font.

Inspired by Arcs by ~Kaelri.

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions, bug reports, comments, etc.

Hope you like it.

© 2012 - 2021 esnooze
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There is an error in [MeasureWeather] saying "RegExp matching error (-1)"and some other errors.


I love the clock, thank you


it´s really cool, but I have problems to configurate the temperature and weather

Congratulations, I love the skin but the weather doesn't work. Could you help me?

Amazing! Thnx - How do I change the size? I want to make it bigger

I absolutely continue to run into a size limit with this skin. 

I do understand the difficulty with scaling it, but even in trying to transform it (trying to adjust the display to match my background), it starts encountering "edges".

Love this skin
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شكرا على المجهود المميز 
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Idon't know how i missed this , very task fullfiling , good work
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And how do i change the climate to my city?
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how do i change size?
Great skin, been using it for quite long time now.
I noticed that download speed is limited to 1.5 Mb/s...

How to modify skin to display actual speed - and change to MB, which will actually reflect DL speed? Any ideas?
And thanks again for great job creating such neat and useful skin! Handshake 
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haHey, your work literally made me to get this rainmeter and i love it! 
although ive same problem with the temprature. i read the comments and everyting. still cant change
mine is INXX0038 and ive done exactly you told to others.. still its stuck on 0c
and how can i make it like really big and add other 2 drives ive on my laptop
i tried that but messed up so i reinstalled and now its back to original.
would really love to hear from you and thanks again for this masterpiece!
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Hey, sorry for the late reply. Did you get it to work yet? If not, send me a note and I'll help you there.
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okay so i tried real hard and added all the drives, with the info and adding plus fitting the circles of all three drives separately
by changing some values and such and looks awesome
yet idk why the temp value i cant fix, although its still same bcz i saved a copy just in case i mess up 
i just cant figure out, hope i can get some help on it.
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very effective and nice
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looks really cool! :D 
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Glad you like it! :thumbsup: 
This is amazing, any chance you could add GPU monitoring to it?
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Sorry, I probably won't be updating it anytime soon, plus I'm not too familiar with GPU-related stuff on Rainmeter. I imagine it would be easy to just replace one of the meters with a GPU meter that you've been using though.
Thank You for Sharing
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Hi esnooze. I'm trying to displace all of the elements (minus the outer and inner circles because I took them off). For example, I'm extending the length of the [time&length] lines and re coordinating the strings so they extend away from the center. The problem is that as I do so, the elements get cut off and I won't be able to see them. Is there a way to edit or change the effective size of the skin? I tried looking for any variables that would correlate to that but I couldn't identify them.

Thanks for the help, cheers.
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Hmm... I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about but there shouldn't be anything in there that would limit the 'effective size of the skin.'

Ok, so I just checked right now by creating a long horizontal line from the outer circle. As expected, it extended all the way to the edge of my screen, which probably means that the limited boundaries (resulting in the cut-off) is caused by something you've changed or added in the .ini file.

If you're stuck, you can just send/link me the modified .ini file or pm me and paste the whole thing and I can take a quick look at it.
I'm sure I'd be able to tell what's causing it once I have a look. 

Good luck!
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