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Welcome to my DA page.  Here you will find a selection of my work, both in Photography and Artisan crafts.

Artisan Crafts:

Rather than traditional art, I now focus on quilting.  I am interested in the more commercial side of things, and am looking to produce smaller, saleable objects such as table runners, placemats/coasters and bookmarks.  I am in the process of setting up my own shop on Etsy, though I am waiting until I have more ready made items in stock before launching.  In the meantime, I am also working on my own website:


Having recently upgraded to the Nikon d7000, I look forward to uploading more pictures to my gallery.  I am particularly interested in macro, wildlife and landscape subjects.  As I improve and learn more about dSLR photography, I would like to diversify a bit more.

Thank you for visiting,

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So, I have a new camera =D

I've always loved photography, but I've usually just admired others from a distance, rather than getting involved myself.  I've taken a few shots that I love with my little point and shoot and that has made me to get more involved.  Hence the new camera purchase!

My love is nature.  Landscapes, plants, animals and geology.  Ok, that last one doesn't really fit in, but hey, rocks do it for me, being a trained Geologist and all :P

At the moment I don't really have the time to get out much but I'm hoping that will change and I'll be able to take some amazing shots.  I feel fresh enthusiasm and joy which I hope will come out in stuff I upload.

Seeing as I am having issues with EXIF data (fireworks hates me), I'm using a Nikon D5000 which I am still getting to grips with.  I'm hoping the camera will have a lot to teach me about manual settings and will be with me for the long haul.
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While I still haven't done any traditional art for quite some time, I am really getting back into my crafts.

My step-mom used to make me lots of clothes when I was kid, and it was also she who introduced me to cross-stitch, which I also used to do quite a lot, still do when the fancy takes me.  But she also used to make quilts!  I remember her hexagonal design quite clearly, and I'm pretty sure she had a log cabin one!

That, and the fact that I love fabric which I then never know what to do with, has introduced me to the joy of quilting.  The first one I have attempted and completed is already in my gallery.  Definitely not perfect, but I was pleased with it all the same.

I am now working very hard on my second quilt which is to be a gift.  What's really nice about working on this on is that I am using beautiful fabrics instead of ones out of the scrap bin!

I'd post WIP but I need to be sure the recipient doesn't check this page first!!
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As you can see from my page, I really haven't had chance to do anything of late, and the most recent pics up there are actually from last summer.  I'm so indecisive, and can never decide which is the best shot if I take more than one, so here I just uploaded 3 of the 7/8 I took.

I've recently got back into crafts, particularly quilting, and out of interest looked to see if DA had a quilting section.  I have to say I was pretty damn surprised when I discovered they do!  Of course, now I've seen examples of others, I don't think I'll be posting my humble attempt anytime soon!  Maybe when I get round to adding some embellishment ^_^

Anyway, that's pretty much all I have to say regarding art.

Life/Job status is still pretty sucky.  At the moment I'm in retail doing 2 days a week (I was luckily to be taken on after being an xmas temp after chucking in my teaching course), which gives me plenty of free time in the week.  So maybe I'll be able to throw up some stuff in the meantime.

I've been thinking what I want to do and I'm pretty sure my future isn't going to be in geology or micropalaeontology, despite everything.  Which kinda sucks, and I feel bad, because I feel like I'm letting my parents down, particularly my mom, but not much I can do about it now.

I have loved textiles ever since school, but never thought of it as a career back then, plus, I was more interested in art, rather than textiles, even though I did both at GCSE.  I'm thinking that I'd love to go on a fashion design course, but whether that will ever happen is anyone's guess.  I don't want to be a world famous fashion designer or anything, but making clothes is something I would love to do.  But meh, I'll probably end up sticking with quilts!!

Anyway, I better dash before this turns into even more of a confessional!!

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Well, this is my first ever journal on DA.  Not really sure why I've decided to write it - this may turn out to be the only entry!  But I shall try and keep it on topic with regard to art/DA.

My art
I've been submitting more things recently than before, and trying out some of the "new" features (they have likely been around ages but I only recently saw them) like being able to group art in the gallery for easier browsing.

This highlighted two things to me:
1.  I need to work more on my own original art.
2.  I have too many "work in progress" images!

I should get cracking...

Watermarks / Art Theft
A few peoples journals have drawn to my attention the fact that even on DA a lot of people claim others work for their own.  This is wrong.  Now, I'm pretty confident that noone would want to steal my art but it's the principle.  I tried out DAs own watermark feature, but the graphic is huge, and really can detract from the image.  After some fiddling about in Adobe FireWorks, I cam across a little, well, motif I guess, that I have now applied to most of my work on here.  Hopefully, this wont detract from the final piece so much.

Final Thoughts
1.  It's a sad time indeed when people feel the need to steal other people's work and claim it as their own.  Sure, a lot of my stuff is fanart, (my creative-ness has bounds! [unfortunately]) but I never claim the compositions as my own.

2.  I need to pull my finger out and work on some stuff while I actually have time (being unemployed apparently has some benefits).  In my defence, messing with my crappy website takes up a lot of my time.  Must - try - harder !


Esme :D

Very last words...
So, before I pressed "add" I was looking for ways to add bolded font etc to make reading easier on the eyes.  Can't see anything, and for some reason I decided to try BB code which obviously didn't work in preview.  So I go to the FAQ section, and apparently CSS and other cool things are for subscribers only.  I mean, WTH?  Gah.  

However, it seems if you know CSS you can just type it in and it works, so stuff their subscriber crap.  Of course, the preview may be lying to me, and I may have to eat my words...
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