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Save Our Ship

all stocks are from sxc [link]
nebulae stock from [link]
edit:I understand that there are splashes underwater. this is more of a symbol. our planet is digging its own ditch by melting the ice caps, destroying the ozone, and burning the rainforests. soon we need a someone or something to save us all from these disasters.
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Great concept wonderfully executed. Very attention grabbing. Awesome symbolism.
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Really nice, I love the colour and the depth of field is great. I'm featuring it in my journal :)
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Very nice manip/composition tHs - everything blends seamlessly and is nice and sharp. The planet itself is fantastic - very realistic.

Cool concept as well, I like it!:)
Survulus's avatar
Love the softness of the lighting here.
Also, looooads of commentings!
eslis's avatar
I get lots of comments :D
Survulus's avatar
lucky for some ;D
iseedeadpixels's avatar
this is done very well
websie143's avatar
WOw...0_o" i love it..:D
tania00017's avatar
what an awesome concept!.. you did a great job here...!
koalahkoalah's avatar
=o this is very interesting (:
eslis's avatar
koalahkoalah's avatar
welcome! its very very neat :D
eslis's avatar
thank youuu :D
sylverwiings's avatar
wow, i LOVE this!
the colours, the theme,
the earth,
im a bit of a eco-girl, well sorta, i try
i spread the news.
do what i can, but this!
well pictures worth 6 billion words right?
one for every person,
and counting on this earth ;]
great great great!
shadyau's avatar
awesome piece
degodson's avatar
good concept, nice lighting, composition looks cool though it would have looked quite cool if you could have hooked the world on onto the hook and added some sort of blood drips dispersing in the water..

cool all the same.
eslis's avatar
thanks! :D yeah i was working on getting the hook on it earlier last night because everyone says i should.
mrjimmyboy's avatar
very sexy work bro... loving it and the colors make it feel dark and dreary just all around nice
eslis's avatar
thanks dude. :D
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That is great, 212 views in 1 day :D I really like the outcome of this video, what music were you listening to while creating this masterpiece? Was it Daft Punk??
eslis's avatar
Haha I actually wasn't listening to any. :|
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