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Genesis I


This was really interesting to make, because I had no idea what it meant until halfway through it. I know its small, thats because it started out being a practice piece, but I ended up liking it.

100% Photoshop
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Looks like a skull :P

Again, very nice manip - nice dramatic colors, and I love all the particle effects.
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I agree that the light on the left is bright, but I actually like it.
This is really great work!
I don't know how you can do that!
Pure genius if you ask me :D
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Looks a lot better now. You are truly a great artist. Keep up the splendid work. I may just have to start using my photoshop. Just have been hooked on pdn.
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Thanks so much. :D

Yeah, I've used PS non stop for the past 8 months. Before that I was using pdn, but when I got my macbook pro I also got CS3 extended.
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WHYS IS SO SMALL? (queue for "thats what she said")
apart from that, its a great piece
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That's not what she said :evillaugh:
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I disagree with the others on the text, i like it sharp, i also loverz the effects above the circle thing, very nice :]
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Sorry, but I don't like this one. The fact that it's so small makes everything seem jumbled together and messy (and don't say you wanted to make it look like that--you never do). The green pixelated line around "Creation" just doesn't work; again, since it was so small, it made it seem like it was done on accident rather purposely. Plus, when I think of Creation, I think of something incredibly graceful and smooth, not distorted and pixelated. The little spotty effects are also all in the exact same position. Try using the Angle Jitter function. Finally, the text is so small and so incredibly sharp that it's almost painful to look at it.
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I guess you just have a different perspective than me. When I think about creation, I think of something being made out of nothing; not beauty into beauty. Before creation, there is black/nothing.

Though, thanks for the feedback. I felt differently about a few things than you stated, and I only submitted it because Mazin and Omar loved it. I love contrast, so I loved this.
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Remove the soft brushes and duplicated noise:shakefish:

The text is a bit too sharp. I like the piece though, cool style. The thing that bothers me the most though is the changes of somethings being extremely sharp and some being really smooth, it makes some elements kind of awkward.

Other than those small details, I like it :D, nice style.
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I applied image way to much to remove all the noise. So I tried brushing over it.
And I did remove the soft brushes. facepalm.jpg :D

ty, qt.
I like it, just wish it could be a little bigger. The sharpness you might want to tone down a little. I like the effects since they are 100% Photoshop.
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thankya. :peace:
yeah I wish it was bigger too.
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good job man! a little critique for you. The effects around the object. are a little bright. Especially to the bottom left hand side. Moreover, you still did a great job.
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Alright thanks! I'll try to tone them down a bit. :D
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