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May 20, 2010
3 angles by ~eslis has very nice colors and the use of shapes really amazes me.
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3 angles

Had nothing to do, so I was messing around. Came out okay I think, thoughts?
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dallon113's avatar
heyy a DD congratz, colours are awesome imo, i like it.
GamerWorld14's avatar
Wow, congrats on the daily deviation. I remember being one of the first comments on here! :D You definitely deserved that attention. Congrats, and good luck with DDs in the future! :D I'm yet to have one. ;)
eslis's avatar
It was my first, so woo! haha Thanks man. :D
GamerWorld14's avatar
Yeah, no problem. :D
CoreyGallagher's avatar
Congrats Wes, haven't checked dA in a while, but it was a nice surprise coming back and seeing that a friend had gotten a DD, kiu.
eslis's avatar
Same man, I decided to fiddle around in PS for the first time in ages and never expected a DD. Means a lot, thanks dude.
csm725's avatar
Made in Paint.NET?
eslis's avatar
nonono, I haven't been a user since I purchased my Macbook Pro back in december 08.
csm725's avatar
So Photoshop cs4 or cs5?
eslis's avatar
cs3 extended
csm725's avatar
Oh - lucky, my uncle has a *shh... pirated* version of cs3 extended - I WANT!
eslis's avatar
Yeah its pretty amazing. I got it legally though from someone with a distributive license. :D The entire design suite.
csm725's avatar
Yeah, I am getting a Wacom Bamboo Pen + Touch with PSE 7...
ScentOfBlood's avatar
Well hey...congratulations.
Ouchy-S's avatar
Kemaru's avatar
Congrats on the DD! Great use of patterns and colours. I :heart: it.
Duker253's avatar
God, newfags just can't triforce.
spaghettiblue's avatar
Wow, this is awesome!
Synthastic's avatar
Wow, you got a DD. congratulations :high-five:
eslis's avatar
Yeah, I just got on this at Josh's house and saw 734 messages.. and I'm like.. what. haha this makes me so happy.
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