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Where I'd Feel Free
I look out, into the city
mesmerized by this view before me
I stand here in this isolated place,
free from the things that oppress me.
This is a place where I'd feel free.
Life is not perfect, that I know
I shift my gaze down below
I see people walking to and fro
they do not see me, watching them go.
I am alone, yet I feel good
I stand here, where sometimes I brood.
But right now just like always, I'm enjoying the silence
Free from the noise of everyday life
Free from the busyness of my life
Here in my place, I feel free
Free to do whatever I want
Free to be myself
Free from the busyness of my life
Mountains to my left, a hill to my right,
a cool breeze passes me by
the soft, cold caress instantly calms me
here I feel great, I feel happy
because this is a place where I'd feel free.
:iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 4 7
Flowers on the Tabletop by EskeltheIceMaster Flowers on the Tabletop :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 0 0
I Saw
Back then, I saw nothing but how the world and its society crumbled.
Right now, I see all the sad remains of the world that had been humbled.
:iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 2 6
Icy Cavity by EskeltheIceMaster Icy Cavity :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 1 0
A Candle
Hey there reader, I have a tale;
One I would like to share with you.
A mad man's rant this is not,
a person to speak with, now I sought.
At a young age I used to see,
things a young boy should not have seen.
But, alas! I was not free,
from the powers given to me.
A ghoulish figure at the corner,
weird voices by the tree,
I tried to make myself stronger,
from the beings that haunted me.
Who knew that my savior would be a candle?
No- wait, it wasn't.
It was my religious faith that helped me,
from the things that used to overwhelm me.
That candle was a prayer,
it shone on the darkness,
it made me feel safer,
against the forces of darkness.
I would light up a candle,
when it started to get dark.
The challenges I could now handle,
in the flammable fields of revolution, a tiny bit it could spark.
:iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 0 0
There for You.
I see you
looking up at the sky,
I sense that you are feeling sad.
Don't be afraid, let me help you,
tell me your burdens and,
I'll be there.
I don't know
what you are going through,
but I would like to know it.
Don't be afraid, let me help you,
tell me your burdens and,
I'll be there.
:iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 1 2
What Was Right
Deep into the night, I swear.
I can see them standing there.
Hand in hand, they stare at me.
Anxious, I watch as they say to me,
things could have ended better
if only you had the courage
to do what was right.
If only you fought for it,
with all your might.
:iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 4 3
Living On A Wall by EskeltheIceMaster Living On A Wall :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 0 0 Oceanic Blue by EskeltheIceMaster Oceanic Blue :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 2 0 Skies Ablaze - Golden by EskeltheIceMaster Skies Ablaze - Golden :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 0 3 Soft Glow by EskeltheIceMaster Soft Glow :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 1 0 Skies Ablaze by EskeltheIceMaster Skies Ablaze :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 22 2
He is an author,
he writes these novels,
introduces characters,
shows us places,
he makes universes.
She is an author,
she writes these short stories,
enchants children with fairy tales,
she entertains, and her works become part of someone's childhood.
I'm am an author,
I tell stories by speech and by hand,
I write letters and essays,
poetry and prose,
I express myself and my experiences through my work.
You are an author,
even though it isn't your profession,
you are one,
whether you like it or not.
We are the authors,
you and I are both writers,
we cannot do a thing about it,
we all write our own book,
yesterday is a chapter,
of which we can neither erase nor rewrite,
tomorrow is a chapter,
we can choose what to do,
and how to do it.
Our book won't go too long,
it has an end,
such is life.
As the authors,
it is our choice,
whether our book would be wasted,
or will be a masterpiece.
How do you want your book to be?
:iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 0 0
Among Many Others by EskeltheIceMaster Among Many Others :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 0 0 Perched On Your Window by EskeltheIceMaster Perched On Your Window :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 3 0 Blanket by EskeltheIceMaster Blanket :iconeskeltheicemaster:EskeltheIceMaster 0 0

Random Favourites

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“Jesus, how long does it take to put on a tux?”
His voice came to me muffled by the heavy curtain in front of the changing room. “I — appreciate — it,” he said as he struggled with the garment, “but — my name’s — Ethan.”
I laughed, my bangs swinging to the side of my face. Curling my legs up on the leather armchair, my eyes wandered over the dark, musty tailor shop. “That joke has been way overdone. Like, so overdone, it’s burnt to a crisp.”
“Why’d you laugh at it, then?” I could hear him grinning through the curtain. His feet were thumping on the hardwood floor, and I could imagine him almost falling over as he slipped in his socks. I giggled into my hand.
All was quiet for a minute, the only sounds coming from the cash register at the other end of the store. Drawing my eyebrows together, I asked, “Everything okay? You didn’t have a heart attack or something?”
:iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 23 26
The Great Race
I crack my knuckles and touch the ground, stretching my calves the way Olympic runners do before a race. The gravel spikes at my palms; my muscles burn from the stretching. Jogging in place, I breathe in short bursts that form into clouds in the chilly air.
Max paces back and forth next to me, holding a clipboard and waving his pen like a conductor. My body is so full of electricity from the anticipation that I want to slap him as hard as I can just for the sake of letting go of the tension. Instead, I crack my knuckles again, making Max cringe in a satisfying way.
Shaking it off, Max checks his watch before pushing his glasses to the top of his head. “Four minutes,” he says, reading off the clipboard. “The race starts at the fifth period bell. That way, you won’t meet any teachers in the hallways who are running late, but there might be some girls still rushing to class after lunch.” He looks up, scrunching his eyebrows together. “Although I really
:iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 119 72
Sonnet No. 13 (Soaring Sonnet)
Night, o Night! - Beauty without light.
Your knights, warden in lucent gold;
their hands wield swords of blackest hue,
and their eyes glint with wisdom bright.
O, they are a sight to behold - 
ev'ry night they unfold anew.
Three knights of noblest ancestry
that thee have blessed, in rise and fall.
'Tis your call that urges them on,
their steps foregone by destiny.
Pale moon's light the sea doth befall
before the black knights bawl the dawn.
Where night recedes coming of light,
three knights stand to aid you in plight.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 10 0
The Closet Skeletons
look around and raise your hand
if you've never done any wrong.
look around and come to see:
in that is no difference
betwixt you and me.
we did them wrong, 
we did them bad,
we did it so that they
would be driven mad,
lest in misery we
don't feel all that alone.
they became skeletons in our closet;
draped by old clothes, lies
and forgotten tears -
by whatever came by 
throughout the years.
they lay there quiet,
they lay there long;
they lay there 'til
their bitter taste has
left our tongue.
but at night when we
are sound asleep,
their withered bones come
back roaring, soaring with
every single tear they've shed;
reaching out to haunt our dreams
with visions of their 
former selves.
it is remorse! --
this wonderful feeling!
it draws shadows of
closet skeletons
on the ceiling.
:iconartcrusade:ArtCrusade 3 0
Great stuff.



Hey guys! It's me again, Eskel. Wow...just wow, I have been out for a while. A really long while and I apologize if I had missed anything. I reappeared and disappeared. And now here I am again. Things have gotten pretty busy lately, what with school and Holidays and other stuff. I just realized there's been a lot of stuff I haven't been doing lately, and stuff that I think I should be doing but not doing.

Anyway, now that I think about it, I'm a little bothered and annoyed by the fact that I haven't written in a while. In particular, I haven't continued writing Calypso of Ogygia. It's something that has been untouched for a really long while. And by that I mean a really long while. I've been thinking that I'd finish it shortly and get it over with. I owe the readers (if there are any) that much. I don't want to abandon it, so I'll just finish it.

I've also been thinking of posting a couple other stuff, but being the Master Procrastinator I (am) can be, I haven't posted them yet. I'll get to it right away (I hope).

So, I think that's it. I can be pretty forgetful, but I think that's it. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I had a pretty different one, I don't know if it was a good different or a bad different. Maybe a little bit of both, but more of the good different. I hope you guys have your New Years resolutions ready, I'm still making mine XD. That's pretty much it, this has been a pretty great year for me, I hope it has been a pretty great year for you guys as well. :D

Oh yeah, and it was my birthday last December 1. So yeah. Just saying. :P
  • Listening to: Canon Rock - Sungha Jung
  • Reading: Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
  • Eating: Some food (although I had brunch already)
  • Drinking: Coconut Juice (I thought it was water, oh well)

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Hey guys!
The name's Eskel, and this is my Bio (kinda).
I write things, I enjoy arts, and music.
Some of the things I enjoy (especially here on DA) are:
Photography, Literature, Film & Animation and Digital Art.
I have accounts at ArchiveofOurOwn and - My username is Forfatteren.
The name's Eskel, it's nice to meet you!
Great day today eh? How do you do?
I'm friendly, and I don't bite.
Talk to me if you want to.
So come on in, I'll be waiting.
My name is Eskel and it's nice to meet you.
Please do not use my art (part or full) for commercial or noncommercial uses.
Please ask for my permission first.
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