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Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae  Long Sprout by garden-corvidae Mountain Biome event  Long Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae  Sprout by garden-corvidae

Welcome to the Mountain Biome Event!
For the next 7 weeks we will be celebrating the Mountain Biome with a quest, mini activity, bonuses, and prizes.

Event is open January 14th - March 8th

All event artwork and writing must be submitted by March 8th 11:59 PM PST
The Mountain Biome Quest and Mini-event deadline has been extended from March 1st to March 8th

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Biome Bonus

All Mountain Biome artwork and writing submitted to the group during this event will receive a +5AP and +2GP bonus!

Artwork and writing submissions for the Biome Bonus must show the Mountain Biome clearly using a background or descriptive language. You may not reuse backgrounds or bases, each artwork must be completely original in order to count. YCH scenes with multiple esk are permitted as long as there are no reused elements. Submissions do not have to include esk from the Mountain Biome, and esk outside of their biome should be portrayed without nature features. This bonus does not stack with normal game bonuses such as Monthly or Origin Prompts.

Please submit your Biome Bonus artwork/writing to the Events gallery folder

Submit your Mountain Biome artwork and writing by March 8th in order to receive this bonus.

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 Mountain Biome Quest: Shattered Peaks 

This is a linear story quest. All entries will receive a +15AP and +8GP bonus plus opportunities to win prizes. This quest is different from our earlier events — please read the new instructions thoroughly!

Shattered Peaks will take you on a challenging journey through the mountain biome. The story will unfold in a series of chapters that will be gradually released, and each chapter will offer multiple story options to choose from. This quest gives you the opportunity for a lot of customization, but you must complete it in order starting at Chapter 1. Quest completion will enter you into a raffle for an Abnormal MYO slot, and each chapter comes with a guaranteed participation prize. Quest completion will also earn a blessing or curse for your esk, a new game feature that will be explained in the final chapter. You can only earn the Abnormal MYO ticket once, however you are allowed to go through and complete the quest as many times as you want (each time must be with a different esk). Going through the quest a second time will give you the chapter rewards for a second time, including a blessing or curse. For your third completion and beyond, only the blessing or curse will be available. 
This quest will put your character's decision-making skills to the test, be it alone or with a group. We hope you enjoy this whirlwind adventure!

Please Note: Lore-wise, this quest only makes sense for each esk to experience it once. You can only include other esk in your entry if you and the esk's owner agree that they are going on the quest together. For example, you and your friend's esks could go on it together, and could be in each other's entries, but then those same characters could not be reused in an entirely new playthrough by someone else.

New game feature:  Blessings & Curses!

Check out the Blessings & Curses journal to learn more and redeem your blessing or curse!


For this quest we have a separate page listing all of the rules and requirements, including a checklist that you can go through before submitting your entry to make sure it is eligible for the bonuses and prizes.

View quest rules and requirement checklists


You will need to comment on the quest prizes page in order to get your tickets. 
Comments for the prize claims are open! Click the link below to access the voucher + abnormal ticket claim.

View quest prizes

Badge-transparent by fiachmara

BEGIN THE Shattered Peaks QUEST Here!

Please submit your quest artwork/writing to the Quest: Shattered Peaks gallery folder

Submit your entries by March 8th in order to receive the bonus and raffle tickets.

Banner by Memuii

Mini-activity: Research in the Mountains

This is a smaller, non-narrative activity for any players that want a more casual event option. There is no extra bonus aside from the biome bonus, but all participants will earn a treasure, as well as the chance to win an MYO slot!

In this activity you will need to learn about an endangered nature feature that is native to the Mountain Biome and include it in any form of artwork or writing. You can include it in the background of an illustration, integrate into your esk poetry, or describe your esk encountering it on its journeys. This activity is open-ended and has no minimum artistic or word count requirements. Score your entries normally and apply the biome bonus.
Participants can only earn one MYO raffle ticket, but are allowed to submit an unlimited number of entries if they feel inspired to.

Mini-activity rules:

Image by Esk-Masterlist  Entry must include at least one esk.
[Licoon] EXP  Entry must include the species name in the description.
[Licoon] EXP  For this activity plants, fungi, lichens, rocks, minerals, and molds are all accepted.
[Licoon] EXP  The nature feature must be clearly depicted or described in your submission in order to count.
[Licoon] EXP  This is an opportunity to learn more about nature! Please do your research and select nature features that accurately fit the regions below. 
[Licoon] EXP  You may submit only one entry per region.

Mountain Research Links

Here are some research links to help you get started! Please note that these lists include all endangered plants, so you must double check which ones match the mountain biome! Feel free to explore resources beyond these links.
List of Endangered Plants Image by Esk-Masterlist Link
List of Critically Endangered Plants  [Licoon] EXP   Link


You will need to comment on the prize page in order to get your ticket. 
Comments will be open at the end of the event after the deadline with a grace period.

View mini-activity prizes

Please submit your Mountains Research artwork/writing to the Events gallery folder

Submit your entries by March 8th in order to enter the raffles

Banner by Desert-Wyvern

Alter Your Form - Open till March 11th 11:59PM (PST)

For a limited time only your esk will be able to purchase these special alterations using their GP without any AP requirements. You can only apply these alterations to the esk that is trading in the GP and they are not transferable to other characters. These alterations are only available during the event and are currently the only way to the unique trait without  adding it with an Abnormal Transformation.

These form alterations can apply to esk of any biome and are not limited to Mountain esk only. If you want to explain these changes in your character's lore you can create your own story behind them... perhaps they visited the Mountain Biome and had a profound experience that changed them on a deep level, or maybe they found a magical area in the biome that can change an esk's appearance... it's up to you to help expand the esk lore with your unique interpretations!


[Licoon] EXP  One purchase per esk.
[Licoon] EXP  One purchase per comment.
[Licoon] EXP  You must wait for staff to confirm your purchase before adding it to your character.
[Licoon] EXP  You still need to do a Spirit Renewal request to update your masterlist image with these changes. 
[Licoon] EXP  Once your trait is confirmed by staff, any additional changes afterwards will require a reconfirmation in the original purchase thread if a Spirit Renewal has not been done and the esk has not been drawn or written with that trait in any artwork. If an esk has been drawn or written about with the new trait and you wish to make changes to that trait, a modify trait purchase in the Energy Exchange is needed.


Mountainevent-formalteration-clouds by KaijuRomance

Cloud Elemental  •  100GP

This will grant an existing esk character a cloud elemental. 

Emoticon: Cloud   Comment HERE to claim your cloud elemental  Emoticon: Cloud 
Please include a link to your character tracker and a mock-up of your design!
Staff will need to review it to make sure it meets elemental requirements.

Winter Coat  •  100GPSmall GP icon 

This form alteration will allow you to add a winter coat to your esk character. This grants esk the ability to shift between their normal form and a form with longer/thicker fur. Coloration is not affected.

Snowflake   Comment HERE to claim your winter coat alteration   Snowflake 
Please include a link to your character tracker and a mock-up of your design!
Staff will need to review it to make sure it meets the requirements.

Auric Feathers  •  50GPSmall GP icon 

This form alteration will allow you to add auric feathers to your esk character. During this event you will be able to purchase this unique trait simply by trading in Growth Points! Auric feathers are an enchantment and not a physical feather, so they must be transparent and ethereal. Glowing is optional but recommended. Feathers can be any color. They are not wings, and cannot move. They do not need to be a realistic feather size, meaning they can scale larger for large esk. You may have up to 5 feathers with this purchase.
Limit one purchase per esk!

Flipped Feather   Comment HERE to claim auric feathers   Feather 
Please include a link to your character tracker and a mock-up of your design!
Staff will need to review it to make sure it meets the guidelines mentioned here.

Mountainevent-formalteration-rocks by KaijuRomance

Rocks  •  5GPSmall GP icon 

Just rocks. One to three rocks, to be exact. These rocks can even float, like the air plant morph. There are a lot of rocks out there, but these rocks are yours.

   Comment HERE to claim the best rocks in town   
Please include a link to your character tracker and a mock-up of your design!
Staff will need to review it to make sure it meets the guidelines mentioned here.

All participants will receive a badge at the end of the event.
Have fun!

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Shelybear's avatar
Oh thank you so much for extending the event!!!! I couldn't image how I could finished it since my pc was having technical problems for weeks and now it's finally getting back to work! Still have 3 more scene to work on.. ;w;
CharakyARPG's avatar
Are the form alterations also available until the 8th?
W001F's avatar
I'm so sorry we missed your question, all form alterations are still available till Match 11th!
Yodeldog's avatar
Much thanks for the extension! While I think I could have finished in time for the old deadline, it's been a very busy month with a lot of rushing going on. It's good to know I can take a little more time on my last piece. I'm sure everyone appreciates it. <3
Eldritch-Aberrance's avatar
Yess THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EXTENDING.  This has been a busy and trying month, with lots of different February events going on on top, and I super appreciate this.  ;u;
SoleSurvivor23's avatar
Thank you for the extension! <3 I can maybe get finished with all the chapters this way! :D
Kyuuyula's avatar
How exactly do we redeem our elementals?
I see no comment we can comment under in Chapter 3 as in the other chapters. :confused:
hitodama89's avatar
I was just searching the answer for this very same question and eventually found the right thread:…
Kyuuyula's avatar
Thank you so very much! ;v; :iconspazhugplz:
silverbreeze42's avatar
Can you do an animal as the ‘endangered nature feature’ from the research in the mountains prompt?
(sorry if this is a dumb question I’m still trying to figure things out for this group haha)

EDIT: NO I CANNOT I didn’t finish reading I’m so sorry :’)
r0senr0tten's avatar
"All Mountain Biome artwork and writing submitted to the group during this event will receive a +5AP and +2GP bonus!
This is a linear story quest. All entries will receive a +15AP and +8GP bonus plus opportunities to win prizes."

does this mean that every entry, as in singular submission, is worth +20AP and +10GP? or am i just bad at math
nybird's avatar
Each entry for the event will get 20AP and 10GP, along with the regular scoring and bonuses. If you need some assistance calculating the points please feel free to let me know, I am happy to help. :>
r0senr0tten's avatar
Ahhh, okay!! Tysm ❤
TwistedScience's avatar
For the familiar prize, does the mountain jungle familiar only appear when in the esk's boundary, in the mountain biome, or both? 
rat-kings's avatar
hmm IMMA SAY its  only in the esks boundary or both

familiars could be the same as enchantments/ elementals

OR  theyre like nature features and  only in the esks boundary
Kyuuyula's avatar
I have to ask to make sure nothing changed or DID change for this event compared to previous ones. XD

So, I read in the last chapter that we can have 2 playthroughs? Does that mean I can earn 2 familiars, items and elementals for the same esk or does it have to be for a different character?
Or to phrase it differently, somewhat: Can each esk I depict (owned by me) get the quest reward or just one of them (as it was with previous events)?

Just want to check so I don't miss out on anything. Sorry for being potentially annoying. :v
Nairo-Ryu's avatar
The familiars, accessory, and elementals are vouchers that can be kept forever, essentially. They can be used on whatever esk you would like that belongs to you. If there is an esk you have currently that you don't want to use the rewards on you can hold on to the voucher for a future esk : ) You also don't have to bring that esk on the quest to use the voucher on them. 

You can earn 2 familiars, accessory, and elementals for this event, correct! You would be able to earn them through two separate playthroughs, so you would be able to do playthrough 1 with Esk A and collect the rewards, and then playthrough 2 with Esk B and collect the vouchers again! The only prize that is not doubled up on is the abnormal ticket. If you have an further questions please let me know : D
Kyuuyula's avatar
I'll make sure to safe the vouchers then, I'll likely not use them right away. ^^

But to clarify, that would mean we need to make 2 playthroughs instead of getting 2 of each reward in 1 playthough when we depict both/multiple esk in one go, correct? :)

And I was wondering, is it possible to combine the colour palette quests with the main story artworks to collect the bonus points? I think previously we needed seperate entries, so I want to check if that has changed now too by some chance.

Thanks for your help! I'm super happy we can earn multiple rewards in this event so I'll get to drawing right away. <3
Nairo-Ryu's avatar
That would be correct! You would have to make two separate playthroughs, each with a separate esk, since canonically for this story an esk can only visit the shrines once. 
For this quest you can totally combine the color palette bonus in with the quest+biome bonus : ) 
Kyuuyula's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm happy to hear we can combine palettes with the main quest~. :la:
Chaccra's avatar
Omg, this event is awesome! 
mothsighs's avatar
I have a question about the rock alteration! Can rocks be placed on the head to mimic horns? Or would this be considered a horn mutation and therefore not be allowed / would cost extra?

oh and one more thing, would minerals or gems count as “rocks”? Or would it just have to be regular ol’ stones? Would soft stones like charcoal or chalk that you can write with work? (
Star-Squiddle's avatar
Regular old rocks, they can mimic horns so long as they still look like rocks. Coal and chalk would work, charcoal would be considered more plant matter.
mothsighs's avatar
ok awesome!! Thanks so much (:
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