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Welcome! Below are the rules to guide you on how to update information on the masterlist!

How do I get my Esk in the masterlist?

The TWWM team keeps the masterlist up to date — you do not have to do anything to get your masterlist entry posted after your MYO has been approved, premade has been purchased, or custom has been completed.

How does the masterlist work?

There are 4 comments on each masterlist entry as follows:

Tracking Journal
This is where you can add your link to your Character Tracker in order to record GP for your esk in the ThoseWhoWentMissing ARPG. For guidelines on how create a Character Tracker for your esk go here! Please note that all GP an Esk accumulates is bound to that esk! GP is non-transferable and cannot be tranferred to another Esk, consider making this easier on the new owner by allowing them to copy the Esk's GP tracker after trading.

We ask that if you trade your Esk please remove your linked tracker from the masterlist by hiding it! You can also ask the staff to hide outdated trackers for you.

Ownership Transfer
This comment is where you leave updates to ownership via trading, reselling, swapping, or gifting! Please take a look at the Ownership Transfer Rules to make sure you aren't breaking any rules while trading your Esk! The FORMER OWNER is the only person allowed to update ownership, and must tag the new owner in the comment! Please also remember to take screenshots as well as confirm ownership of all characters involved on both ends of the trade to protect yourself from scams. You must wait until your Esk is added to the masterlist, or that you have been updated as the current owner before attempting to transfer ownership.

:new:  Ownership of adoptables is not finalized until payment is received in full. You cannot do any form of ownership exchange or use the Esk in the ARPG until the ownership is finalized; masterlist entries will be marked as "not finalized" until payment is confirmed.

Please read through everything below before updating ownership:

This section is where things such as Energy Exchange upgrades, and other updates to your Esk will go. Please be sure to get rewards approved by a staff member before adding them to the rewards section of your Esk. In certain cases a staff member may comment with rewards on your behalf! Please remember that all upgrades are not transferable and are bound to that Esk. You are not allow to transfer any rewards awarded to your Esk.

:new: Masterlist images can now be updated with new mods, read the Spirit Renewal journal for more info:

This is where a staff member will mark down the Biome you have chosen for your esk, please note once a Biome is assigned to an Esk it is not allowed to be changed. This is included in instances of trades, so please make sure you are okay with the current set Biome of an esk before trading for it, as it will not be changed. For a guide on biomes please go here!

Please do not reply to the Biome comment, this will be done by staff to insure no one can edit their Esk's biome. Instead go here to sign up for a biome;

PLEASE KNOW that a biome must be assigned to your Esk on the masterlist before you are allowed to participate in the ARPG, as well as be listed in your Esk's Character Tracker.

If you have any questions involving the masterlist or transferring ownership please feel to note the ThoseWhoWentMissing group!
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