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Guestartist by witherlings
Updated February 19th 2021


we will let everyone know when applications will be available again c:

Guest artists have the opportunity to create and sell esk adoptables at ThoseWhoWentMissing with approval from witherlings or the TWWM staff. Guest sales help bring new esk concepts into the game and provide an opportunity for TWWM artists to create designs they might not have the opportunity to make as MYOs. and All guest artists have the option to donate a part of the sale's earnings to the group or create esk designs for a monthly free raffle. It is very important to us that guests feel fairly compensated and rewarded for their contribution to the species so we have flexible earnings options listed below. 

Batch Sales do now have a limit of 4 Esk maximum.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Sale Options • Choose one:

 Flat-sale batch  
You will be able to create and sell a batch of up to 4 esk adoptables. Batch adoptables should be priced at no more than $100 each. We try to offer a diverse range of price options in the group and keep batches at accessible price levels. If you use a sliding scale you are allowed to place the range above $100 as long as buyers still have the option of paying $100 or less. Ideal price range for batch adoptables is $50-$80 each. We also occasionally do discount sales at $25-$50, please let us know if you would be open to doing a discount batch. Batch adoptables must be normal esk (no Abnormals and no Elementals), but can have accessories, familiars and/or enchantments.

 Single adoptable auction
You will be able to create and sell a single esk adoptable in an auction format. Guest auctions often earn $300-$600 each but can go as high as $1k. There is no limit on how high your auction goes and you are allowed to set an autobuy if you choose to do so. Auction adoptables can be Abnormal or Elementals. These esk may also have accessories, familiars and/or enchantments.

You are free to choose either option! If you are more interested in trying lots of different design ideas you may want to do a batch, if you prefer to work more thoroughly on a single developed idea you may want to do an auction. If you do not have a preference we can choose for you. If you choose one option you are welcome to re-apply and do the other option in the future.
Custom designs as a sale option will not be offered, since purchasable MYOs are no longer offered.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Earnings Options • Choose one:

 Monetary donation 
A monetary donation can be made to help support the group, the suggested donation amount is at least $15. The donation helps with running the game and provides core memberships to keep the game looking spiffy with the core features!  (such as journal skins)
The donation can be made through our ko-fi

 Keep 100% and make an adoptable donation 
If you would like to keep 100% of the money from your sale you will be asked to make an adoptable donation. Guest sales are an important part of how we fund free content and giveaways in the group, if you are unable to contribute a portion of your earnings to this goal then we ask that you help us generate free content directly by making some free esk for the community. Donation designs may include Elementals but should not be Abnormals. These donated designs will be compiled into a free raffle sheet and should be posted within the same calendar month as your sale. You can make your donation in one of the following ways:
 If you do a batch sale you can make 2 additional adoptables to be raffled off for free to the group.
 If you do a single auction you can make 1 additional adoptable to be raffled off for free to the group.
 If your sale/auction takes place during an active event you can make event prizes.

If you are interested in combining an earnings split with doing an additional adoptable donation please let us know, we are happy to work on adjustments to any of these options on a case-by-case basis. Thank you!

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Guidelines

You can create an esk with any origin, nature features, magic/mods, or traits that you like. The only limitation is that batch sales can only be normal esk and not have elementals, while single auctions can include Abnormals and elementals. When your design is completed you will need to check in with TWWM staff for final approval before posting. 

 We strongly recommend sending rough sketches and WIPs to us for review and not waiting until your design is completed before getting a staff review. We cannot guarantee that we will not need you to make significant edits or go with a completely new design if your adoptable does not fit into the species properties and guidelines, or if it is otherwise ineligible (examples: looks like another species, looks too "anthro," overly resembles an existing esk, etc)Sending sketches and WIPs will help ensure that your design can be successfully reviewed and approved for sale/donation without needing to do major edits or re-dos. 

 You get to determine the nature, boundary, and size. ID info and traits list need to be finalized with staff before the sale is posted. Once your sale is posted please send a group note to TWWM with the image file you would like to have used in the masterlist. We will add your sale to the Featured gallery folder while it is active and promote it in our calendar, discord and Adoptable News  page. A ThoseWhoWentMissing staff member will contact you directly about making arrangements for splitting earnings or adoptable donations.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Sharing sneak peeks of your design

Sharing WIPs or sneak peeks of your design is allowed, but we generally like to surprise our player base. Please keep in mind that the final design needs to be approved by staff. Because of this, you may run the risk of promoting a design that may need alterations down the line. If you want to share a WIP and are unsure about the design, note the group first.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae We respect your ToS

If you have your own adoptable rules than are different from the ones outlined in the ThoseWhoWentMissing Ownership terms we will respect your rules. Please make this information clear on your submission so the buyers are informed. We only ask you to include the rule that backing out from a sale will result in a temporary ban from TWWM sales and raffles.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Applications are currently CLOSED!

Applications are reviewed once a month when the schedule is being set for upcoming sales, if there is a long list of applicants waiting you may not hear back from us for a few months and this is normal. We will, however, reply to your application to let you know that we have received it! Ideal applicants should be enthusiastic about the species and show an understanding of the lore and aesthetic goals of the esk world. Exceptional applicants will show an aptitude for character design or conceptual artwork and an ability to render plants and other nature features. Experience designing/selling adoptables is not required.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Requirements

 + Must be TWWM player at Bud (800AP) level or higher 
+ Must have at least 5 pieces of TWWM-related colored artwork in your gallery
 + Must be at least 18 years or older (to be in compliance with Paypal's rules) at the time of applying
+ Must possess your own Paypal account (using someone else's account is against Paypal's ToS)

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Application

 Link to TWWM Player Profile:
 Some notes/ideas about possible esk designs (in writing — do not send artwork):
 Why you are interested in being an Esk guest artist:
 What sort of sale you would like to do ( batch, auction) and would like to do a free adopt or donate: 
Are you 18 or older:

Please send completed application to TWWM by group note
Please do not contact us to ask about your application status, you will hear from the TWWM team when there is an available guest slot for you. Guest sale opportunities are in high demand and there may be a wait period of a few months before you get a sale slot, we appreciate your patience!

Reminder! You will get full scoring for your guest artist submission just like any other masterlist artwork. This includes both AP for you as the artist and GP for the esk.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Scheduling

You will get a message from a TWWM team member when we are ready to schedule your sale. You will be assigned to an upcoming month and then be able to choose one of three time options for your sale, which are about one week long each. Sales do best when they are spaced out evenly, so a team member will check in with you some days before your sale to make sure we won't have any overlapping between guests. If you can let us know what date you'd like to post your sale on we can add it to the Adoptable News page early on for more exposure.

Number of Guest Artists

Each month will have 3 main guest artists. These three artists will then be asked they are okay with going live at the same time or in a batch with another guest artist, which allows us to invite up to 3 additional artists per month, for a total of 6 guest artists. This allows us to work throught the queue faster. Naturally, every guest artist will always have the option to go live alone instead.

Guest sales have brought many incredible and innovative esk into the group, we very much appreciate your contribution to the species and community. Thank you!

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