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Published: October 10, 2019

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The autumn wind catches you in a state of reverie / contemplation. Whether you feel the cooling air whip through your form or see leaves explode in a mosaic of color and fizzle like firecrackers to the chilling earth, the entire earth around you seems to be changing.  You’ve experienced both intense change and stasis in your past lifetime, but in this new life you’ve been granted or cursed with, you feel both simultaneously. Even though your form has changed, or you’ve grown, you lingered: transformed into a spectre that haunts the crevices of tree bark or the space between grains of sand. You found connection, here, in the roots that tangle your fur as they have nestled into the earth for eons, in the tireless wind rushing through your unmoved fur, bonding and breaking and touch and absence.

The chill of wind snaps you from your contemplation. You find yourself in a familiar place, perhaps your boundary or in a favorite spot in another biome. The last yawns of summer bellow around you in the gentle hued light--the water or sand cooling, snow stretching further and further, the leaves beginning to float gingerly from their branches--but something about this place is unusual. You’ve visited here countless times but a low thrum of energy floods the space. Perhaps you are wary or intrigued, but instinctually you feel that whatever force seems to have taken hold of this space is not malicious.

Slowly, strange lights blink into existence in front of you--squinting your eyes, they appear to be a swarm of bioluminescent creatures, will o wisps, or merely enchanting floating lights. They float slowly and eerily through the air towards you, but stop just before you, forming a trail extending outwards into the shadowy edge of your vision. Drifting idly, the lights seem to extend a gentle invitation towards you.

Do you accept?

Depict your esk in the familiar place they find themselves in, or encountering the strange lights. What does your esk think of the changing seasons? Does it stir up any emotions or memories about their own changes? Are they surprised to find themselves drawn to a place that they know but were perhaps not purposefully headed to? Are they accompanied by friends? What do the strange lights look like? Is your esk afraid, angered, cautious, or curious?

If you complete this prompt you will be eligible for the AP and GP ladder, earn the event bonus points, and will unlock the ability to complete the following event prompts. To claim your place in the points ladder, please see HERE.

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A strange sight catches your attention as you walk further into the magical space. Seeds of varying sizes have been placed in a neat line on the path ahead of you, illuminated with a gentle glow -- beckoning you into the unknown. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, the mysterious kernels lead you towards another wide open clearing. A gentle aroma of the harvest swirls around you, drawing you further towards the center of the mysterious clearing where more of the seeds are strewn haphazardly about. A rustle of movement behind you startles you, but when you whip around you see nothing but the path that has led you here. When you glance back towards the mysterious seeds, though, they are instead replaced with a grove of lush, edible plants, fully grown and heavy with fruit.

The open clearing your Esk is lead to could be an orchard, a cluster of fruit-bearing cacti, a thicket of edible berries, a lush kelp forest, a grove of coconut trees, or you can describe your own version of cropland your esk might explore.

Depict your esk discovering the sprouting seeds. How do they feel about the sudden harvest they have stumbled upon? What kind of edible plants did they find, and how have they been affected by the strange magic?

Completing this prompt will allow you to enter for the harvest ID MYO raffle which you can enter HERE, and earns you the event bonus points. You can only enter the raffle once, so only your first submission for this prompt counts as an entry to the raffle - any additional submissions will just earn the event bonus points.

Mazebanner by Inklement

Through the Maze

The dancing lights have lead you far from the clearing you started in. Your surroundings disappear in a swirl of mist, leaving only the lights as your guide in the low light. But ahead of you, something comes into focus -- a strange object.  You walk towards it, but just before the item is within your reach you are rooted in place. The mist lifts at once, and you can see an obstacle in your path. Surrounding you entirely is what you can only describe as a maze. You might try phasing through the walls that tower around you, but with a wave of nausea and confusion you realize that you can’t. Something about the odd magic of the night prevents you from using your ghostly powers to go around - or over - the maze. You crane your neck upwards, looking for any alternate escapes, but are only left with one option: to keep going.

The strange object you encounter may be an item precious to your esk, an etched stone, a disfigured tree, an ice sculpture, or invent your marker or object to begin your esk's entry into the maze.

Show your Esk navigating the maze. The maze could be created out of network of caves, a narrow trail through a cactus field, pillars of ice, a traditional corn maze, or a thicket of coral. Or you may invent a maze all your own! Feel free to be as creative as you’d like.

Completing this prompt will earn you the event bonus points, and a voucher to be used in the prize pool which you can claim HERE. Only your first 2 submissions for this prompt will earn you a voucher - any additional submissions will just earn the event bonus points.

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Reeling with a flurry of emotions caused by the intriguing and unfamiliar sights around you, you decide to step aside for a bit of a breather. As you search for a place to do so, though, your gaze falls upon what appears to be some sort of shrine shrouded in mist. It is far too intriguing of a sight to pass up, so you approach carefully and begin to examine it. This mysterious shrine begins to glow dully as you step up to it, begging for your full attention. A low hum rumbles around you for a fleeting moment before suddenly, the shrine bursts with life. Left behind are a multitude of treats and gifts at the foot of the structure. You realize, slowly, that these treats are gifts left behind just for you.

The shrine you encounter may be an actual shrine, a lost item, some sort of altar, a rocky structure, fallen or hollow log, or something that could have special meaning to your Esk.

Show your esk approaching the shrine and what their treats might be. The treats that appear could be sweet treats, flowers, your esk's favourite thing, or even a beloved memory from their past. Feel free to be creative with it!

Completing this prompt will earn you the event bonus points, and a voucher to be used in the prize pool which you can claim HERE. Only your first 2 submissions for this prompt will earn you a voucher - any additional submissions will just earn the event bonus points.

Carving Banner by Kiire

Carving Lanterns

As you follow the splintering pathway, you abruptly realise that you're being watched. A pair of shining orbs glimmer from nearby and you lock eyes with them, but you can't make out the rest of their form through the low lighting or thick foliage. Bothered by the uncomfortable feeling of the glowing eyes on your back, you stride over with (perhaps false) bravado, only to find the culprit to be a nature feature with a crudely carved face. Beside it sits another, and another - and suddenly you're utterly surrounded by bright eyes, wide grins, and a myriad of patterns.

The carved faces you discover could be designs carved into fruits, hollowed out fallen logs, engraved rocks, or any other decorated nature features found in your esk's location.

Show your esk investigating the source of the glowing eyes. The pulsing magic has made the faces light up, so they could be visible through thick forest, tall grasses, or deep water.

Completing this prompt will earn you the event bonus points, and a voucher to be used in the prize pool which you can claim HERE. Only your first 2 submissions for this prompt will earn you a voucher - any additional submissions will just earn the event bonus points.

Esk Event Banner by aHorseForEverySeason

A Mysterious Game

A soft tune pulls you from your thoughts. It sounds familiar, somehow, and the faint lullaby leads you deep into the unknown. It progressively gets louder with each step that you take, until all at once it stops and you're left with an eerie silence. Ahead of you, you can see a vague shape of a structure reclaimed by nature. You step closer, straining your eyes against the darkness in order to get a better look. With a flash, lights flicker on in the form of lights glowing brighter than you've ever seen, dancing lazily in the darkness. The once-overgrown shape blooms to life in the form of what looks almost like a gate, illuminated by the swirling fairy lights. As you stare at the flickering lights, you feel like you’re being challenged to a game.

The gate your Esk is lead to could be an overgrown stall from a long-lost carnival, a shabbily put-together stall made of sticks and logs, the window of an abandoned house or barn, or you can describe your own version of the stall your Esk might be led to!

Depict your Esk creating or playing a game. What kind of game would they play or create? Would they play a game at all? If they would, what might it look like and what pieces of nature would it be made from? Would the night’s magic have affected it somehow?

Completing this prompt will earn you the event bonus points, and a voucher to be used in the prize pool which you can claim HERE. Only your first 2 submissions for this prompt will earn you a voucher - any additional submissions will just earn the event bonus points.

Banner3-2 by fiachmara

Haunted Spaces

A glimmer in your peripheral catches your attention, and you find yourself lured by dancing will o' wisps. They lead you away from the open clearing toward a dark hollow - it's darker than usual, in fact, as though the blackness has devoured all light and life except for the stubborn, wavering lights. An eerie abandoned structure looms before you and, strangest of all, it seems to be beckoning you forward. If you decide to enter the darkness’ jaws, your paws cross the threshold and you sense something--a brush against your side, distant shuffling, or a movement in the air. You might not be entirely alone…

The abandoned structure could be an old house, a collapsed bridge, a deep cave, or underwater ruins.  You can also design your own haunted structure to explore.

Show your esk following the will o' wisps into the structure. What do they find within, and how has the structure been affected by the night’s strange magic?

Completing this prompt will earn you the event bonus points, and a voucher to be used in the prize pool which you can claim HERE. Only your first 2 submissions for this prompt will earn you a voucher - any additional submissions will just earn the event bonus points.

Lantern-banner by KaijuRomance


A swath of lavender stirs on the horizon, blanketing the world in the gentle light of an approaching dawn. Magic swirls around you in a shimmer of light, beckoning you forward one final time. The all-too-familiar orbs seem brighter somehow, as if they’re using one last breath of energy to urge you to follow. They prickle against you warmly before pushing forward, twisting and morphing into many different shapes and colors.

You follow behind the drifting lights slowly, lost in thought. It’s comforting, somehow, watching them sparkle in the waning darkness. You feel as if a weight has been lifted off of you as you allow them to guide you back toward the place where this all began. You can’t help but wonder what -- or who -- brought you here, in a surge of magic that brought forth gifts from the Earth itself. No matter the reason, though, the experience has left an unforgettable imprint on your mind.

The familiar space seems to have returned to its normal condition -- the way you’re used to seeing it, feeling it. Whether this means that an old forest is no longer bustling with fireflies, or the desert’s shifting sands are without stacked rocks covered with bioluminescent scorpions. No matter the location, there is a noticeable lack of splintering paths, glowing seeds, or any other structures that would strike you as particularly odd.

But as you search across this space, your gaze falls upon a peculiar sight. Your guiding lights drift towards the center of the clearing, and with a hum their shifting forms solidify together with a flash. Left behind are lanterns of various shapes and sizes, colors and patterns. You push ahead, hoping for a closer look.

The lanterns flicker to life as you approach, glowing brightly with the remnants of magic. As you watch them, you get the sense that these lanterns are yet another offering -- a gift, and a chance for a wish.

Will you take it?

To complete this prompt, you must draw or write about your Esk participating in the scene above. How would they send the lantern off to secure their wish? How would they feel about the lanterns, and what might their wish be? How does your Esk feel about the day’s events? How would their familiar space appear now that the magic has worn off?

Completing the introduction, at least 1 entry for each prompt, and the conclusion will earn you a voucher for a prize from the event completion prize pool, which you can claim HERE. The event completion prize is only available once per player - any additional submissions will just earn the event bonus. Completing the conclusion without completing at least 1 entry for each prompt will just earn the event bonus, and not the completion voucher.

Each submission for any of these prompts will earn the Event Bonus of +5AP  and +2GP
All event entries should be submitted to our Event Gallery by November 20th 11:59 PM PST!

Leavesx300 by fiachmara


Fall leaf - F2U by GentleLark Color Palette Challenge: 
Use one of these color palettes for your illustration to earn the challenge bonus. You do not need to be exact, these are not strict palettes, they just need to make up the color theme of your piece. You are free to add a few additional colors in moderation.

Harvest-10 by KaijuRomance    Harvest-9 by KaijuRomance    Harvest-8 by KaijuRomance    Harvest-7 by KaijuRomance
Harvest-6 by KaijuRomance    Harvest-5 by KaijuRomance    Harvest-4 by KaijuRomance    Harvest-3 by KaijuRomance
Harvest-2 by KaijuRomance    Harvest-1 by KaijuRomance    Pumpkins by Caliki    Apples by Caliki
Wheat in rain by Caliki    Wheat on a sunny day by Caliki    Berries by Caliki    Gloomy by Caliki

Fall leaf - F2U by GentleLark Word Palette Challenge:
Use one of these word palettes in your literature to earn the challenge bonus. This should be done by featuring the words literally in your writing, and integrating them into the theme of your work. You should use at least 3 words from your palette to qualify for the bonus - but try to include as many as you can!

crown + secrets + tangle + time + game
dilapidated + web + seeds + rain + tawdry
nine + wistful + barren + finch + fog
cowslips + sepia + weave + stalk + voiceless
claws + wistful + imprint + barren + sweeping
greyscale + icy + wicked + guide + gainsay
berries + solstice + red + dew + trickle
breeze + mosaic + cowslips + picayune + parse
well + weed + wish  + whimsical + wicked
ache + wheat + ripple + shard + home

Using a color palette or word palette grants an additional +5AP and +2GP Challenge Bonus
for a total of +10AP and +4GP Event Bonus per submission

Wheatx300 by fiachmara

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