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Sorry to be a booger after you’ve just updated! 6798 has Manx listed as an uncommon trait instead of rare!

thank you 🌱

Woops! Updated sorry for the inconvience <3

hihi! just a quick note as some info is missing on my skrunklies,,, the others are getting spirit renewals with their new things added soon so I won't waste your time with those <3

5395 is missing his second nature feature listed — proof of purchase is in the comment on his profile — the nature feature is buttercups (Ranunculus repens)!

5610 is missing his morph (aquatic), and a few traits! Think there were some mix-ups for the ID details — which isn't a problem! They are missing: false ears, bold markings, bright markings, and eyespots :)

Hello! Thank you for notifying the missing info should be added now, but feel free to let us know if there's more info missing ^U^

hi! thanks so much for adding alfie! (6798 )

however, the designer is twodles on dA!

Whoops, thanks for catching that! It has been fixed c:

Hello! For esk 6764, I only did the art/ML, the design is by the lovely Dracaena53!