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I did some heavy browsing about a month ago but never got around to featuring the gems I found. I will now proceed to spill them out gradually.
This particular feature can also be called "Mandelbulb images I actually like".

Here's an artist you probably don't know about but should... (no i'm not ashamed of being a fractal hipster)


some stunning 4+ dimension Mandelbulbs with a lot of movement. these need to be looked at and appreciated more than they currently are, because these are among the rare unique Mandelbulbs that aren't a carbon copy of each other with 2 degrees of an angle difference. I'm really growing tired of the same Mandelbulb images and ideas being repeated in every gallery (including mine), but I really do love a unique Mandelbulb. if you have similar feelings, go and surprise yourself with how exciting Mandelbulbs can really be when you go beyond the third dimension.

here's 5 that I picked.

and now for some individual 'bulb photos (yes, photos), few already quite popular, but most under 20 favs:

Armageddon day by hmn Mandelocular - 04 by ChaoticAtmospheres :thumb199359962: :thumb201031549: Scafoldings by bib993 Cerebral Assassin by GetHighOrDie IFS fractal 14 by KrzysztofMarczak Sierpinski maze in 3D by dark-beam DOF by KrzysztofMarczak :thumb207689011: Roots by KrzysztofMarczak M3D111 by nachoriesco :thumb193405007: Galapagos by Loadus :thumb173384812: Into the woods by Vidom KNINI by bib993

enjoy :)

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Hey, many thanks for including me in amoungst so many super pieces :D much appreciated .. :highfive: sorry I took a bit to reply, have been away and then life has taken a while to catch up on things