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I did some heavy browsing about a month ago but never got around to featuring the gems I found. I will now proceed to spill them out gradually.
This particular feature can also be called "Mandelbulb images I actually like".

Here's an artist you probably don't know about but should... (no i'm not ashamed of being a fractal hipster)


some stunning 4+ dimension Mandelbulbs with a lot of movement. these need to be looked at and appreciated more than they currently are, because these are among the rare unique Mandelbulbs that aren't a carbon copy of each other with 2 degrees of an angle difference. I'm really growing tired of the same Mandelbulb images and ideas being repeated in every gallery (including mine), but I really do love a unique Mandelbulb. if you have similar feelings, go and surprise yourself with how exciting Mandelbulbs can really be when you go beyond the third dimension.

here's 5 that I picked.

and now for some individual 'bulb photos (yes, photos), few already quite popular, but most under 20 favs:

Armageddon day by hmn Mandelocular - 04 by ChaoticAtmospheres Zeniba's Legacy by timemit :thumb201031549: Scafoldings by bib993 Cerebral Assassin by GetHighOrDie IFS fractal 14 by KrzysztofMarczak Sierpinski maze in 3D by dark-beam DOF by KrzysztofMarczak :thumb207689011: Roots by KrzysztofMarczak M3D111 by nachoriesco :thumb193405007: Galapagos by Loadus :thumb173384812: Into the woods by Vidom KNINI by bib993

enjoy :)

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Hey, many thanks for including me in amoungst so many super pieces :D much appreciated .. :highfive: sorry I took a bit to reply, have been away and then life has taken a while to catch up on things
guess I'm quite late in seeing this! But thanks so much for writing about my fractals, I really appreciate what you wrote.
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Thx for including my artwork. ^.^
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A great feature, some fantastic work there. It's a young programme and many people don't really know how to use it, including me, and just end up tweaking parameters shared by the more knowledgable; hence all the 'cloning'. Mind you, the same could be said for all the easily recognisable 'styles' of UF and Apo too...
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of course, and i have the same attitude to the "styles" in other programs too. and as i said, i have a few very primitive mandelbulbs in my gallery as well. it's a fun and easy program to start out with but a very hard one to actually master.
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Yes indeed :)

I don't mind and even enjoy well crafted works in the generic styles and see learning how to produce works in such styles as useful... but hope to go on from there and produce something which is 'my own' in the future.
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Nice feature! Very original works indeed :meow:
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Wonderful collection! Thanks for including me..!!
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This is beyond amazing, thanks really a lot :huggle: :party:
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Wow, wonderful selections. I faved a lot.
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Thanks so much for including my work in this wonderful collection!!

The world of fractals offer unlimited creative possibilities and what's best is that most of of the marvelous programs that generate them are freeware and (with a little practice) easy to use.

My favorites are Mandelbulber, Fractal Explorer, Apophysis and Chaoscope...check them out and try them!!!

Very Best Regards,
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I'm already a fractal artist and have used half of the programs you mention extensively, but thanks for the tip :slow:
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how come photos :sherlock:
esintu's avatar
i always feel like mandelbulb images are much more like photos than the 2d fractals, especially with moving the camera around and depth of field etc. it's virtual photography :)
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that works for 3D models and landscapes etc. too :meow:
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Brilliant feature, thanks ever so much for including me :)
monochromatic-stains's avatar
This is why I refuse to make anything with that horrid program. :stab:
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