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Sure, its a small press direct publication but after a few years of getting polite rote rejections back it feels good to be slotted somewhere. Just, amazing!…
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Wow that is sort of scary to see that my last journal post was Nano for 2011! How time flies as you get older I suppose. This year I'm throwing my hat in the ring, along with thousands of others, and hoping this time I can find it again at the end of the month! We'll see how that goes. With any luck I'll be putting up regular updates on here and on my personal blog. Best of luck to everyone that is participating!

Keep a pen always in hand.

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Well, NaNoWriMo has started and so far so good. We're on to day two and I'm about to start writing for the afternoon. This is the first year that I'm trying out the contest and I hope that it works out pretty well. I think that the novel I'm working on Victory Garden, will be pretty fun to write.

I wish everyone trying NaNoWrrMo this year the best of luck! Happy Writing. Feel free to writing buddy me too.…
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That seems to be the gist of things these days. If I'm not at work I'm working on writing or fiddling around with photoshop. I've always wondered if other artists/writers feel guilty and that's what makes them produce works? I know that's what keeps me going. I mean there is inspiration too, of course, but there is also that drive not to let myself down.

Anyhoo some more Wuthering stuff will be up soon - as well as some more The Scarborough Affair. I really need to start using groups alot more to spread my writing. Any suggestions folks?

Hope everyone has a good week ahead of them!

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Well after working for the last week or so on trying to come up with an art style for The Scarborough Affair that's within my means I've settled on doing some silhouettes. While I'm not satisfied with all of them (who ever is) I'm over all very pleased with the first round of results.

Likewise I've been getting favs and even my first llama! I have to say I'm pretty damn excited about that!

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Right well for folks I've known for a while I'm finally putting up some of my writing here and at other places. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about it. Who wouldn't be after all! Part of me knows that I'll do well and the other half, well every artist has that little negative voice inside of them that tries to hold them back.

I wonder how other folks deal with it?
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