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Pale in Comparison Chapter Two
Countess D'Lione found Benedict despite his best efforts, and had cornered him off of the main hall. She'd caught on quickly to the limp he tried to hide. To say she could be a mother hen at times was an understatement. It was only by her grace, and that of her children, that life of the castle-thralls was tolerable. She had her hands on once bountiful hips which had withered with age. Her hair had once been a lustrous black, but was not streaked with grey. There was still a regal beauty to the cast of her face, untarnished even by wrinkles. Her hazel eyes were flecked with gold, and brimmed with concerned anger. "How many times have I told you not to cut across the cairns, Benedict?"
"Twice?" He teased, trying to deflate her displeasure. It didn't work. "Really. I'm fine, your Excellency. I promise. The cut is cleaned and bandaged."
The woman tensed. Her soft blue dress had a high neck of white lace made it impossible for her to swallow in distress. The Countess tried anyway. "Did, so
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Pale in Comparison Chapter One
     Benedict's tunic felt like he'd just used it to pull a meat pie from the oven instead of daring to be outside at the tail end of July. It had been a brutal summer, and if not for the hard breeze sweeping down from the Violet Mountains utterly uncomfortable. As it was the air carried with it a heady scent of summer crops and the faintest reminder of winter's chill. He cut through the fields, using a haphazard and dilapidated stone fence as a guide. Soon enough he would reach the Black Tree where most people would stop following this shortcut, return to the road. Not Benedict. Whether he was a young man prone to rash action or unfazed by fear was yet to be fully judged. He just didn't want to be late for the festival. Which was an odd thing, in and of itself because High Summer would stretch far past tomorrow's dawn.
     Likewise, his blood did not run blue. Benedict would spend most of it waiting hand and foot on the Earl and his b
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Industrialized Romance
Industrialized Romance
The fog rolls in at quitting time -
Battered cap at my feet.
Five pence earned by a daily grind -
Maybe enough to eat.
Wind-up monkey on my shoulder,
Zeppelins float in the sky.
Steeples struggle to pierce the smog -
Crosses hide as if shy.
God is dead, and Darwin killed him.
Though, Nietzsche had a hand
Natural selection reigns now -
Blame it for where I stand.
Tuneless tin drum revolves once more,
Phony primate dances.
Passing children laugh, hop, and point
Dads give side-long glances.
For I am a beggar by trade -
Musician by proxy.
A fellow neither blind nor lame -
My burden is boxy.
Soon enough the song is finished,
The hat still just as light.
Time to wind down my brass monkey-
Pack it up for the night.
Street organ slung low and silent.
Steam-carriage rattles by.
Tesla-coil lamps buzz to life.
I walk on with a sigh.
Squalor mingles free with splendor-
Industry does not care.
Machines rob us of our duties,
No one hears our soft prayer.
Oh, I used to be my ow
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Victory Garden Header by eshutales Victory Garden Header :iconeshutales:eshutales 0 0
Victory Garden - Synop
In the After Times humanity lives in a world shattered by disaster and reclaimed by both Nature and things most unnatural. The Others, as they are called, resemble creatures of legend or are horrors spawned by science gone mad! Still Mankind is nothing if not a stubborn beast and has managed to claw their way back to some level of civilization.
Our tale takes place in a region known as Wuthering where several cities and towns have bound together in defense against threats human and inhuman. A young woman must keep a promise her father made in haste to a terror left over from before the Fall by travelling into the very den of the elder horror.
She is not ready for what she is about to face.
Then again, neither is the Other she is beholden too..
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Ms. Nightshade by eshutales Ms. Nightshade :iconeshutales:eshutales 2 0 Ms. Belladonna by eshutales Ms. Belladonna :iconeshutales:eshutales 2 0 Ms. Hemlock by eshutales Ms. Hemlock :iconeshutales:eshutales 3 0 TSA - Ms. Wormwood by eshutales TSA - Ms. Wormwood :iconeshutales:eshutales 3 0
Kaiju Haiku
Sun harnessed For War
Win peace wielding biggest sword
Regret, Scientist
Man disturbs Ancient
Seals Broken; Nature Poisoned
Vengeance stirs In Sea
Fishing ship sinks deep
Crew consumed by History
Mystery Unsolved
Silence Deep Water
Panic! Submarine is lost
War Room hushed breath held
Children play Spring Day
Scientist sits under trees
Worries for Future
Earth needs not Mankind
Nations heed no warnings made
Race To Doom always
Massive Sonar Ping
Floating destroyer destroyed
Water burns bright hot
Music rises Bay
Folly crests angry water
Scales Talons Teeth Rage
Waterfront ruined
Giant claws crush warehouses
Sirens scream warning
Running people shout
High-Rise collapses, rumble
Procession of tanks
Mutant marches on
Metal melts, Good soldiers die
Panic - Flee In fear
Dinner forgotten
Knife drops emergency news
Wife runs down hallway
Atomic Fire
City aflame, Pride cremates
Monster bellows deep
Dark laboratory
Scientist smokes, shakes and knows
Hubris has come home
Atomic Fire
City aflame,
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Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 9 by eshutales Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 9 :iconeshutales:eshutales 0 0 Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 8 by eshutales Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 8 :iconeshutales:eshutales 8 2 Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 7 by eshutales Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 7 :iconeshutales:eshutales 1 1 Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 6 by eshutales Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 6 :iconeshutales:eshutales 1 0 Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 5 by eshutales Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 5 :iconeshutales:eshutales 0 0 Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 4 by eshutales Wuthering Faux-Color Plate 4 :iconeshutales:eshutales 0 0


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Sure, its a small press direct publication but after a few years of getting polite rote rejections back it feels good to be slotted somewhere. Just, amazing!…
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zachary o'shea
United States
Zachary O’Shea was born in the refinery belt of California and raised in the stark desolation and neon of Nevada. When not trying to avoid one armed bandits and the tides of tourists he enjoys various activities: running and occasionally playing table-top RPGs of all sorts, reading, writing, war gaming, M:TG, WoW and eating out too often with great friends. You know all the nerdy stuff. He thinks cats are the best but adores dogs too, and fish aren’t so bad either.

Mr. O’Shea – or really Zack to just about everyone – has always been a storyteller. For a good portion of his life a writer too. The Last Slice Studios was conceived not only to be a platform for his work but to become a place for friends and associates who he knows have a great deal of talent to offer up pieces of their imagination as well.

He also loathes Oreos.

Current Residence: Sparks, NV
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXL
Favourite genre of music: Movie Scores
Favourite style of art: Fantasy/Horror
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Itouch
Favourite cartoon character: Captain America
Personal Quote: There are those that give joy, and that joy is their reward.' - Gibran



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