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You couldnt see them.
And yet,you knew they exist.
You could feel them!

Each time the wind blowed...
The waves grew up and fall
The thunders screamed
The skies cried
or the sun heated your skin.
You could feel them through yourself when the future became past.
You could even sense them in your dreams...or nightmares.

Over time,you became fascinated by your ancesters stories...

The Legends.Those who control the winds,water,fire,time,space and even darkness.

In other words,those who control Planet's life.

One day you said "no more books,no more legends".
You trained hard.You prepared yourself!

You became a Trainer.

To endure the strongest winds!
To stand against the most fearsome waves!
To hear the loudest thunder!
To resist the most deadly storm!
To test your will against the mighty Sun!
To stand your mind in the present!
To embrace to your dreams and face your worst nightmares...

To go beyond all that.
To see what waited behind.

One day,you saw them.

One day,they stopped being Legends.


Its finally done.After months of lack of will to continue it,lack of time,studies,and other stuff.
Though its not the way I imagined the picture in my mind,im almost happy with the result,and I hope you like it too =)

Maybe in a future,I could try my hand again and do a better picture of the legends...but for now,this will have to do it.

Thanks for your patience =)

EDIT:Fixed Arceus Eyes

Wallpaper Sized:[link]

NOTE 2: Phione And Rotom are not there.I dont consider Phione or Rotom as legendaries...both can born from an egg,meaning you can get lots of them...besides,they are really weak.:p
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I remember this being my wallpaper about ten years ago, when I got my first laptop. Love it.

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When legends collide.
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Does anybody else remember putting this as their desktop wallpaper around the late 2000s? 
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I put it some time ago and I still have it
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WOW, DUDE! This is easily one of my favorite pics on DeviantArt. It's so flawless and majestic.
I kinda imagine it like this:
"During the time of despair wreaking havoc across the entire world, Arceus's coraption by his own rage towards the humans and almost all people and Pokémon on the verge of perminant destruction, all original Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, for the first time ever, join forces in order to restore the balance on Earth. And in order to save their creator: Arceus. It won't be easy, but all of these powerful beings, when working together as one, are capable of such grand acts, which nobody in the existence could possibly imagine. Stand together, Brothers! 'Till all are one!"
- I came up with that quote. Please let me know, what you think of it.
- I tried to compare the picture with several songs and I think this one fits perfectly ->…
- Side Note: I named the legendaries from the first 4 generations as "original", because:
  1.) It fits quite nicely as a finale considering Arceus is the creator of the Pokémon universe - you know: The Highest Peak;
  2.) Generation 5 is considered to be a soft REBOOT of the Pokémon franchise.
Have a nice day.:-) And again: AMAZING DRAWING.
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Needs an update.
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Great pic! Poor rotom though, Still not a legend despite the awesome entrance and design
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Great picture. You made this picture before Gen 5 and 6, right? Because you are missing some legends.

Also what was the meaning in your poem? About catching legends?
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Look at the date this picture was uploaded.
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And Gen 7. Magearna...
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And Solgaleo and Lunaala, and the yet-to-be-revealed-as-of-this-time-5/22/16-Marshadow.
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Look at the date this picture was uploaded.
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WOW!!! This is amazing!! One of the best legendary picture i've evr seen!!! I love it! suicune free avatar 
Dogia50 <3
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<font><font>very nice, you should ad the new X and Y legends in there</font></font>
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I finally tracked down the original artwork so that I can fave it. I'm sick of people uploading other people's art :'(

Here's someone who has uploaded this art:…
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why should Rotom be a Legendary o_O

lol i absolutely hate Arceus he's the bad guy of my story and Mew is gonna fight him omgggg
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Dat..... was.........AWESOMEZ WITBACON ON TOP!!!:blamblam: :shakinbacon: 
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