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Welcome November, the eleventh month of the year! Originally positioned as the ninth month of the year, it retained the name “novem” meaning nine.

Many end-of-harvest festivals associated with death and fertility were celebrated this month across Eurasia. Traditional events include All Souls Day, Mischief Night, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. The Anglo-Saxons called November “wind monath” because the cold winds began to blow. It was also, pleasantly enough, referred to as blood month since the cows were slaughtered for winter food.

One of November’s birthstones, the yellow topaz, is thought to promote happiness and ward against depression. It symbolizes youth, hope, health and friendship. Romans believed wearing it would help eyesight and increase strength and intellect. The chrysanthemum, November’s birth flower, symbolizes secret love, compassion and friendship (particularly in Japan). They were also used to decorate graves on all Souls Day hence the name “flowers of the dead.”

Some important monthly celebrations: international drum month, sweet potato awareness month, movember, and peanut butter lovers month. There seems to be lots of birthdays around this time of year - happy bday to anyone celebrating soon :dance: You guys are supposed to be sharp thinking, dynamic, inquisitive, patient, hard to anger and high-spirited!

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I like your use of color.
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November 5th !!!!!!! And I'm a Scorpio, as most November births are.…

Check out this website, it's scarily accurate
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lol, I assume you were being somewhat wry when you said the part of cows being slaughtered as pleasant. On the other hand I do like good steak or a hamburger from time to time. I also love Topaz, a very versatile gem.
The painting has a sweetly Oriental look, I assume from what you said about Chrysanthemum and Japan. It is a lovely painting.
In the southern part of the US we have "decoration" as it was and is called in the old south in may...more and more its referred to Memorial day, which is also in May.
Oct. and part of Nov. is also Scorpio, which is Loyal, Passionate, Resourceful. Observant, Dynamic. You never mention the Zodiac in any of the months, do you have something against it, or is it because the zodiac usually runs through two months at a time?
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Oh interesting! Yeah I didn't mention the zodiac because they do overlap between months
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i saw this on the SCAD website, and it's totally cool! i'm looking to go to school there in the future.

anyways, i'm glad i found your dA. your work is wonderful~
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Oh cool! Congrats on your acceptance :dance: Good luck with your studies!
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Very Nice. I get lost in the color choice. Trying to oil paint but I guess I've just been working on patience
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Thank you :) Oil painting is fun but tricky, lots of patience required!
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Yay my birth month :D  (07th November)
Its so smooth and wonderful I find no words to describe this wonderful masterpiece :heart:
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Thank you, glad you like it!
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I bought a sword at a festival in early November, and I remember looking up at the end of this longer and unique day and seeing that the bronze sunset sky was the same color as its hilt. Since then, I've named it "November Sun." These paintings for the 12 months are singular and inspiring! 
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What a fitting name :) Thank you!
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I've seen your whole gallery and totally adore your style, though I'm a little disappointed, that in all calendars i've bumped into, November looks a bit... less loved than the majority of the months. I was born at the end of the month and love rainy, snowy and severe weathers, so December and January look totally perfect and detailed. November however, is always some kind of neglected and doesn't have any distinguishable features...

Hovewer, the winter seasons are my new desktop now, they're amazing
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November is one of those in between months, and though I don't experience true seasons, I still feel like it'd be a beautiful month! I like rainy and snowy weather as well :)
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1. Beautiful work
2. comepletely true about me apart from I'm quick to angerSweating a little... Lovely Shoujo (Err Drawing Blank) [V3] 
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Haha thanks :D
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Awwww, my month! love it to the fullest :)
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I glad you do :) Thanks!
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