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I can’t believe it’s already May :o

May is the fifth month of the calendar and a time for Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Either way a beautiful month!

The month was most likely named after the Greek goddess of Spring and growth, Maia. The Roman poet Ovid instead claimed May was named after the Latin word maiores meaning elders. He also concluded that “bad girls wed in May” and it was considered back luck to get married this month. It was also considered bad luck to buy a broom in May…hmmm.

May's birthstone, the emerald, is symbolic of love and success.  Its birth flower, Lily of the Valley, is associated with sweetness, purity and humility despite its highly poisonous nature.

Mother’s Day is the most well-known holiday of the month. Other events include Cinco de Mayo, Better Sleep Month, Respect for Chickens Month, Teacher Appreciation Month, Towel Day on the 25th,  and Pickle Week on the fourth week. Traits of those born in May can be: imaginative, eager for debate, beautiful, easily influenced, a lover of art and literature, quick thinking and understanding :)

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Fantastic work!
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Her eyes are so captivating.

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I'm in love with all ur Arts :happybounce: 
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I love your style! Heart 
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I actually have this saved on my puter from's nice to stumble across the real artist!!  I am humbled and amazed simultaneously!
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Gorgeous textures and line work! :heart:
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Respect for Chickens month? lol, then those who honor this day shouldn't play the game Fable, as everyone kicks Chickens and say they are going to take over the world.  lol, perhaps they would do a better job of running it. A beautiful, happy painting.
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Lol, thank you!
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I absolutely love all of these in this series! I think May might be my favorite, though, next to August, but I'm probably just biased because I was born in May :3
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 Haha thank you XD
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This is amazing! ❤
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Wow I think your description described me exactly... or maybe I think that because I'm easily influenced o____o...

In any case, love the way you use yellow around the eyes in several of your paintings (: gorgeous
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Haha :p Thank you <3
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It is so beatiful! All your works are utterly realistic, but they are also fantastic. Your style is really soothing and kind to the eye. Love it!
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Thank you <3
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I am so in love with all your work <3 =)
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